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  • Rather than a question i have a solution to the 200 video limit on yt playlists?

    i've tried to add videos to a certain playlist but youtube has limited it to 200. so i started a second playlist like many others. but then i tried to merge the playlists, and I discovered how to have more than 200 videos on your youtube playlists.

    here is what you do:

    -go into your playlist manager

    -edit playlist

    -add video by URL

    it's that simple. after you've reached the 200 limit, then this is the only way i've discovered how to add more videos to a playlist. it's tedious, but it'll get the job done.

    this was the only way i could figure out and i don't know if someone else has discovered this, but after seaching the web i didn't find anything similar to this, but this is the biggest way i could get the message across since i don't have any followers on youtube.

    please go ahead a spread the word.

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  • Damaged BIOS HELP I'm not sure what to do.?

    I was working on my laptop and had to move things around it and i had an engineering text book that dropped on top of the laptop while it was running, i was loading a video when it happened. the hard drive didn't seem damaged and it kept running fine. i finished my work and shut down the laptop, and when it booted up it wouldn't load to the windows screen, i thought it was the hard drive and bought a new one, and tried again and it didn't work, someone told me that it's because the bios was damaged. anyone know how to fix it, or buy a replacement part?

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  • My laptop slowed down a lot, any help?

    I bought my laptop in March and because i had an old laptop before that kept crashing on me, i decided to get a good one this time. i bought a quad core, dedicated video card, "shabang" to prevent what is happening to my computer now. just this month it's been getting slower hotter and it's even crashed a few times. i have an antivirus and it tells me there's nothing wrong, and i got a software from the place i bought it to check the system and it tells me I've got a problem with my security, i've checked my internet speed and it's slowed down too, i am able to get my down speed up to 15mbps, but my up speed stays below 1 mbps. any help, I've installed a few programs, deleted all the games I've installed, the only start up program that is still part of the start up is drop box, and i am afraid that maybe during a system clean i may have gotten rid of something.

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  • Help!!! my computer wont load.?

    I have a 5 year old HP pavilion dv5000. Its always been a POS laptop. I was loading 2 videos for the second time (second time trying to load these two videos to watch not second tines that this event happens) and the entire computer freezes. Well its happened before so it didnt bother me too much so I just turned it off by taking out the battery and unplugging it. Now it wont load. It gets to the screen where it says Microsoft corporation and the loading bar above it and that's as far as it goes it just stays there loading for hours. Even with the OS disk that's as far as it goes. Is there anything I can do to fix it. I don't have the money to buy a new laptop otherwise I would have done it a long time ago.

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  • HDD1 hard drive crashed?

    i have a laptop with an HDD1 hard drive, i think (it has prongs to connect it to the motherboard), and it crashed, i tried to reinstall the OS, but when i put the CD in, it wont read the hard drive, like one isn't installed. it's an HP 80 GB hard drive, and i have an HDD2 hard drive, i think (it connects to the motherboard in a similar connection like a USB), from another laptop whose video card was damaged.

    that's the situation, my question is, where can i buy another HDD1 harddrive to replace that one because the rest of the laptop works fine, or is there some kind of converter i could use to connect the HDD2 into the laptop?

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  • In pokemon games will a pokemon still evolve after you've kept it from evolving at the level it's suppose to?

    i am playing firered and i have a question. i chose charmander to start with. i've already evolved it to charmeleon but i want it to learn more powerful fire attacks sooner, but if i evolve it to charizard those attacks will take longer to learn. if i keep the charmeleon a charmeleon past the level for it to evolve, will it still be able to evolve if i keep it till level 50 as a charmeleon. a friend told me that once it passes the level for it to evolve, it'll never have a chance to evolve again, that's why i'm asking.

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  • what happened to

    i wanna know. i had just signed up for the free membership, good thing i didn't pay the membership, but now the whole site's gone. does anyone know what happened?

  • what is Folding@home-Win32-x86-systray-623.msi ?

    i found this in a folder on my flash drive, it doesn't seem like it's got anything to do with the folder, does anyone know what this is and what it does?

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  • I'm talking to my ex again...?

    I broke up with my ex 2 years ago, just before our 3 years together. there were multiple reasons, which you probably don't want to know the details of so i'll keep things as brief as a can.

    we did have a good relationship, but lots of little things piled up and i decided to end it then knowing it'd keep getting harder to continue the relationship, and also if i delayed breaking up that too would become harder. she'd joined a co-ed frat, i decided not to. i'll admit that i'm a jealous and selfish BF, so when i want a girl to be mine, i want her to be mine, but i also want to give myself to her and be hers.

    and i don't like (believe it or not) alcohol especially when it's in big parties and (almost) everyone is drinking, this is an issue cause at first she didn't like alcohol, and i was really happy about that, now it seems that she likes it when she parties.

    we'd stopped talking for pretty much the whole year after 6 months after i broke up with her, and i wasn't sure if i was really over her. i'd still miss her, and thinking about her made me happy but i'd tell myself to chill thinking about her and i'd think about something else, cause my emotions would stir up and i'd go crazy thinking about her. i've thought of myself as weak because of that and thought she was strong.

    then she contacted me to thank me for helping her find her biological dad, which i'd help her while we were together but she chickened out at the last moment. i told he pretty much your welcome but i didn't do that to be thanked or for any reward and she didn't have to thank me. i didn't say it to her, cause if i did i knew it'd stir up my emotions for her, but i did it then cause i loved her.

    after that we slowly talked a bit more but it died off too

    after breaking up it seemed like i was the one who was taking it harder than she was so i assumed she'd gotten over me. then she gives me a text while she's with her frat and she's drinking this was Friday at around midnight, we had good chats friday till 2 am, and Saturday and even today. but in just two days i've driven myself crazy thinking about her. we've talked about each other and our relationship i get happy and upset/bothered at the same time thinking about her cause i'm having mixed emotions and thoughts. and it made me happy when she told me she'd also been thinking about me and had even missed me too, but it seems she's now too happy that i think about her.

    anyways, i'd like to continue talking with her, and even see her now, but when i proposed we meet and chat at a starbucks she said yeah but hasn't replied to a time yet.

    thank you for reading this far, i tried to break it down into parts so it's easier to read.

    -i'd like some advice on what to do with our relationship (friendship/give it another try/stop talking again/other)

    -maybe what she's thinking about, ladies if you can give me some insight

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  • Matlab Plotting and changine variable?

    i am trying to plot the data, but when i plot it tells me there's an error, that xp is changing and wont let it plot, how can i change the program for it to plot?




    A=0.12258 ;




    xp(1) = v(1);

    vp(1)= g-((.5*Cd*(1.226*exp((-z0+v(1))/9296))*v(1)^(2)*A)/m);

    for i=2:length(t)

    dt = t(i)- t(i-1);

    %Predictor Step

    x(i) = x(i-1) + dt*xp(i-1);

    v(i) = v(i-1) + dt*vp(i-1);

    xp(i) = v(i);

    vp(i)= g-((.5*Cd*(1.226*exp((-z0+x(i))/9296))*v(i)^(2)*A)/m);

    %Corrector Step

    x(i)= x(i-1)+ .5*(xp(i-1)+xp(i))*dt;

    v(i)= v(i-1)+ .5*(vp(i-1)+vp(i))*dt;

    xp(i) = v(i);

    vp(i) = g-((.5*Cd*(1.226*exp((-z0+x(i))/9296))*v(i)^(2)*A)/m);

    fprintf(' %2d %9.4f %9.4f %9.4f\n',i,t(i),x(i),v(i))


    plot(t,xp),grid,title('Euler Predictor Corrector')

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  • my tires' pressure, should i leave them or not?

    my tires in the front have a max load capacity of 42 psi. and in the back it's 51 psi. while washing my car today i checked out the pressure in the tires. one of the front ones is at about 42, the other is at 30 and it show's so i'm gonna put air in that one. but the two back ones both show that they are at 25 psi, i'm not so sure that that's good. does any one know if i should just leave them as they are or put more air? the reason i ask is because even though it's at the max psi i pressed on the sidewall and they were both really hard.

