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Christan Greatest goal in life please God and reach full potential of body. Occupation hieght 5'7 wieght 140 Born in Ghana Japanesse at heart loves anime and manga 15year old martial artist, singer, dancer scholar. Fastest mile 5:00 100meter dash 8.75 seconds Bench press 210 normaly 285 hyper and max Leg press 950lb Quads 260lb Hams 200lb Calfs 240 for each calf I can curl 50lbs each 8time Can shrug 200 pounds And lift 200+ I do 1000 of handstand pushups,crunches,squats,pull ups with 34 pound backpack 20lb ankle wieghts Running 20miles I do polymetrics to plus gymnastics. A black belt secret of strength and speed hidden because of not wanting fame except through music. How you'll recongnize me handsome semi muscular big forehead with dashing eyes and big fangs in a pretty smile I'm not joking. I use to be emo I changed because of Gods love which I found.

  • Muslims please answer if the Quran says Allah gave the Gosple and Torah why does it disagree with them?

    Why would Allah change his word. Why did the Quran come. Also did Allah talk to Muhammad (peace be upon him) or was it Allah and Jibrel. Also do Muslims read the Bible.

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  • who will answer all these questions? 10stars.?

    Since the first cells formed from compounds in the environment, how did the cells develop the information to make those compounds and then assemble them into complex structures?

    Where did the lipids (fats) come from in the earth’s early environment?

    How accurately can we know what the “primitive” earth’s atmosphere was like billions of years ago?

    Is the origin of life something that science can really help us understand? Are there too many unknown aspects to consider origins a valid scientific field of study?

    Since scientists accept that the environment used in the Miller experiment never existed, why is it still included in the textbooks as an explanation for how components of life may have formed?

    Since scientists reject spontaneous generation happening today, why do they accept that it happened in the past?

    Thomas Huxley argued that the 23rd Psalm could be typed by monkeys if given enough time. He considered this evidence for the possibility of evolution. Who supplied the monkeys with paper, typewriters, and a language system (how did matter originate if it created life)?

    We know from observational science that everything that comes into existence has a cause. What caused the big bang and the presence of matter in the universe?

    Why is the idea of panspermia (life coming from another planet) an acceptable scientific hypothesis if creation is not?

    Isn’t the hypothesis of panspermia just as “untestable” as creation?

    What evidence would be grounds for rejecting the origin of life from nonliving matter? If it is not falsifiable, then why is it considered scientific?

    If scientists could form life in the laboratory from nonliving matter, wouldn’t that only prove that intelligence is required to bring life into existence?

    Since no one has ever seen life form from nonliving matter, scientists must accept that it happened by faith. Isn’t this a religious position?

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  • Can life arrive from nonliving matter? I thought life comes from life I guess that was wrong.?

    I was taught in school life come from life but now I am taught differently which is it?

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  • First of atheist and Christians do ya'll believe in the immaterial? Isn't logic immaterial why believe it?

    If you believe in evolution you believe you evolved through chance and random natural processes from a single celled common ancestor. How do you know your brain evolved correctly to be able to use logic. How do you know anything everything is an interpretation of your brain why believe it?

    Laws of logic are God’s standard for thinking. Since God is an unchanging, sovereign, immaterial Being, the laws of logic are abstract, universal, invariant entities. In other words, they are not made of matter—they apply everywhere and at all times. Laws of logic are contingent upon God’s unchanging nature. And they are necessary for logical reasoning. Thus, rational reasoning would be impossible without the biblical God.

    What is your acount of being able to reason. And i laws of logic are made up by man in our minds then they are not universal laws thus, this question is pointless. The question is why do the laws of logic exist anyway, and if they do don't laws need a lawgiver which one of the things the Christian God is. Not some god the Christian God

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  • How many of you have read the Bible and know Christians are to not have blind faith?

    The way the scientific evidence has been interpreted supports which faith you profess with assumptions. All religions evolution(natrualism,materialism,atheisim) and Christianity etc should look at the interpretation from bth sides to see what fits.

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  • Do all scientists believe in naturalistic evolution? Why or why not?

    There are two contenders for the history of life on earth: some form of naturalism (evolution) or supernatural creation. Are there really any alternatives to some form of naturalistic evolution in science if science is restricted to naturalism?

    Since evolution and creation are both based on religious beliefs, why should one be taught in public schools and not the other?

    Should there be a distinction between experimental (operational) science and historical science?

    Since a naturalistic approach to science can only refer to materialistic explanations, how can naturalists use logic if logic is not a material part of the universe?

    Is it necessary for science to allow only naturalism?

    Would all scientific thought and advancement end if supernatural creation was accepted as a possible model for how the universe and life on earth began?

    Why is supernatural creation considered to be a “science stopper” and not a “science starter,” considering that most of the founding fathers of science believed in the Bible and a supernatural creation event?

    If an all-knowing Creator God exists, wouldn’t it be logical to say that He knows about the scientific laws He created? Why not use what He says as a foundation for scientific thinking? Creationists and evolutionist have the same evidence it depends on how you interpret it. As a Christian I am a creationist and have a Biblical world view which science and logic(which is immaterial) still supports this is one of the reasons I believe in God and His word besides knowing Who God is and the History of God's word.

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  • Atheist which Christians misinformed you and said God sends people to hell? more info inside?

    God does not send peopl to hell you choose hell by rejecting God. This means choosing to not obey his commandments and acept God's salvation. Also how many atheists on yahoo actually know the Biblical defintions of WHO God is not opinions or pointless image statements like guy sitting in the sky, or as real as Santa or what ot. Please be logical in your understanding of anything even if you don't believe in it. Love ya. By the way I am a former atheist

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  • How do you believe in evidence for what you don't believe in?

    How do I give evidence for something a person already doesn't believe? Don't you have to believe first then get evidence to strengthen your belief?

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  • Christians isn't the Trinity a Roman Catholic doctrine?

    I mean If God cannot be comprehended how did Jesus comprehend Himself as a man. How was Jesu still equal to God if he was limited as man. Somebody who is educated about this please explain. And at the Council of Nicea wouldn't the people had automatically known through the Holy Spirit which books are cannan why did they have to debate? Also explain why some of the Books aren't cannan what makes something cannan?

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  • How do I train for the dempsey roll?

    I need to increse my lower body's speed in the figure eight movement.

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  • If the Bible was proven true and thier was physical evidence God is real atheists would you live the same?

    I mean would you live your lives for your selves or God. Or only live for God to avoid seperation from God to Hell?

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  • How do I erase viruses and files?.....?

    WITHOUT having to buy a virus software, or do system recovery.

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  • Ho do I recover my system recovery?

    I had system recovery before my computer got fixed but after the computer got fixed meaning everything got erased system recovery doesn't even show up. I don't have the disk anymore.

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  • What happened to my system recovery on my computer?

    Ok my computer use to have system recovery till we got it fixed. When it was fixed meaning everything got erased because of viruses when ever I tried to get it to come it wouldn't even open. Then the computer got fixed again but this time the setup mode and system recovery don't even show up. Were they erased to? If they were do I have to download it or is it locked somewhere? I use Compaq Presario for microsoft Windows XP.

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  • If God apeared to you in a theophany would you think you were having an illusion?

    If God spoke and told you I AM THAT I AM would you believe. Then after God disapeared and you told people but nobody would believe you what would you do? A theophany is God's presense on nature. I wonder how Moses felt explaining to his wife that God apeared.

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  • Atheist if you knew on of your friends to be intelligent and unbias looking for truth and ended up believing.?

    then would you call them brain washed, delusional, ignorant of science,bias. Also what would you do if they where trying to explain to you why they believe. I am a former atheist and now my atheist friends won't even let me explain why I believe what the facts support about God being and the Bibles truth. I don't think if you found God you would anybody calling you that. And know I didn't see God I saw God's works and how the evidence pointed to God. I won't explain the evidence you have to want to believe first then seek God or try to prove the whole Bible wrong from an unbias standpoint learning evolution and other religions. This is what I did it took me 3yrs. I came to the conclusion God is and loves me and I am a sinner who needed a savior. Listening to what MAN says instead of God and using my brain. I just want to hear what other atheist say instead of the ones I know.

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