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  • my car makes a loud humming noise?

    I just got my tires rotated at Jiffy Lube, moved the front ones which I just bought 6-8 months ago to the back and the back ones to the front. Now I hear a loud humming noise especially when accelerating on the interstate. It stays loud while I'm driving at a steady speed and also as I start to slow down. What is the problem?

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  • Help with blue screen of death for pc?

    I've been trying to figure this blue screen out and what it means. I've been to a website where it gives troubleshooting for different codes the screen gave me but the codes I have were not on the site. I would appreciate any help!!

    I have windows vista and my error codes are : 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x87D3F500, 0x88AF7BB8, 0x88AF78B4)

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  • What will be the best HVAC deal?

    I have finally narrowed my decision down to this one contractor. I am going to do a Goodman Heat pump with a back up gas furnace(my house is under wired to do electric back up). I would like some advice on which to choose

    option 1

    14 SEER heat pump with 80% AFUE furnace and 4" media filter

    price after ameren rebate and tax credit $3946

    option 2

    same as option 1 but with a 95% AFUE furnace

    price after ameren, laclede, and tax credit $4268

    I think I might as well spend a few hundred more to get the better furnace. It will look better when selling. So my main question I can uprgrade to a 16 SEER heat pump after all rebates for an additional $556. The guy said it would only save me about 10% more in my utilities so it probably wouldn't be worth it to spend the extra to upgrade but I was just curious if that would he better. I will probably only be in the house for another 5-10 years but that isn't for sure. It could be a little longer.

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  • What HVAC system is best?

    I can't believe how stressful this has been. I have gotten several quotes, but I have narrowed it down to just a few options. I need all the advice I can get. I live in St. Louis, MO so our weather around here is unpredictable. My house is somewhere between 1600 and 1800 sq. ft including my partially finished basement. Heat pump? Or should I stick with gas?

    The first two options are from the same contractor

    option 1

    14 seer Amana heat pump 10 yr parts and labor

    $4879 (subtract $850 ameren instant rebate and $1463.70 tax credit)=$2565.30

    option 2

    Goodman 16 seer AC BTUH cooling 36,000(3 ton?) SSX16036 and 95% AFUE BTUH heating 70,000 GMV950704C dual stage compressor and gas valve and new energy star setback thermostat 10 yr parts and labor

    $6769 ( subtract $850 ameren instant rebate $175 laclede gas furnace and thermostat rebate and $1500 tax credit)=$4244

    option 3 (different contractor)

    American Standard 16 seer 2.5 ton and 95% AFUE gas furnace with programmable thermostat and new return air boot 10yr parts 5 yr labor

    $7019( subtract $850 ameren instant rebate, $250-$500 American standard rebate, $175 laclede furnace and thermostat rebate, $1500 tax credit)=$4244 or $3994

    Both contractors have good reviews and good BBB score with 100% money back guarantee

    Also, the 2nd contractor (American Standard) said the Goodman(from option 2) wouldn't qualify for the $1500 tax credit because the AC is a 3 ton which doesn't match correctly with the furnace and there was proof on some website he could show me. When I asked the Goodman contractor about this, he said that yes it does qualify and he could send me the link. I just don't know who to believe.

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  • which is a better HVAC system?

    1. 14 seer Amana heat pump 10 yr parts and labor

    2. Goodman 16 seer AC with 95%AFUE gas furnace 10yr parts labor

    3. American Standard 16 seer AC with 95% AFUE gas furnace 10 yr parts 5 yr labor

    The first two are the same contractor and the third is a different one.

    This is for the St. Louis, MO area

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  • Do I really need a permit to get HVAC system installed?

    I know someone in the business who might install one for me for pretty cheap. Do I really have to get apermit if I know he'll install it up to code? Will I get in trouble when I go to sell or will I be fine as long as it's up to code?

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  • How does at&t 5000 night/weekend and unlimited mobile to mobile work?

    If I am talking to aother at&t mobile customer at night or on the weekend, does it take away my night and weekend minutes first until those minutes are used up or does it just count towards the mobile to mobile?

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  • Do Nike+ shoes have sensor already in?

    I bought a pair of Nike+ shoes and I don't think there is a sensor under the insole where the sensor Is supposed to be. Is it supposed to come with one or do i have to buy one?

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  • Can I reinstall my linksys wireless router?

    Long story short I was on the phone all day trying to get my wireless Internet working and somewhere along the way either AT&T or linksys people screwed something up. Can i just reinstall my router and it be fine?

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  • How can I fix my netgear wireless router?

    I have a netgear wirless router and DSL. I have been having trouble with my internet and have called my ISP several times and they try different things and then it starts working. But then it seems to stop again soon afterwards. I know it has to be the router because when I plug the ethernet cable from the modem directly into my laptop, my internet works perfectly. Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong? thanks! And yes, I have tried all the tricks of turning things off, unplugging, and turning back on one at a time. I appreciate any helpful answers!

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  • how to fix my netgear wireless router?

    I have been having trouble with my internet, and I think i figured out the source of the problem. I believe it is my wireless router because when i plug the modem directly to my laptop, it works fine. I have tried turning off the router and restarting it and my computer but it is still intermittent with my internet working. It will work for a few minutes and then stop. Every now and then a message will come up saying another computer with the same IP address is trying to use it, but I am only using one computer. Any suggestions on how to fix? I really don't want to pay netgear phone service or the geek squad over a $100 if it's a simple fix. Other wise I might as well just buy a new router. Please help! thanks!

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  • do I have to replace all of the caulking around my bathtub?

    The part where the tub and showerwalls meet has some mold on it. can i replace just that part or do i have to do all of it

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  • how to remove drywall nails?

    I have some drywall nails that are stuck in the wall and I'm wanting to repaint the room and I can't get them out. I tried tapping them through, but it's not working on some of them. what can i do?

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  • are hybrid cars expensive to fix and maintain?

    Do hybrids cost a lot more to fix when things go wrong? Do they cost more to maintain? I'm thinking about a 2006 honda civic hybrid

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  • is it wise to refinance a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with 6.25% interest right now?

    I am about a year and a half in. I had put down 20%

    I know the feds just cut rates. I probably will only be there another 4-5 yrs. Would it be worth it to refinance? my house was $144,000 and i still owe $111,000

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  • can i plug a power strip into a surge protector?

    My parents just bought a 32" sharp lcd tv and a FlatScreen PowerCenter™ HTS 200 with Clean Power™ Stage 1 v.2.0 surge protector.

    It only has two plug ins and it takes up the whole outlet, but my parents have 3 things to plug in (tv, dvd player, vcr). Would it be ok to plug in a small power strip in the one outlet for the dvd and vcr as long as they plug in the tv to the outlet that says tv? They are mainly concerned about the protection of the tv. Or will that hurt the tv protection by doing that?

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  • is 24% lead crystal better than crystal?

    which is more valuable?

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  • can i save part of a dvr recorded event?

    i have dish network dvr and i recorded an event but i only want to keep part of it. is there anyway to keep that part and delete the rest of it?

    1 AnswerTiVO & DVRs1 decade ago