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  • Question about drugging a child to sleep?

    Alright, my brother is married to a woman that has no regard for anyone but herself. They have a 2 year old boy and 6 month old baby girl. She and her best friend recently had a disagreement and the best friend reached out to my mom to tell her what caused it. Apparently, she has been giving my 2 year old nephew a drug (I can't think of the name of it for the life of me right now but it starts with an 'm' and it is legal to buy over the counter in the US, banned in some other countries) to get him to go to sleep so she can talk on the phone.

    She is currently trying to leave my brother and has concocted a plan in her head which she thinks will sever my brother's parental rights. She wants to place an ad in the newspaper that says if my brother doesn't contact her within 30 days he gives up all rights to the kids. All of this came from the former best-friend by the way. She already has a guy lined up that she is going to move right in with. She plans to take the kids and not tell my brother she is moving them 2 hours away. This is in Georgia by the way.

    My questions is, these two situations would they be considered child abuse and parental kidnapping? My parents are going to consult a lawyer on Monday for advice and then tell my brother what's going on behind his back. He's not completely clueless, he just doesn't want to believe that his fantasy home life isn't real. Thanks for any and all help!

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  • Does anyone own a Nissan Murano?

    I'm looking to buy one especially because I know Nissan's are very reliable cars but I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences? The last time I bought a car I didn't thoroughly research and ended up with a piece of junk so this time I'm doing all I can.

    Has anyone ever had a bad experience with a Nissan? If you do have a Murano how long have you had it? Does it still run pretty well? What about maintenance costs, are they comparable for other similar models? Thanks!

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  • What do you have to prove for a father to get custody of a minor child?

    I know its extremely hard for a father to be awarded custody but I was wondering what would have to be shown to a court for that to happen?

    A little back story, the girl does not have a job. Actually she refuses to work. She has been cheating the entire time they have been married (13 months), also sending naked pictures of herself to other men. She has a 4 year old daughter that she does not have custody of, and has not seen since she was a year old. In fact her parental rights were stripped from her regarding her daughter.

    There's more to the above story but it would take about a year to type it all and longer to read. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Question for Independent Voters?

    I will be voting for Obama in November and it partly has to do with Sarah Palin being on the Republican ticket.

    When John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, how many of you then decided to vote for Obama? I'm wondering because I believe his choice will backfire in a huge way and will ultimately cost him the election.

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  • Question about grandparents getting custody of the kid?

    I live in Georgia first off so if anyone knows Georgia law please help!

    My brother and his bonehead girlfriend are having a baby. Its not born yet but my mom has a feeling that her and my dad are going to have to sue for custody.

    Little back story, the girl he's with has "almost" been married. She had a ceremony but apparently (I say apparentley because we don't know for sure) he was already married so it didn't stick. She moved onto another guy, had a kid with him, something happened (trying to find out the truth is like pulling teeth with her) and she doesn't have custody. Neither does the father. She won't tell us whether his parents have custody or if she's in foster care. This girl has a pattern. Latch onto someone that either has money or has access to it (my parents have money that she thinks she's entitled to), get pregnant and then do something to weasel that money out and then move onto the next victim leaving the kid behind without a thought.

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  • Do you want to see some sick pro-life people?

    Go to I am ashamed that the guy that started this website is from my state! People like this need their heads examined. Is this an example of what most of the pro-lifers are like or is he the execption rather than the rule?

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  • Do most guys feel threatened if their wife wants him to use her last name instead of taking his?

    I asked this before but I think I put it in the wrong category so I figured I'd try this one.

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