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I was a veterinary nurse for 15 years. I was top of my class and licensed in California. I did my best working in an emergency clinic. I also studied dog behavior via veterinary texts and am told that I really understand the most intimate details of dog behavior and have great empathy for dogs.-Other college education: most of an AS in Social work-- child development etc--Aced ALL of the exams, papers, presentations except: i chickened-out on doing the "work experience" because it required volunteering to help at a rape-crisis center-- It was not so much the subject, but the emotional intensity/ in person social skills--[this was before i knew i had Asperger's]--i would have stayed at vet nurse but i had injuries from trying too hard to please the veterinarians by doing things without help in lifting and animal restraint-- i hurt my back and both arms--both needed surgery and the doctors said I would never be able to be as strong as before. I have Asperger's syndro