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  • My deceased fathers retirement account?

    My father passed away in July. He left my mother as the beneficiary to his retirement account in 98, they later divorced in 01 and he never changed who the beneficiary would be. She was rebuked as the beneficiary due to the divorce decree. They had three children together. he later remarried but never changed who the beneficary was. Would this go through probate court as part of his estate? Or would this be considered different? In Texas there is the 2/3 children and 1/3 widow law. Would this classify as that? Or would the widow be entitled to all of my fathers retirement account. This is the teacher retirement account I am wondering about?

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  • Would this be considered Marriage fraud?

    My father secretly married a Mexican woman in 2005. She is 15 years younger than my father. I always suspected she was only interested in obtaining a US citizenship. My father passed away from cancer this year. She did nothing to help him, and was never really affectionate to begin with. Is there any way I can deport her to ICE or anywhere else for my suspicions. I know she is only a resident, but would this be considered marriage fraud in any way? The very next day after my fathers passing she was looking into his life insurance policy, and how much she would inherit after my fathers death.

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  • Who gets the house? Texas?

    My father just passed away. He did not have a will or anything. He did marry in Mexico. He's been marry for about 6 years. Who will get the house? He still has a 5 year mortgage through wells fargo. The house will automatically be paid off through the owners insurance??? This is in texas. He does have three grown kids

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  • Where can I find a louis vuitton storage box for one of my purses?

    I recently bought a louis vuitton purse... I baught it online. I need a storage box to store the purse in. I called the louis vuitton store but they only give the box with a purchase. Is there any where I can go to buy one, I am in desperate need........ Please Help!!!

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  • Does Blue Cross cover psycologist visits?

    I want to go see a psycologist about my depression, I was wondering if they would covered the visits...

    3 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Car Accident????

    I recently was in a car accident. I rear ended a vehicle infornt of me who; suddenly hit his brakes. He hit and ran. I have full coverage insurance. They found out who it was and it was a 18yr without a driver license. Who was under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and had insurance which was under the parents names. What is going to happen??? Am I at fault. I do not believe so...

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  • Weight Loss????

    I am trying to lose weight, so i was wondering if you wrap yourself in serame wrap, does that help you lose your water weight? And how quickly? How can I lose wieght fast?

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  • GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! This is for you.....?

    Recently it was my b-day me and my best guy friend were waiting for it anixiously.......... It finally arrive. we rented a vip room and all of our friends were there, i got really drunk because it was a celebration. Later at night i got into a fight with my best guy friend i dont remember why but i know he was really upset. I wanted to hit him. My other friends got in the way and stopped me, I called him twice to apolgized but he hasnt answered. Should i keep calling him or what, he needs to understand i was drunk and that im sorry, i reall adore him but i dont know what to do?????????? he making a big deal out of this guys what do you think

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  • Is there any way of knowing who is calling you private?

    Everynite someone calls me private is there any way of knowing who it is ? Like *69 or *67 .......... is there some kind of code that can help you!!!!!!!!!!! what can i do, besides everytime i ansewer they hang up............. so i want to know who it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • If somebody calls me block is there any way of knowing who it is?

    Everynite at the same time somebody calls me private, I would like to know if there is some kind of way of typing a number to know who it is. You know like *69 or *67 plz help me

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago