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  • Poison Ivy going systemic?

    I have poison ivy again but this time I know where and when I got and immediately washed throughly with a commercial ivy scrub which is supposed to remove the oil, I changed my clothes and washing them and showered. Still developed the rash, in a few isolated places. I thought, "Phew." (I have previously gotten horrible reactions, had to go on steroids, etc.) However, it is now four days after the initial bumps appeared and I continue to wake up with new bumps -- it has covered my arms, traveled to my legs and even my sides. I am not scratching, Benedryl seems to be taking care of the worst of the itch; I have had everything covered up. What's going on?

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  • How old would you prefer your daughter be to start dating?

    We're working on a new book and would love to get feedback from parents on how old they would like their daughters to be before they start dating. Can you help? This survey will only take a few minutes.

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  • Best simple timewaster games online?

    Once in a while, I am online, I look up and realize that I just spent three hours playing some simple little game online -- in the old days it was Solitaire. What's your favorite online game? The one that pulls you in and suddenly half the day is gone?

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  • Great Literary First Kisses -- Need to know the age of the kissers?

    I am working on a list of "Literary First Kisses" especially preteen lit. Can you help me with the kissers, book title and ages of some of your favorites?

    So far I have things like: Romeo and Juliet (Juliet is 14/Romeo 18); The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Tom and Becky, both around 12); Diary of Anne Frank (Anne 14 and Peter 16); and Ramona the Pest (Ramona and Davy both 6).

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  • What's new and exciting online for kids, especially girls?

    I am a mom for 2 (ages 11 and 6) and am very familiar with everything from Neopets, Webkinz and Club Penguin. I know all about Stardoll, Girlsense, Barbiegirls and Be-Bratz, as well as all the dress-up websites. BUT, what's new (and safe)? What haven't I found yet? What haven't the kids found yet? What will be all the rage over this summer? Help me be the cool mom.

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