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  • bruise after a scooter accident?

    Hi, I had an accident 2 weeks ago on a scooter (in bali). I got some scratches, one got later infected probably by me going into the sea. I got antibiotics for that and it is almost healed now, the infection seems to be gone. I got a very light scratch on my upper thigh, and it got swallen. The swelling is still there, hasn t healed or went down in those 2 weeks. And yday wen I touched it, it seems lumpy inside . It hurts a bit, nothing major. The bruise is almost gone. Shall I be worried about the swelling still being there and those lumps inside? No mockers, please. Thank you for answers

    1 AnswerInjuries2 years ago
  • Swollen bridge of nose and forehead , nauseous . I m on holiday in Philippines?

    Hi, I woke up and felt ok, but after 20 mins I realised the place where my nose and forehead meets is swollen , I m feeling nauseous and weak. Now I feel like I have some kind of weird feeling in my ear. I am from Europe, but currently on holiday in Asia, that s why I m quite worried. Can t see any bites in that place. Any idea what can it be? Thank you

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  • 10 day itinerary for Cambodia?

    Hey guys,

    I am planning a trip to Cambodia, I will most likely be coming from Thailand there. I have about 10 days and would like to see the best of it. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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  • trekking in thailand?

    hey, im going to thailand for 4 weeks with my friend, and we want to do some elephant trekking and so. i know that for the elephant trekking with probably need to do it thru an agency, but doing the national parks and waterfalls and all that, we can do it by ourselfs, right? sorry for the mistakes and thank you for your advice.

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  • A good 4 week itinerary for thailand?

    Hey, I'm about to go to Thailand for 4 weeks with my friend. We would like to experience both, the north - nature and mountains, and the south, chilling on the beach. We dont need any party places, more like pure places.

    Also, I wonder, if it is worth to book guest houses in advance, or if we will be able to get a good deal when we just knock on the door.

    any other tips appreciated! thank you.

    5 AnswersThailand8 years ago
  • how do i get to see people with 2 years anniversary? excel help?

    hi, i have a list of people, employes and the date of them joining our company. i need to create another collum, where i will see when they reach 2 years with the company. anyone can help? thanks!

    2 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • how does it work with lost iphone?

    hi, i friend of mine found iphone 4s, it was in our restaurant and the guest didnt come back for it. so it is registered in a different country. she is thinking about keeping it or selling it. is it going to work, or does it lock somehow? thank you

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans9 years ago
  • postponing my period by starting the pill?

    Hi. I need to postpone my period, due to my boyfriend visiting me soon, flying to see me from quite far, so having a period would kinda ruin the visit. i want to start taking the pill again anyway, i just took a 2 month break. i usually start taking it when my period starts, but i was wondering if by starting to take it in between the cycles would mean that the next period wont start until i finish the pill. i know i have already once started in between my periods, but cant remember if my period got delayed or if i had it as i was supposed to. thank you

    1 AnswerWomen's Health9 years ago
  • what is a good travel agent for worldwide ticket ?

    hi, i am about to go traveling and i am looking for a good place to buy a cheap ticket, you know the one with a few stops. what is a good website? i am not a student, if that should make a difference. thank you

    1 AnswerOther - Destinations9 years ago
  • tax back on shopping in usa?

    Hey, i'm visiting the US and i've heard that it is possible to get the tax back on some products. does anyone know how it works? i was thinking about buying an ipad. thank you for your help.

    Yahoo Shopping10 years ago
  • how do you say in turkish I miss falling asleep next to you...?

    thank you :)

    or maybe i miss how you stroke my back when we used to fall asleep :)

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  • ESTA visa - do i have to apply again?


    I live in the UK, and I applied for Esta last august. I travelled to the us in october, and returned back to europe in January. I am about to go again in may till july. Do i have to apply again for this ESTA, or can i travel again on this one?

    thank you very much

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  • Where can I get a dress from last year Guess collection?

    I saw a dress today in a Guess shop, but the girl said it is from last year collection. anywhere i can get it?

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  • I am looking for sparkly underwear in US?

    hey, I bought today my dress for new years in Vegas, it is super short, so i would like to wear some sexy sparkly panties under, with stones and so . but not sure where to find it! something like sjp had in sex and the city, when she was doing the catwalk. thanks! Im based in San fran

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  • is there something like a couch going trhu USA?


    I am about to go to USA for a few weeks. I am going to be staying in California, but I thought, since I am going to be already in America, it would be nice to see more than just one part. So I booked my flight back from NY, which means, i have to make it from California to NY. Is there something like a couch? I dont want to fly, i would like to see as much as i can. thank you.

    4 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Are you happy with your life?

    Hey, I have a job, and a home, and i am healthy, and sort of young, 27yo, but i feel so unhappy with my life. I hate the way it is, so boring, nothing exciting, just going to work and home and thats it. I am missing having a boyfriend like hell, but then, my friend, who has a husband, and a beautiful house, and her own business is also complaining, and i am just thinking, is it who we are, just never happy?

    Are you happy with what you have?

    16 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • I am thinking about moving to florida?


    i am currently living in London. But i seriously need a break from here, as i had a sort of bad luck lately. I was thinking about going to Florida for about 3 months, because for living there for more than that i need a visa, but anyway, i think a 3 months break would just be right. But i was wondering, is it easy to find a place there to live, i would be thinking about some flat share, or so. and do you think i would be ok to find some job, dont really care what, as i dont have a permit, i would just want something for paying my rent, not for saving money. thank you

    5 AnswersMiami1 decade ago
  • I would like to hear your BAD experience with Citalopram?


    please, i am not interested about hearing the good, i know lot of people enjoyed it and it helped, but not to me and i would like to hear if you had some bad experience too.

    Mine were very vivid dreams, many times not knowing if things actually happened or I dreamt about them, my behaviour changed a lot, i was like not there, didnt really care about those i loved, and i felt even more suicidal than before. I was on the pills for four months and then decided to stop taking them, because i didnt like the way they made me feel.

    Please do not write your good experience, as that is not what i am looking for, also dont advise me to change pills, i am not interested, i rather battle my depression by myself. thank you for your time.

    2 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • I need to hear your BAD experience with citalopram / celexa?


    I was on Citalopram, and it changed my personality, for worse. I just didnt react like myself, and lost my boyfriend while on it. we never argued before, but once i started to take it, we had disagreements in which i acted like a proper di@k, and lost him. I would like to know all your experiences, i am interested in the bad ones, because i am trying to see if anyone else "lost their personality" while on this bloody drug.

    4 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago