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Enchanted Gypsy

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I consider myself an American Gypsy. Not Rom, part Comanche. I live, full time, in a 34' RV with my husband. We have been enjoying this lifestyle for 30 years now. I have traveled across the country and back. There is so much to see and do in our beautiful Country. I am an artist (of sorts) I make jewelry and faux stained glass suncatchers, which I sell on-line. My avatar is one of the pieces that is available. I have been a practicing witch for over 40 years, and I do my best to do all I can for the environment and nature. I do not have anything to do with the devil or demons because they don't exist! I believe I have some Faerie blood running through my veins (look up "Fairy Flag"). My grandmother was a MacLeod. I figure my story is just as believable (if not more so) than many of the tales in the Bible. Blessed Be

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