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  • Please I need some information on keeper leagues! Check out my league's format and critique it please!?

    So my friends and I who have been playing fantasy football for years have decided to play "Keeper League".

    The format goes like this

    - you can keep 0-4 players (1st will cost you $10 2nd: $15: 3rd:$25 4th:$40)

    - You can keep any player you have on your roster. However you will lose a draft pick next year of the same round where your keeper was picked.

    - A waiver pickup will cost you a 10th round pick.

    - No limit on how long you can keep a player.

    I am not so sure if this makes much sense for a "keeper" league. How does everybody else do it? I believe that this format needs some tweaking or major tweaking. Be as harsh or supportive about it as you can. Thanks!

    Oh yeah, the draft order was random, not decided by last year's rankings.

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