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Happy gay man! wicked but not malicious, keen sense of humour, not 18 any more. Loves The roller coaster of life and the delightful Dorothy our Cat who loves no one 'cept my mum♥♥♥ Hates Bullies and Racist, Liars and Cheats, warm beer and cold company. Fav Places My mates Pub, Egypt,Greece,USA,CYPRUS any where with no extradition treaty Fav Drink The wonderful, the magnificant, the cruel mistress, Stella Heart twat Music Duffy, Dusty Springfield, Pet Boys,Hayes,S. Sistors. Queen etc,etc.

  • Tossing all night long.?

    All last night I was tossing and turning I just couldn't drop off to sleep.

    What do you Guys n Dolls do in similar situations? Count sheep, warm milk etc.....I know this question will not save the planet, but hey ho. Knock yourself out you luverlyjubly people.

  • Survey, Poll, whatever, I am bored stiff.!.?

    Yes I know, it's not a subject that will save the world from anything, but, have a break, put your feet up, and choose away.

    Check your answers, you might discover some thing about yourself.

    Go on knock your self out.

    What do YOU prefer?

    1, Love or Lust

    2, Bannana or Peach

    3, BMW or Jaguar

    4, Spots or Stripes

    5, Long or Short Hair

    6, Underwear or No Underwear

    7, Puppy or Kitten

    8, Lights on or Off (making lurve)

    9, Passive or Aggresive

    10, Roses or Lillies

    Have a fabarooney day guys n dolls♥

  • Top or Bottom, decisions, decisions.?

    What does it for you?

    The first mouthful, or the last couple of inches in the bottom, of a glass, of ice cold lager.

    Yep, I know it's not a profound question. Pass the Stella.

  • Phantom BJ. Going down in an elevator.....?

    You’r a gay guy. You enter a lift, standing to your left is a guy, to the right a girl, you smile and stand in the middle of them. Doors close, the lift starts, the piped music is very loud. Within seconds the lights go out and the lift shudders to a halt, the music still plays, an announcement tells you that, “ please do not panic, the lift will restart within 5 minutes.

    No one speaks, you are aware of pressure in your groin area, your zip is pulled down, a hand gently pulls your penis out and is quickly engulfed in a warm wet mouth, nothing is said, you lean back and enjoy, the inevitable happens, the hand returns your penis to it’s starting point, the zip is pulled up. Nothing is said.

    The light burst into life, the lift continues it’s journey, an announcement apologises for, “….the interruption and hope you were not too inconvenienced” You turn to the girl, she smiles, you turn to the guy, he smiles. The lift stops they step out, the doors close, you continue your journey………but, you wonder, “who gave me a BJ”

    If you were, “lucky enough” to have been the one getting a surprise BJ, would it bother you that it could have been the Girl or just be glad of the surprise.

    (This scenario could of course apply to a girl entering a lift. This is not a whodunit so don’t go down that avenue)

    Yes I know the question will not solve global warming or major relationship problems, but we all need a little light relief…..the guy got some…lol.

  • Waking up naked with a stranger?

    A good friend posed this question.

    You wake up naked next to a stranger. What THREE WORDS would you like him/her to say to you.

    Yes I know this question will not save the planet etc, but hey ho have some fun.....

  • Oh no! I have violated again!?

    Ok I admit some of my answers can be a little risque but i do my best not to upset the person posing the question. I am finding it a little tiresome constantly receiving violation reports etc.

    So I was wondering whether to go out in a blaze of glorified profanity or merely fade into the background, occasionally popping up to give the questioner an answer they want to hear.

    Being a relative newbie I just wondered, how many violation reports does it take to be "removed"

    Please find below the latest question that resulted in a violation report.

    Isn't life grand lmffao.

    Question: Help, used condom stuck in my ***?

    Question Details: To make a long story short, my boyfriend put it in my butt, and because I don't want to get aids, i made him wear a condom. while I was enjoying a nice bowel movement, I noticed the condom was still in there with the semen in it as well, I tried pooping it out, any other tips?

    Deleted Answer: I suppose you were doing a handstand when you notice it was still in place. For once words fail me..........

    Violation Reason:Community Guidelines and/or Terms Of Service Violation

  • Does the letters fck upset you?

    Well dear fellow guys n dolls, Once again I have fallen victim to a violation report. Not one for reading rules and regulations perhaps you could enlighten me with what you can post and what you can't, or cheer me up with your own violation stories.

    To the person who continually reports my offerings I am more than willing to discuss any issues you might have with me or my postings.

    Have a nice day.

    Kind regards.

  • Benedict the bsatard?

    I am probably the least militant homosexual man you could meet, but driving to work this morning I heard the following:

    VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict said Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was just as important as saving the rain forest from destruction.

    The Church "should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed," the pontiff said in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican's central administration.


    Is this Pope in touch with the real world?

    Do sane roman catholics actualy believe his doctrine?

    Boy am I piss ed off.

  • Most inappropriate/useless Xmas present you have received.?

    The question might have been asked previously, but what the heck, a frivolous question now and then doesn't hurt..does it?

    Merry Xmas

    If any one want's a T-shirt with the Tele Tubbies on you can have the one my lurverly Aunt sent me 2 years ago.bless her.....Tinky Blo ody Winky

  • Pussy Problem. What do you do when?

    Christmas is upon you and you haven't got a clue what present to get him/her.

    Look I was getting depressed by some of the inane questions today so go ahead,answer as you like. BTW my cat is called Dorothy and we always get her a prezzie at crimbo.

  • Name 3 things that make you sad and 3 things that make you happy?

    I just thought that there was so many nastyish questions here tonight (12.10 am uk) go on have a ball, i got my answers...........oh and kisses to the queer bashers 2night boy do you make me laugh? yes you do

  • Views on Cottaging Cottaging do you do it? would you do it? do women do it?

    Cottaging is a British gay slang term referring to anonymous male-male sex in a public lavatory (a cottage or tea-room), or to the practice of cruising for sex.

  • What Xmas present/s are you getting your b/f g/f this year?

    and What was the best and worse present you got?

  • Too much, answers please?

    Having read and some times replied (we all can do it) to homophobic criticisim, are we not enjoying the smug, self effecating satisfaction of using this forum for, saying eff you, we are what we are and we do not give a toss about your opinon...........are we?

  • You are in a relationship. Out of the blue, some one you both know says to you.?

    “I’ve fancied you for ages and I really want to sleep with you”, adding that it would be a one off, no strings attached one night stand.

    Maybe it has happened to you, maybe not, but what would you do, or what did you do?