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  • Can anyone who rejects religion based on a lack of evidence prove that the sun is still there?

    If you are so logical like you say you are, then you will reject the idea that the sun is still there, but at the same time you must also reject the idea that it is not there. There is no possible way to prove that it is still there while you are on Earth. And don't tell me it is because you see it. It takes light a little over 8 minutes to reach Earth from the sun, so you can positively say it was there 8 minutes ago, but there is no evidence it is still there.

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  • One more time I will ask.?

    I have been getting the response that atheist cannot state what they believe because they don't believe anything. I never asked for a religious belief.

    So you do not believe the laws of physics?

    You don't believe in evolution?

    Do you believe that aliens came to earth to impregnate apes and that formed Homo sapiens, as some atheist do?

    All I asked was what you believe, yet the only thing most of you would do is state that I was wrong and resort to name calling. I know all atheists do not have the same views on the evolution of man, the existence of life, among other things.

    I was trying to see what the different viewpoints were.

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  • Question for atheists.?

    What is your proof that there is no God?

    I see a lot of questions asking Christians for proof, but none asking atheists for proof.

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