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  • what to do when youre bored?

    cant leave the house bored what can we do???

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  • YUMMM CANDY whats your fav??

    laffy taffy

    ha ha love it

    reeses are good too

    ha ha

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  • Does he like me? GUYS?? and GIRLS??

    theres this guy ive known since 4th grade we used to be like best friends we have everything in common we love soccer we play for the same club (he convinced me to try out for the same comp club as him in 6th grade) we lost a litle touch we werent as close in middle school because his gf didnt like me and they dated for a year! they broke up 3 months ago and like the past month he tries to find me at break and stuff because he wants food. ha ha then he always goes thank you kaitie i love you when break ends. is he just trying to rekindle our good friendship or does he maybe like me?

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  • why is he acting like this? Is he mad still?


    so last night we had a school dance.

    I was thinking about breaking up with my bf on monday or something so i basically ditched him for my friends at the beginning of the dance. Well he found one of my friends adn told her if she saw me to tell me that he was pissed because i was dancing with random guys and that he was going ot leave. I went and found him and i told him that i talked to my friend about what he said. He said he never told her that even though i had all his good frieds telling me the same thing! we talked and danced a little and he was making me feel so bad about hanging out with my friends i started crying. I never cry. we talked about it and i thought we were good but today he called me and i called him back like 10 minutes later and he was all oh can i call you back im with my friends and i was all k bye. i dont care that hes with his friends just the way he said it... like me was mad at me. i still want to break up with him but if i do it has to be monday help!

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  • What should i do with my hair?

    Our dance is tommorrow i have no idea what to do

    my har is long with side bangs.

    what should i do with it?

    i was thinking half up ???

    pics and links are helpful


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  • whats are some differences between a christma carol the book and the movie?

    like can you tell me specific tings from the movie and book that are different


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  • people to people sports ambassadors??

    i was invited to holland!

    i dont know a lot about it

    has anyone dont it?

    was it fun?

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  • guys what style appeals to you?






    i wear abercrombie but im also somewhat skater i snowboard and skateboard i used to wear all abercrombie and hollister but now i wear a little of that and pac sun stuff. so im like half n half... ha ha

    what do you think?

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  • am i over analizing this situation?

    ok so this guy thats friends with my cousin (i kinda knew him but i havent really hugn out with him much this year) was texting her and somehow i got brought up and he was asking who i like and my cousin told him i had a bf and he was all oh does she ever do anything with him and she was all no shes a good girl. and he was all oh shes lame she needs to break outta that. so my cousin told me he thought i was lame so she gave me his number and i text him and was all hey why do you think im lame and he was all you have a bf and dont do anything with him and i was all so? and thats how it started its been 4 days since then and like we talked a little bit each day but yesterday we started texting at 4pm and talked until 2:30. i dont know what to think.... do you think hes kinda into me?

    or am i over analizing this.

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  • what are some cute haircut styles that are for medium to long length hair?

    pics and links are helpful



    5 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • what is going on?

    ok so

    6 guys (that i know of) like me

    not including my bf.

    i used to like 2 of them

    why do guys always like me after i get a bf? i dont get it and it pisses me off to tell you the truth!



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  • do you have an ipod tounch?

    do you like it?

    i want one...

    dont say get the iphone i have a really nice phone already and ijusy got it but i really want a new ipod.

    so comments about it?

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  • how should i ask this guy to Bogus Ball?

    bogus is a girl ask guy dance...

    and what are some cute ways to ask my bf?

    hes a football player so i was thinking about getting a football and writing BOGUS? on it... what do you think about that?



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  • is this normal?

    i get really bad cramps and lots of the time i eat then i get sick.

    this has been happening every time of each month. is this normal?

    how can i prevent it?

    im going to go see a doctor but i wanted to know if anyone else has had this.

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  • what are some cute easy and quick homecoming hair styles?

    i dont have much time to get ready before going to dinner before homecoming because i have a soccer tournament so what are some cute easy things i can do?

    pics and links would be very helpful!!!!!

    thanks <3

    10 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Homecoming help???

    i really need help

    ok so theis one guy asked me today and i have to call him later with my answer (ive known him since 4th grade)... well i want this other guy to ask me but he hasnt asked me yet and if he didnt my plan was to go with my friend from a different school if he can go. but i dont want to be dateless so i have no idea what to do.

    well the guy i want to go with i have no way to get ahold of him...

    what should i do!!!

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  • What are som famous Living, Non-American Photographers?

    links would be helpful!!

    <3 thanks!

    4 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • what are some nonamerican living photographers???

    links would help!

    thanks <3

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  • Guys help girls too??? does he like me?


    i sit next to him in one of my classes and we have computer chairs in there so he always pulls the handle to make the chair go down. we talk not a lot. but he moves close to me and if i dont know the answer he always lets me see his paper. (were allowed to share answers in that class so dont think i cheat lol)

    when i go to his football games after he always wants so see me. idk its kinda wierd i think he likes me but then again i dont want to get my hopes up.



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  • brett weston?

    i need some good sites that have info on him

    i cant find any!!


    2 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago