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  • i wish to use manual bicycle mechanism to lift or lower 600kg load through a height of 50m.?

    in bicycle the gear attached to pedals moves the rear gear also in same direction of circular motion..If I use it for lifting then for lowering I need to have a reverse gear mechanism. now how do i design this forward/reverse gear box and attach to lifting/ lowering arrangement. please understand money is a constraint

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  • Yahoo news doesnt show comments. Why?

    i feel hurt when Yahoo news doesnt show my comments about a news.i find my views in minority.amongst other comments which range from pure spam to s h i t. .why?

    Why Yahoo is doing it?

    4 AnswersMedia & Journalism9 years ago
  • SBI credit cards are a bunch of rascals out to cheat and help thieves in the society at the cost of you?

    I lost my SBI credit card, reported the matter to police and their customer care(?). Now the transactions done in lost period are put on me. They call any time and foul mouth me, hurl choicest abuses on me. I clearly told them to investigate who used my card and take the money from him. They don listen. Everyday a new person calls and abuses me.

    In fact they can ask the police dept to investigate. or they can verify the signatures on counterfoils with my signature.

    They dont take any insurance in case of loss of card.

    They dont put photo of the owner on the card.

    They allow the transaction even if a person not the card holder presnts it for transaction.

    They send the details of your card to all the wrong email address. this way they endanger your finances.

    they donot have any complaint cell. In case if you have dispute what they ( their system) say is correct and you have to pay no way out. So beware. Go for anyother credit card but dont use SBI. they are rascals cheaters!!!

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  • I belong to which country if ???????

    I belong to which country if I ask sth abt bush's behaviour and somebody says "Why don't you worry about your own country's leaders" and I equally hate them for the misadventures they bring to the country. ..................but American Prez with America being the most powerfull country should act with some rational restraint after a history of prologed wars in different countries. This question was asked to me as an answer from some body ranked iv level.


    U tell me what I should be the answer when I think abt human kind and beyond the boundaries of nations and living on Yahoo Q&A world

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  • hey Americans! see this !?

    goto page 3 and second news from the left column after Morgan stanley. Dont u think u were taken for a ride by Mr Bush. Don be an ostrich, he should go like Tony Blair ( spell it like 'be liar" like bush

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  • when Iraq war will end?

    I think Bush has dragged America into a situation from where it would be very difficult to retreat. How long America will stick around

    1) one year

    2) five years

    3) 10 years

    4) infinity

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  • how mike became white skinned?

    In his earlier videos Michael jackson skin is black but in later videos he looks almost white. how? is it make up or he's turned into a white guy,

    If this question should be asked in science section I'm not sure so I ask here.

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