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  • My period is late! I am not pregnant.?

    I am 15 I had my period since the age of 11. And never have I ever skipped a month. Twice in my life I have gotten my period twice in my month. But never ever skipped a month. Is been 38 days now since my last period. I am not sexually active so I know I am not pregnant. I have gone on a diet recently lost a few pounds but i have gained them all back and I was never under or over weight. So what is wrong with me?

    4 AnswersPregnancy7 years ago
  • How to skip your last class (High school) ?

    I need to leave school the last hour. I plan on making a fake permission slip but i dont know... Any ideas? Suggestions? Advice?

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid7 years ago
  • Ways to throw up? I need to please help!?

    I feel very sick and I need to throw up. Touching mu uvula is not working.... Anything else that will make me throw up immediately?

    7 AnswersEntertaining8 years ago
  • Cosa fare quando non trovi un pasaggio per tornare a casa?

    Domani sera un gruppo di amici e io andiamo a un locale possiamo arrivarci ma non abbiamo nessuno che ci vengra a prendere o abbia una macchina voi cosa fareste in questa situazione?

    (ci tengo molto ad andare)

    7 AnswersInternet - Altro8 years ago