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  • i can't get her out of my mind, what should i do?

    My ex.. i have a habit of making these things too long then nobody helps me out so i'll try to keep this as simple as i think it needs to be.

    I broke up with her 6 months ago ( i can probably tell you down to the hour). i had my reasons, i though she was holding me back with my dreams and goals. i still had feelings of love for her, we were together for almost 3 years ( and to some people you may think 'that's it?', but i still had strong feelings for her then). 6 months have passed and i've learned that she wasn't holding me back, it was myself. she seems to have gotten over me very well. i still kept things that reminded me of her, we remained as friends. i put the things that bring up her memory and she calls me on the next day that her car broke down, twice, i help her the second time, and in the process we end up at her house making out for a while. that was like throwing a gas soaked log into a fire that started to die down. now i can't get her out of my head. but i'm still not sure i want her back.

    i wrote her a freaking 9 page letter out of my frustrations and now all i get are emotionless responses from her. i feel like she's hiding something from me. she says she needs time to tell me her response. time for what? just give me an honest response as to how you feel!

    what should i do?

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  • How do you create discipline within yourself?

    How can i discipline myself to do what i need to do instead of slack off? how do you do it?

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  • What kind of performance mods are available for...?

    Nissan Versa. I got into an accident and the car is borderline salvaged. i wont know whether the guy's insurance will decide to fix my car or call it a total loss, but i've already started looking just in case because i can't be without a car, and saw the Nissan Versa new for 10k, but i was wondering if there's anything to make it a little more fun to drive? i still have a low budget considering taxes and all i might have less than 1k left if i do decide to buy it. so the question again is what kind of perfomance mods are available for the Nissan Versa (sedan) to make it more fun to drive?

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  • What is a good reliable used car that i can get with manual transmission?

    looking for a car, someone backed into my car and the repairs are borderline to making it salvaged, the only qualifications are newer than 2000 around 8-15K, and not honda civic (personal preferance).

    5 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • What is a good reliable used car that i can get with manual transmission?

    looking for a car, someone backed into my car and the repairs are borderline to making it salvaged, the only qualifications are newer than 2000 around 8-10K, and not honda civic (personal preferance).

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • why wont yahoo answers let me post using a different account?

    i'm trying to post a question here using a different account but it keeps telling me that yahoo is "taking a breather" and wont let me post, now i dont know if this one will post. if it does i'll log out and check my other email to post the question and i'l come back and let you know. but why wont it let me post it?

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  • I messed up really there anything i can do?

    Female help would probably be more useful but i'll accept any help.

    Today my girlfriend and I were messing around, yeah some of you can already see something coming. We were in her bed and we took our clothes off (I didn't go with the intention of doing things with her, and I didn't bring a condom for that reason, but it just lead up to that point). we were actually having real fun and enjoying things, not intercourse just playing with eachother, then I go down on her. well as I'm coming up I know that she's really wet, I'm in between her legs, I go to kiss her and with the kiss she also got an unexpected, unprotected visitor (which I pretty much intentionally did). She felt it go deep enough inside of her, kicked me off, and I bought the mornign after pill.

    She said that that is one thing she would break up with me for. She wasn't mad, she was silent and barely spoke (usually when i mess up i'm like that and she's yelling at me). She didn't want me to touch her.

    What can i do?

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  • why do you have to go to the doctor's if...?

    you have an erection for more than 4 hours? what happens after 4 hours? does it stress out ur heart too much? or what?

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  • what are cheap reliable cars?

    can i please get a list of cheap cars that inexensive and reliable(excluding Honda Civics). i'm thinking something in between $5-10 grand

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