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  • trump / taxes?

    Is it true Mr. Trump , the saviour of America , has neglected to pay  his taxes.

    6 AnswersCurrent Events2 months ago
  • this Virus ?

    There has been no details for this Virus from Russia , do they know something we don't.

    6 AnswersSecurity9 months ago
  • how to disable Microsoft edge//?

    Hi I am trying to disable Microsoft Edge and re-set Internet Explorer I did system restore For another problem.,and when my PC came back to life ,it had restored Edge and re-installed M/Edge. ---The Microsoft mafia want us to use their EdgeProgram .... (I am at my wits end .

    4 AnswersSoftware3 years ago
  • Windows 10 updates?

    Why does updates for Windows 10 take so long to download ,my machine was Windows 7 , and I took the free Windows download about 18 months ago, wish I had not bothered . this is not my only gripe with Windows 10, but we live & learn .

    4 AnswersSoftware3 years ago
  • War crimes trials in the Hague?

    These trials of war criminals taking place in the Hague (Netherlands) where do those sentenced to long terms in prison, In which country do they serve their sentence .

    4 AnswersCurrent Events3 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Well Q&A has been changed again??

    well Q&A layout has been changed again, who is responsible, President Trump. ? do we get the feeling that the change has been designed to discourage most persons , and give up coming on here . I cant be bothered with all these changes.

    9 AnswersCurrent Events3 years ago
  • Cake Baker ?

    That cake program (Paul Hollywood ) is that his real name or just his Cake Name, I have scanned the phone directory& did not find any person named Hollywood .

    4 AnswersCelebrities3 years ago
  • Password problem!?

    Hi How to create a new e-mail address ,yesterday I accidently logged off Spotify, and have been unable to get back on .they say to reset password they send me an e-mail with instruction s , to log back in, but the link does not work its dead. I have tried 10 times ,no success . why do they make it so difficult .???

    2 AnswersPassword and Sign In3 years ago
  • Google fined 2 billion £s?

    Google has been fined 2billion £s for hogging the scene .bad boys .anyway who gets the money we hear about big organisations being fined , for various things ,so where is the money .we never hear where it goes . it about time the punters, that's you and me, who benefits , is it charity , or help children , refugees , does it go to a good cause , other than the state .

    7 AnswersCurrent Events3 years ago
  • Foxgloves / Lupins?

    Hi Are Foxgloves & Lupins the same plant , or similarOk thanks

    4 AnswersGarden & Landscape4 years ago
  • Cat sleeping on my bed ?

    Hi .Is it good or bad to let your cat on the bed , My cat sleeps on top of the bed I don't allow her to go under the duvet . She has always done it . although she goes outside at night , she is a clean cat , also I brush her most days .

    3 AnswersCats4 years ago
  • Man electroluted charging up phone!!?

    How stupid can people be , ? on the tv news yesterday , a man having a bath decided to charge up his phone . slippery hands , everything went in the water, he died .

    16 AnswersCurrent Events4 years ago
  • Renovating Buckingham Palace?

    This building is to be renovated at a cost of £380 million (approx.) paid for by the British taxpayers the state country is in , NHS, care for the elderly , care for this , care for that . its a bit of a cheek . the queen is very rich , she should pay .

    4 AnswersUnited Kingdom4 years ago
  • Killing cat fleas on carpets etc.?

    If I sprinkle table salt on carpets , will it kill fleas lurking in the carpet , and not be harmfull for my cat . I treat my cat with Fibrospot every 4 weeks and brush her daily ( my cat spends a lot of time outdoors so is high risk , unfortunately she has an allergy to flea bites . any other suggestions will be welcome . Note --- I live in the UK so some products available in the US are not available here . Ok thanks .

    4 AnswersCats4 years ago
  • anyone tried Scanguard?

    Most times when i boot up my PC , and this ad . for Scanguard appears - free download until 18th/jan/2017 does anyone know if its any good .

    3 AnswersSoftware4 years ago
  • Lock Screen on my PC??(windows 10 )?

    Apart from the obvious , what does lock screen do ? My PC was upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 . now when my PC is on , and if I leave it for 2 minutes or more unattended, it goes to screen saver . and logon screen & I have to log on again .thats a bit of a nuisance . Ok thanks in advance for ideas . PS- I applied lock screen , but nothing appears to have happened .

    3 AnswersSoftware4 years ago
  • Leaving the EU ?

    What would be the outcome if England said to the EU , look we are leaving , so get used to it. and you are getting no more money . So what could they do , invade . bomb London ,whatever . Why are you English such jelly babys and afraid to stand up to it also why are they so unfriendly . your politicians seem scared to say anything .

    4 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • ointment on cats flea bites?

    Hi My Cat has been scratching a few places on her face , from flea bite irritation . I have rubbed a small amount of E-45 cream on them . is this ointment Ok for cats Its a popular multi purpose cream in the UK . Ok thanks

    5 AnswersCats4 years ago
  • answer Questions ??

    I am unable to answer or comment on questions as although I press to answer (this is on any category) nothing happens , this has been all week .

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago