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  • What happened to my lights?

    I had a guy installed some recess lights in my kitchen. He changed my switch to a sensor, and told me I could reset it. After he left, I followed the instructions on how to reset the lights, it didn't work. I noticed also that every time the furnace started working the lights would flicker. The lights never went of and I had no switch to turn them of. I went to bed around midnight and the lights were still on. This morning when I woke up, I had no lights in the kitchen, in the bathroom next to it and outside. None of the kitchen switches worked and even my alarm keypad had no lights, and my furnace stopped working. I thought one of the fuses had blown. I tried to call the guy, he never answered. Since it's Sunday I figured he would call me tomorrow. Mysteriously at 9:30 all the lights came back on, the alarm key bad is back on, the furnace is working again. It's as if instead of putting a sensor he put a timer that turned off everything for an extended period of time.

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  • Can I change my operating system from window xp to window 7?

    I just bought a used Dell Latitude D630 14.1-Inch Notebook PC - Silver 2011 Model. I found out that Microsoft Security Essentials no longer protects Window XP. My main problem however, is that every time I try to go to a site, I get a message saying that it's not safe. If I change the operating system to Window 7, will I still get the same issues.

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  • How to remove a password from a new phone?

    I bought a new phone on Amazon a couple weeks ago. When I tried to use it today, I found a password on it. I know that one of my foster kids did it. They will never admit to it. I need to know how I can remove it. The phone had not been activated yet.

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  • Which cell phone company accept check payments?

    A neighbor of mine is looking for a cell phone. It would be her first cell phone. She needs a simple phone, not a smartphone. She needs a reasonable plan because she will not be using the phone all the time. Most contracts are expansive. She is 82 years old. The problem is, she is not computer savvy and wants to pay by check. Which prepaid cell phone company accepts check payments.

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  • Is it legal for the school to donate my son's phone?

    My foster son's phone was confiscated at school. He deserved to have it confiscated because he refused to turn it in upon entering the school. Every other student abides by the rules except him.The policy which he was aware of, is that the phone is taken away and never returned.I really have no idea if the phone is really donated to a charity or if the principal keeps it for himself. I could understand if the phone was kept until the end of the school year but it is legal for the school to donate his phone?

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  • When are the biological parents notified?

    I'm writing a paper on foster care, and I would like to know how soon after the death of a child in foster care, are the biological parents notified. Are they told in person and by whom. I couldn't find the answers online.

    Pleas answer only if you know for sure.

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  • How to talk to a guest in your house?

    I would prefer answers from grandparents over 50. Remember that unkind answers are usually reported, if not by the injured party, by a third party.

    I'll give you a little background information. While my son was in school in Europe he had a one time encounter with an older woman which resulted in a beautiful little girl. She left Europe and returned to the United States as soon as she found out about the pregnancy. He found out about the pregnancy through a third party when she was eight months pregnant. It took him a couple weeks to find her information in the US. When he contacted her she told him that she would put the child up for adoption. I offered to keep the kid. The kid is now 4 years old, she kept her and is raising her with her mom in a different state. She told him that she would give the child the same name as her dogs and cats. I believe that she was trying to hurt him. That's beside the point. I would have preferred to have my grand kids born in the sacrament of marriage but that wasn't the case.

    Three years ago, my daughter and I contacted the mother. My son was still in Europe. I sent her money for the kid's birthday and she expressed the wish to meet us. I sent her the money for the trip. She came and stayed a whole month. It was a very difficult visit and I was counting the days until she left. Let's just say that we have been raised differently. She has no sense of privacy, she is lazy and unclean. She baths every three to five days. She doesn't wash her hands before she touches food. She fed her daughter every hour even if she didn't ask for food and would leave the dirty diaper in the house for hours. It was a very difficult visit but I put up with it for my son's sake.

    I have sent presents for both of them which she never acknowledged.

    I made up my mind never to see her again because I could not get used to her ways. This year she invited herself and decided to stay a month . She didn't even ask me if it was convenient. She told my daughter that she was coming as if it was her god given right to do so. After she arrived she told me that she had asked one of her male friends to come with her. I asked her where he would have slept and she replied. "Here, I thought you had more space." What she meant is that she did not expect me to have another guest at the house. My daughter's girlfriend whom I've know since she was in first grade has been staying with me. This woman has been at my house for ten days now and is driving me crazy. She has taken over my house. She told me to remove the ugly picture that I have in my dining room, to repaint my downstairs bathroom because it was ugly. She says whatever comes out of her mouth then she says she was kidding. She does it also with my granddaughter. My daughter's niece by marriage is very tall for her age. She is ten years old and is already five feet and six inches. She told her, you are going to be a big and tall amazon woman who climbs trees. I didn't want to make a big deal of it for the kids sake but I could tell that the little girl was shocked. This woman who calls herself my daughter in law has taken over my house. She searches through everything, reads my letters, take things from the refrigerator or the pantry without asking, overfill the child's plate and wastes a lot of food. She does not clean after herself. She went into my basement without permission, removed my clothes from the washer and put hers. Yesterday she went to visit a relative and left her clothes in the washer even though she won't be back until today. I thinks she wants to help and tries too hard. She offered to do minor repairs in my house. She is good at that type of stuff. She is insistent when I refused. I allowed her to do it. I plan to give her some money before she leaves. She doesn't want leave the house, stays late at night on the computer, and sleeps until 1:00pm. . I have had no privacy. She is all over the house. She tried to open my bedroom door while I was in it. Luckily it was locked. She is 35 and has never held a full time job, lives with her mother. She does occasional jobs like house repairs. She says that she is a certified welder but does not work in that field. I believe that she wants to move in with me. She mentioned it before and yesterday she said that she should come to visit more often. It won't be possible. My son is coming back from Europe in October and since they never had a relationship, if she visits again, I would have to put her up in a hotel. want to talk to her about her ways but because I don't want to embarrass a guest in my house, I want some advice about how to go about it. She is now more comfortable in my house than I am. I'm afraid that I may not see my granddaughter again until she is 18 and asks to see me.

    Going crazy in Illinois

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  • What are his chances of going to jail?

    A friend of mine has an adult son who is an alcoholic, and also has mental problems. When he drinks he is like a small child, playing pranks and doing other mischievous actions. I sometimes wonder if he is retarded. A few weeks ago he was arrested for waiving a fake knife in public. Of course, he was drunk and thought he was funny. The police didn't think so. On the court date, he arrives drunk and is not allowed into the building. A warrant was issued for his arrest. He was able to talk to a public defendant who told him to see him the next day because he would be able to get the warrant squashed. When he arrives the warrant is squashed but he was given the option of spending 40 days in the county jail or go to trial. He chose to go to trial. The trial date is approaching and he is almost sure that he will go to jail. I would like to know what his chances are. Because of all his handicaps he has never been able to keep a job for long. His mother supports him financially. Neither one can afford to hire a lawyer. I am concerned because I have known him since he was in kindergarten and wouldn't want him to end up in jail. He is not a violent person at all, even when drunk.

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  • Is it possible to take two people from two different pictures and put them in an entirely different background?

    I just obtained Photoshop Elements 11 and would like to know if you can remove people from different pictures and create a new background for them.

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  • Where to find children shoes for toddlers with big feet?

    My three year old granddaughter is in the 98th percentile for her age. She is slim but wears size five dress and size five in pants. It's getting harder to find toddler clothes for her but the main problem is her feet. She already wears size 12-13 shoe. By next year, she will be wearing adult size one. Can anyone tell me where I can find children shoes for her?

    3 AnswersToddler & Preschooler8 years ago
  • Should she press charges?

    My daughter works in a group home for teenage girls. A couple weeks ago, she was restraining one of the girls who was fighting with another one, when the girl who had one arm free intentionally hit my daughter in the face. Two witnesses attested to that.This is the second time this girl has hit her, and again it was during similar circumstances. Even though my daughter never particularly liked the girl, she really does not want to press charges against her. Her co-workers are pressuring her to do so and the Attorney General office is waiting for her reply. This girl was put in Juvenile hall by a judge before for a couple days to teach her a lesson. Apparently she did not learn it. This girl has a long list of complaints against her already. My daughter feels that the girl did not intend to hit her but did so because she was provoked. She doesn't want to press charges out of revenge. I told her to go with her guts. Please advise as she has to respond to the Assistant Attorney before three today.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • Where do I find White Chayote?

    I'm trying to find a vegetable called Chayote/Perulero (white) in the Chicago area. I am able to find the green version in the neighborhood grocery stores but it's impossible to find the white one.The white Chayote is a product of Guatemala. I would appreciate if someone could tell me where to buy it.

    2 AnswersEthnic Cuisine9 years ago
  • If you were asked to solve food waste in your town how would you go about it?

    Why are so many people hungry and begging in the US when tons of food go to waste every day. There is enough for everyone but some are not getting any. Is it a problem with the distribution or are the wrong organizations getting the food. Where does all the food go and why aren't the needy getting it.

    5 AnswersConservation10 years ago
  • I need an ending to a story?

    I am taking a creative writing class, and I am writing a story about a woman who imagines that there are people coming to her house at night, while she is asleep or during the day while she is at work. She is convinced that the people she works with are plotting against her and they are the ones listening to her phone conversations and monitoring her computer use. She thinks that they have involved her neighbors in the plot. Now she thinks that they are coming to her mother's house too. I need an ending to the story. My character is based on a real person who cannot be helped because every time someone suggests that something is wrong with her, she stops talking to that person. She only has one female friend who would like to help her but does not know how to go about it.

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  • "I am writing a research proposal on why black boys linger in the foster care system. I need two hypothesis?

    What i have so far is that more black children are adopted overseas than in the United States. There are not enough qualified black adoptive parents in the US. The NABSW's stand on black adoptions by whites has reduced the amount of black adoptions by whites. Some white parents are afraid of the problems that they will face when the kids become teenagers. Other parents prefer to adopt from their own race. I have to test two hypothesis and I can't think of even one at this time.

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  • How far would that be on the timeline?

    According to modern astronomy, the universe is about 14 billion years old. Suppose you represent this age with a timeline 100 meters long. What distance along the timeline represents 1 billion years? Written human history extends back about 10,000 years. How far would that be on the timeline?

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  • What percentage smoked before the increase?

    "The smoking rate among twelfth graders jumped 20 percent, to 22 percent." What percentage of twelfth-graders smoked before the increase?

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  • If this problem makes sense to anyone, please let me know?

    5 years ago, Fred was tree times Jill's age. 4 years from now, Fred will be twice Jill's age. How old are they each now? That was a problem given by my quantitative reasoning teacher. He has not yet given us the answer.

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago