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  • Can I use a metal pan to make lasagna in?

    I'm making lasagna for a few of my friends. The recipe I'm following calls for a 13x9x2 inch pan. My ceramic dish is much deeper and larger than that. I have a metal pan (I use it for sheet cakes) that is 13x9x2 but I didn't know if using a metal pan would affect the recipe?

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  • Ways to get rid of mucus going into my stomach due to cough?

    I've been sick with a cold for about three weeks now. It's pretty much gone away, but it seems like instead of me coughing up mucus now it's going into my stomach. It literally feels like I'm swallowing it. I've been so nauseous it's awful. Does anyone know any medicines that can get rid of this mucous? Any advice would be helpful.

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  • I have pain in the back of my mouth and my mouth tastes like metal?

    I've been having some pain in the back of my mouth between my last molar and the edge of mouth. I haven't had any of my wisdom teeth removed. The pain comes and goes but in the past few days my mouth has been tasting like metal but there is no blood or anything. Anyone have any suggestions. I'm probably going to go to the dentist on monday but just wanted some input/ways to make pain go away?

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  • How much money for one semester?

    I was just wondering how much you think college students need for one semester. I'm starting my freshman year in a few days. This is not including the 400 dollars I just spent on books. I probably won't be eating out that much because believe it or not the cafeteria at my university actually has really good food and everyone eats there. Any advice would be helpful.

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  • Is saved by the bell appropriate for a 9 year old?

    I babysit these kids every day during the week and recently the nine year old has been begging me to watch saved by the bell. It's on every morning for an hour and a half and everyday she asks me. I watched this show and can't see anything wrong with her watching it, but I wanted other's imputs. I can't remember if they ever did anything, or even alluded to, them doing anything more than just kissing.

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  • Will a 2G SD card suffice for my new Canon SD750?

    I'm going to be buying a SD750 in the next day or so. I've been looking online for an SD card and need some help choosing which one to get. The SD750 has 7.1 megapixels. I found a 2G sd card onsale at circuit city for 20 dollars. This seems fairly cheap as I had seen them around for 50. I was just wondering around how many pictures I could hold on a 2G sd card.

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  • How big is the Mohegan Sun Arena compared to those around it?

    I'm going to a concert august 11th at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The tickets to this concert were ridiculously expensive, so my tickets are not the greatest, even if they did cost 110 dollars each. I've heard that the reason that these tickets were so expensive is because it is such a small intimate arena for such a large artist. Does anyone know if this is true? I've been to the Meadows (now called something else) and to madison square garden. I was just wondering how this venue compared to other venues.

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  • How can I get my dog to stop being obsessed with basketballs? He ruins all of our balls!?

    Whenever we play with basketballs my dog always tries to jump on them. He barks and barks and barks constantly whenever a ball is aroung him. If we give them to him, he bites and puts holes into them. We're sick of buying new basketballs!

    If we put him in the house, he still barks and it gets really annoying. We've tried everything from distracting him, having two balls it doesn't matter.

    Has anyone had this happen with their dog before? Any advice as to have him stop?

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  • What type of digital camera would you reccomend for me?

    I'm going off to college in a few months, and sadly I will have to leave my family's canon powershot at home. I'm looking to buy a new camera, and was wondering what a "camera expert" would reccomend for me.

    First of all I can only spend about 200 dollars. My absolute max would be about 230. Oh and I don't want to buy this camera on ebay because I don't trust ebay well enough to buy expensive electronics on it. I will buy online tho.

    I want the highest quality camera that I can get with my money. I want it to be very compact as I am used to my family's powershot with can fit in the palm of my hand very easily. I'd like a big screen on it as well and perferably one that I can actually see in the sun. An actual viewfinder would be a plus, but not absolutly necessary.

    I need the camera to be a fast as possible as well because I can't stand sitting around for 30 seconds between pictures. Print quality also must be a good as can be acheieved with 200 dollars.

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  • How to I reformate my ipod nano so that it will run on my new macbook?

    I've always had a pc, and today I just got my macbook. I plugged in my nano and it said that my ipod was formated for windows. I obviously want to be able to use my nano on my macbook, but I'm afraid I'll do something and lose all my music. Can someone tell me how to do it?

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  • How do I save an internet image on a macbook?

    I've just got my macbook today and I really want to change the desktop background. I found an image on the internet that i'd like to use, but I don't know how to save it onto my mac. I'm used to just clicking right clicking and clicking save on my windows,but now I don't have a right click, so how should I do it?

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  • Can I hook up my new macbook to the internet through my current modem?

    I just recieved my new macbook today. I'm very excited about it, but the only problem is I have no way to hook it up to the internet. I have a cable modem on my family desktop computer. I really want to be able to hook my laptop up to the internet, but I don't want to spend a ton of money for a wireless network. I'll be going away to college in the fall, so spending alot of money for a wireless network would be a waste because noone else in my family has a laptop. I do not want to remove the internet connection to my family computer. But is there a way to have a connection to my laptop from the same modem go to two different computers?

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  • Took my math placement exam for college freshman year and didn't do so great.?

    I recently took my math placement exam for college. There were two sections to it and I did fine on the first section and terrible on the second section. THe first part was all algebra, algebra 2. The second part was all pre-calc which I didn't take. It was all high level trigonometry. At our school they only teach us basic trigonometry. I'm upset because I'm not a bad math student, I just didn't happen to take pre-calc this year. I took probability and statistics instead. Will my low math placement exam score put me in remedial math classes next year? I got a 25/30 on the first part and only a 4/10 on the second part.

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  • Should I wait to buy my Apple Macbook for college?

    I'm senior in high school who is going to get a laptop as a graduation gift. I've been reading around and many have been saying that apple is coming out with a new version of the macbook soon. Does anyone know when these new versions are coming out? Apple is so secretive with their info I would hate to get a laptop and then two weeks later find out that they have released a new version.

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  • Suggestions for my prom makeup and hair (picture of dress inside)?

    My prom is this friday and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my hair/makeup. I have brown eyes and curly brown hair. I've been going outside so i'm pretty tan. All I know is that I do not want an up-do.

    Here are pictures of my dress :

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  • Things to do in NYC: 3 -18 year olds?

    My friends and I are taking the train into NYC this friday. We've all been to NYC before so we've seen times square, rockefeller center all the real touristy places. We've all been to the really touristy restaraunts too. Does anyone have any suggestions of any places to go, restaraunts to eat at? We plan on going in around 9 in the morning and coming home around 6:30. We'd like to hit some unique shops if anyone has any suggestions. All locations need to be walking distance (or a short taxi ride) from Grand Central. Thanks for your help all answerers!!

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  • What type of face makeup would you reccomend for my skintype?

    I have fairly pale skin with dark brown hair and eyes. I don't have acne but occasionally get one or two tiny red marks on my face. My skin tone is uneven, my cheeks are red. I don't like the makeup I use now because it seems to rub off really easy because I tend to touch my face during the day. I want something that will not be heavy on my face but very natual. It has to even out my skin tone and covert those occasional blemishes. I'm willing to spend about 20 dollars on it. I'm going to Sephora this week, though this doesn't have to be from Sephora. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Did I make a bad choice applying for nursing at state universities?

    I'm a senior and have recently been getting back my answers from colleges. I've been rejected from 2, waitlisted from 2 and got into 2 (one of which is a community college that i will not go to). All of the colleges I have been rejected to/waitlisted at has said that nursing was their number one enrollment this year and that they could only enroll so many etc etc. All of the schools I applied to I was qualified for, I had no major reaches. I'm certainly not a bad student. I'm taking 2 AP classes, 2 honors classes and one non-honors class. I have a B+ average in all my AP/honors and an A in my non honors class. I've played one sport all four years and am involved in community service etc. I had a 1720 on my SAT's, 1150 math and verbal. I applied to UCONN (instate - waitlisted for the nursing program), UMaryland (rejected), UDelaware (rejected), UMASS Amherst (accepted), U New Hampshire (waitlisted). I knew I probably wouldn't get into UMaryland, or possibly UDelaware.

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  • Are more kids getting rejected now than before?

    It's seems like college is getting harding to get into everyday. Is it just me or are more colleges rejected kids then they used to. I applied to the same 5 schools as my sister did 10 years ago. We have pretty much the exact same credentials except i scored 50 points higher on the sat than she did (not including writing obviously). I have gotten rejected from 2 of the school, waitlisted from 2 and accepted into one. My sister got accepted into all of the schools. I'm really bummed, but it seems as if everyone around me has been getting rejected from alot of schools too. I'm not a bad student. I get b's and a's, do sports, did good on my sat's, took mostly all honors, ap and colleges courses and am involved in school. When I got rejected from University of Delaware there was another letter in it saying that the had 23,000 applicants and only gave out admission to 5,000 of them for a class of 3000. Is that the norm or is it just getting harding to get into college?

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  • Are there contacts that you can put in at night and then take out the next night?

    I tried using contacts last year but I had trouble putting them in in the mornings. I have to get up at 5:45 every morning for school, and my eyes are just too plain tired in the morning to put them in. I can put them in when I am awake such as on weekends or during the day. I was wondering if there are contacts that you can put in at night and then wear them overnight and then during the day. I know that they have new contacts that slowly correct your vision overnight, but those are ridiculously expensive even with health insurance.

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