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  • Please help with this algebra problem?!?

    Ok the problem is:

    To create a design on a computer, AndeAna must enter the coordinates for points on the design. One the line segment she drew has endpoints of (-2,1) and (4,3). The other coordinates that andeana entered are (2,-7) and (8,-3). Could these ponts be the vertices of a rectangle? Explain.

    If you can help quickly with the work and explain please it's due tomorrow and I'm stuck on this one(:

    1 AnswerMathematics7 years ago
  • Can I make varsity volleyball as a Freshman?

    I haven't played club yet because I just moved to where I am and I'm getting settled in but I'm playing next season. But I will already be a freshman and I'm wondering could I make varsity if I train over the summer and do vball camps,beach volleyball etc.?

    If you could leave tips or workouts/diet plans that'd be great thanks!

    P.s I want to be an outside hitter or defensive specialist. And I know the game pretty well I've played for years but no club. So I'm not a beginner :)

    Volleyball7 years ago
  • How to improve my vertical for volleyball?

    Hi im a 13 yead old girl and my vertical is about 25-29 inches but I want it higher.

    Any excersizes and workouts for this? What do you do for this and what's your vertical? (:


    1 AnswerVolleyball7 years ago
  • Help please? x/2-1/3=x/3-1/2?

    I need help ASAP and don't say I'm dumb because I'm pretty good at math I just can't get his problem :-/

    1 AnswerHomework Help7 years ago
  • Please help!! (b-4)/6 = b/2?

    Can anyone help me with this and with the steps.. I need answers quick thanks

    2 AnswersHomework Help7 years ago
  • How can I get powerful serves in volleyball?

    Okay I would pretty much be one of the best players on the team if I could get strong serves...

    My serves are what kills me they occasionally go over. But I want them more consistent and powerful and straight.

    What helps you serve good I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

    (Ps I've played volleyball for years so I know what to do its just how to do it better and I'm pretty strong I just need help with this(:)

    1 AnswerVolleyball7 years ago
  • Could I still play college volleyball?

    Okay so I once seen that you had to play club volleyball for 5 years to be in D1 volleyball but if I started now it'd be 5 years but I can't because a lot is going on with moving etc. but I can definitely play next year which I'll be a freshman and if I started club it'd be 4 years playing. If I was really good and played club for 4 years do you think I could make it to a D1 school?

    Ps I'm a very good student, clean record, high gpa,extra curricular, experienced with volleyball and I'm up for anything and my attitude is great and very tolerable

    1 AnswerVolleyball7 years ago
  • Can you use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on relaxed hair?

    Well I have relaxed hair because I am regular black and african(specifically Liberian) and without it I'd be a wreck lol.

    Could I use castor oil on relaxed hair?

    If I went natural how could I keep my hair soft and straight?

    6 AnswersHair7 years ago
  • How can I get healthy/long african American hair?

    I feel my hair breaks off too much. Even though its like shoulder length but still. Like I can run my fingers through it and there's my hair... And when I comb it a lot comes out. What can I use like products or anything. No pills or supplements please

    2 AnswersHair7 years ago
  • Would I make a club volleyball team?

    I'm good and loud (not trying to sound conceited lol), I can hit and pass, my vertical is about 27-30 and im only 13 and 5'5 and I'm very upbeat but my problem is setting... I can set to someone else but I can't do drills like setting to myself. Would that make me bad and not make a team?

    1 AnswerVolleyball7 years ago
  • For volleyball do you tryout for jv or Varsity?

    I mean if you tryout for varsity but you don't make it, can you still be on JV?

    3 AnswersVolleyball7 years ago
  • Do you always have to wear volleyball spandex to volleyball practice?

    Okay I've been playing for about 5 years so I know spandex will usually give you your best performance but like in highschool do you always have to practice in them? Is it a requirement? For me I sometimes wear like running shorts to practice..

    4 AnswersVolleyball7 years ago
  • Is there a way you won't have to get rotated out in volleyball?

    What I mean is when I was watching a volleyball game I noticed some of the players didnt get rotated out at all... It was an outside hitter and She was the best on the team. So I'm wondering if your good enough do you necessarily have to get rotated?

    3 AnswersVolleyball7 years ago
  • Help! I think my parents are going to have a divorce..?

    Okay my parents are always arguing and my mom is always saying "this marriage isn't going to work" and she thinks he doesn't care about his family or her. But he does me and my dad talk all the time and he loves me. I really don't want them to separate I'm only 13 and I get all A's and I don't want to ruin that if my mind is all about trying to keep them together. I love them both so much. But my mom is so fed up. I don't know what to do I want this marriage to last.

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