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  • what can i do to make sure my nephews are safe?

    my brother's wife was taken to jail last week for hitting him. this morning she comes and takes his two sons out of school. she was threatening to take them out of state. she already had her first son (from a different father)taken and has a history of leaving him and going to live with some nasty people. he doesn't have the money to go to a lawyer and everyone in the system he calls keeps giving him the runaround. everyone tells him he needs to call a lawyer and noone will even tell him how to file for custody w/o one. i am worried about these little boys' safety. please help.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • how do i identify truffles?

    i think i've found a patch of truffles at my house. externally they look just like the pictures ive found. in side is a dark charcoal grey powdery pulp. i don't even know if they grow in my area (southern ohio) and i was hoping someone could give me some tips on identifying them. are there any poisonous species that resemble these?

    3 AnswersBotany1 decade ago
  • How long will vicodin stay in your system.?

    someone i know has liver cancer, hepititus b and cyrosis. will this affect the length of time the drug stays in your system?

    2 AnswersOther - Diseases1 decade ago
  • how long will vicodin stay in your system?

    someone i know has cyrosis of the liver, hepititus b and liver cancer. will this affect the amount of time it takes for the drug to leave his system?

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  • does anyone have a crab rangoon recipe with more cream cheese.?

    I've had this dish at more upscale resturaunts but prefer the rangoons from all you can eat buffets, which seem sweeter with more cream cheese.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • How can I help my girlfriend?

    I live in Ohio. My girl will be 18 in about a month. Her parents hate me and will not let me talk to her. They are making her life a living hell and I'm very worried about her.Is there anything I can do to get her out of there sooner than her birthday? If I did go get her now what kind of trouble could I get in? Would the court date even come before her birthday?

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