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  • Where do I find soccer shorts for toddler girls?

    My daughter is a size 3T or 4T and I'm struggling to find some soccer shorts for her. Any ideas of any online or regular stores to buy them? Thanks!

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  • Anyone from Branson, Missouri?

    I need to find a top notch hotel for an anniversary gift for my parents. I don't know if Branson's Landing is a good place to stay, but cannot find a hotel that is snazzy enough to send my parents to! It's just so important to us to put them up in a hotel that is close to 5 star. Is Branson's Landing too far away from the action or is it walking distance from "76" Strip? Thanks!!!

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  • Chocolate cake with Hershey's syrup?

    I'm looking for a super simple recipe for a cake mix with hershey's syrup drizzled in it. I know I have had in the past a cake that you poke holes in it and fill with hershey's syrup to make it extra gooey? Usually served with ice cream. I cannot for the life of me find that recipe. I'm not searching for the right key words. I don't want to make it from scratch--don't have time! Thanks so much!

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  • Toddler hair flower accessories?

    I need help to find something to put in my girl's hair for Easter. I want to put it up in a bun and want to put something around the bun, like little flowers. Similar to something you'd see on a flower girl's hair. I cannot seem to put in the correct wording to get what I want on Ebay or the internet. I'm not a crafty person, so please no suggestions on how to make my own. It would be a mess! Could I get an idea where I could find what I'm looking for? Just little delicate white flowers to go around the hair bun. The only thing close I can find is a scrunchie, but so far no scrunchie with little white flowers. Thanks!!!

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  • Can you brick around a lightswitch?

    We had a gas fireplace (direct vent) put in and we intended for it to have brick on each side of it (where it comes out from the wall). However, our builder painted it instead of bricking it. It already has a light switch there...can it be bricked around the light switch. Can brick be cut like that? I have not talked to him about it yet, but am having a fit over it just having a brick front and brick hearth,but painted on the sides. Looks horrible !!! Thanks!

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  • Fireplace mantel question!?

    We are adding a family room with fireplace....I need opinions as to if I can put an oak or pine or darker mantel with my white woodwork? My Mom says yes, but my husband and I think it might look crazy with anything other than white. Our furniture is not all white, so it seems logical that it can be any color, but would it look better if it flowed with the woodwork? We have two higher windows on each side that have white woodwork on them too. Just need decorator opinions. I have tried finding pictures of fireplaces that the mantel doesn't match the woodwork and I'm finding it difficult to find such pictures! Thanks!

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  • Need help with pale yellow color for walls - please?

    Hi there! We are adding on a new family room and I want the walls to be pale yellow. I don't want people to walk in and be blinded by yellow, so I'm thinking something very pale. I know the colors on sample cards are usually darker when you put them on the walls. I also know a lot plays into the color---the lighting and such--but this will be a very well lit and bright room with lots of windows and sunshine. Could you all give me some ideas as to a brand of paint and the color you used for your yellow walls? I'd welcome pictures of your rooms if you care to share!!! Thanks sooo much!

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  • What is a good and reputable mortgage lender?

    Just wanted opinions of banks with good reputations for a mortgage loan. Thanks!

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Is the assessed value of your home for property tax purposes usually what it would sell for?

    Our property tax assessment was lower than what we thought our house would sell for. Thanks so much!

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Can a home depreciate in value?

    I know the obvious answer is YES, if you consider that people let houses go, trash them, etc. However, we have been at this home for 17 years and we had an appraisal done in 2001 and got another one done this year to do some remodeling and refinance. The house appraised $16,000 less than 2001. I know Indiana doesn't have a high appreciation rate, but it should have went up SOME, rather than lowered the value, right? We live in the country, have an acre of land and the houses range in all prices out here, so it is not because we live in a housing addition that has went downhill. The appraiser told us that our county has not been affected by the housing market slump as of late, so we don't think he did a good appraisal. The reason we are upset is that we will have to pay a higher PMI with this lower appraisal. Is it worth it to have another done? We are just way disappointed in this. We have not done any major improvements except added all new kitchen appliances and new carpet.

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  • Will building on a home addition add to our home value?

    I have been told by one lender that putting on a $45,000 room addition will not increase the value of my house AT ALL because it's a family room and bathroom. I know I would never get back what I put into it, but at the same time, adding 600 square feet to a home HAS to add something, doesn't it? I think perhaps this lender wants me to qualify under an FHA loan rather than conventional for some reason--but I would bet it has to do with MONEY. If it even added on $10,000 to my home value, it would put me into conventional loan territory. Very frustrated....

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  • Crowntail betta question?

    We just got a new crowntail betta fish. We purchased an air pump filter with it because we wanted to keep the water clean. The air flow is not adjustable and the fish seems to have trouble in the current. Is this irritating him? Should we just run it part of the time? I know if you don't have a pump that it can make too much ammonia in the water and can make him sick too. Not sure if we should buy another air pump that is adjustable or just only run it part of the time. Thanks so much!

    5 AnswersFish1 decade ago
  • Elevated liver enzymes?

    I'm 37 years old, and I recently had my yearly glucose tolerance test (I don't have diabetes, but have PCOS which causes high insulin levels) and my liver enzymes were elevated. I know that this isn't a good thing, but I also hope it could NOT be a big deal !! They want to check it again in 2 months and are lowering my Glucophage to 500 mg. per day, rather than 1000 (which I take for my insulin levels), so I'm hoping this is an indicator that they aren't TOO concerned, but I can't help to be concerned. Any encouraging words would help? Of course, I think the worst and think cancer, but I feel otherwise healthy! I don't know if this could have anything to do with it, but I had the test done 2 days after a really bad bout of stomach flu (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) and was still not feeling well the day of the test...just thought I'd throw that out there too. Thanks in advance!

  • Hand flapping?

    I have been hearing sooo much about handflapping. My daughter is 20 months old and always flaps her hands and arms when her favorite TV show theme song comes on and MAYBE occasionally when she gets excited, but mostly when she is watching her shows. We thought it was so cute and that she was dancing and excited, but now I read that it's a red flag for autism. She is a late talker (she hasn't regressed, just seems not interested in talking). We had her evaluated by an EI program here in Indiana because I was worried she wasn't talking like kids her age. They had no developmental concerns for her and she didn't qualify for services, and simply said "give her a little more time and then we'd be glad to reevaluate her speech". I NEVER not once have any indications that she might have autism, but this hand flapping thing worries me because she DOES do this! Am I overreacting?

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  • Stranger anxiety in 18 month old?

    I need some reassurance that my toddler WILL get over stranger anxiety! She is the happiest, most loving, cute little toddler when she is around people she knows and sees a lot and even SOME strangers, but sometimes it will be a bit embarrassing to us when our 18 month old will cry or act like she is going to cry when someone just speaks to her that she doesn't know! This happens a lot when she is in a cart or somewhere that she feels, I think, threatened. If we let her down to walk, she is everyone's best friend and is all smiles. This happens with a lot of relatives that don't see her but maybe one time a month (or less) and it makes me feel awful because I worry that they think she is spoiled or unfriendly or something. Any advice is appreciated. Just some reassurance that this too shall pass (which I know it will, but need to hear it!). Thanks so much!

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  • Late talking toddler-almost 19 months and still not talking much!?

    I need some reassurance ONCE again that my toddler WILL talk!!! She doesn't say much of anything--in fact is very quiet. We try to get her to repeat what we say and she will attempt at times, but most of the time just look at us and smile. She is SO good with receptive skills, but just doesn't vocalize much and still just points and grunts most times. She has been checked out by First Steps (an early intervention program here in Indiana) and she doesn't qualify for services, as she is at/above normal development in all other areas and they don't feel she has any problems. She has had her hearing checked and is on her second set of tubes now. Could this be one of the big reasons she isn't talking...ear infections since her EARLY months? Thanks...just need some positive input. Not trying to hurry her, but at the same time, I want her to say something! haa

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  • Toddler sleep problems?

    Our daughter is almost 18 months old and just had ear tube and adenoid surgery. She has never been a good sleeper (waking maybe 1-2 times a night), but since the surgery FREAKS the moment we lay her in her crib. It's been 5 days since her surgery ... could this surgery have been a traumatic event for her and she is "scared" now...?? I also don't know the recovery time for this I being unrealistic that she could be sleeping well at this point after surgery? I don't want to let her cry if she is in pain, but it's just so hard to tell at this age what exactly is wrong.

    4 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Our very good walker/runner suddenly lost her balance several times tonight?

    My husband went outside to swing with my 16 month old and she came in hardly able to walk. WAY off balance, kept falling. It was quite worrisome.... This happened for about 20 minutes. She was happy and seems healthy and was FINE up until that time, but it just seems odd that it would take her THAT long to get her balance back?? She DOES have ear problems and has had tubes for 6 months. Her hearing was perfect 2 weeks after the tubes were in, so I don't think it's that....should I be concerned ? Hopefully she'll wake up tomorrow and be perfectly fine, but of course I'm thinking of horrible things! Thanks for helping a first time Mom ease her fears a little!

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  • Where can I find photo clips on the internet?

    I'm talking about the kind of things that stand up on a desk or whatever and you can clip different photos on them. Sometimes I have seen ones that look like trees and you put photos on them as the "leaves". I know these exist, but I'm not having a lot of luck looking for "photo clips". Thanks!

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  • 16 month old not talking...?

    I'm getting SO worried as a Mom that my almost 16 month old daughter isn't talking yet. All she does is points and grunts at what she wants. We will respond by saying "you want milk" and she just smiles, but seems to not be very vocal at all. She seems so smart...bubbly...happy...babbles "words" that she understands, but not us (no suspicion of autism at all though). Our pedi says not to worry, but I am! I know as a first time Mom we compare with other children a lot, which is the wrong thing to do, but I just want her to be on target. I don't need her to be "gifted" or a "genius"...I just want some reassurance from other been there, done that Moms. Thank you so much!!!

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