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Hi, I'm Nicki! I'm a dancer. Hockey is my life. I love big sunglasses. Fanfiction and pickle-flavoured things are my guilty pleasures. I'm back on here (I'm not sure for how long though) after being gone for a few months, so if you're one of the old Yahoo Answer'ers don't be afraid to say hi! And if you're new, don't be shy either! :) Tumblr: countrynights-and-rangerfights Twitter: HelloImNicki Youtube: Forevaremembered Mibba: I've got hope. YTV: eva_remembered

  • Where To Download Music?

    Giving us a little break from all this gang crap.....

    Where do you download music? iTunes? Limewire? Frostwire? Youtube?

    I can not find some songs for the life of me. I know they're on the net, but I can't find them for my life.

    Any suggestions? I already tried: iTunes, Youtube and Limewire.

    Extra: What are the first three songs that come up when you put your music [iPod, etc.] on shuffle?

    Also, this is in this section cuz it's where I answer the most (:


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  • Good Summer Reads [20 Char.]?

    Well, as the title says ^^^^ I'm looking for a good book to read over the summer. Honestly, I suck at finding books I like [it can take me months to find one,] but I do love reading. I'm 14, and pretty much open to any kind of book. But it would help if it kind of had a summer vibe if you know what I mean [cottages, summer break, etc.]

    Hopefully you guys can help.

    Thank you, thank you.

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  • Adolescents, Are There Any Words You Pronounce Wrong Even If You Know You're Saying Them Wrong?

    I know I always do x3

    Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I read a name differently then how it's pronounced and I always get corrected when I'm talking about it. [Ex. I read Her-Moan-Eee, instead of Her-Mine-Eee.]

    And I do that with some words too.

    How about you?

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  • Could you guys help me out a bit?

    Well, this is the situation:

    It's nearing the end of the year, and I'm in grade eight. That mean preparing for grad. One thing I'm interested in is being valedictorian. Instead of just being chosen, we have to run, and then people vote for who they think should represent our class. We need to make a speech on why we should be chosen. But I honestly have no idea what to include in the speech. It can not be completely centered on my accomplishments and such. I would appreciate any pointers you could give me on what to include in the speech, etc.

    Thanks a lot guys :]

    Haha, suggested category: Men's Health.

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  • What songs have the name 'Nicole' in them?

    The question is pretty strait forward.

    Any female variation of the name such as Cole, Nicki, or whatever is fine as well.

    Please provide a link if possible.

    Thankss :]

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  • What Is This Quote From?

    I was watching this one video on youtube a while back and heard this quote/dialoge and wondered where it's what movie/t.v. show etc.

    It's at the start of this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    And if you can't watch the video, it is something like this:

    "Admit it, you have strong feelings for me."

    "Okay, I admit it, I have strong feelings for you."

    "I knew it."

    "I said strong feelings, I never said good feelings."

    Thanks in advance.

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  • How To Post Your Display Picture?

    I asked this question before, but I didn't get any good answers.

    So since I am an 'adolescent' I decided to see if I can get any good answers in this category.


    I was wondering how do I get my Yahoo360 picture as my y!a pic.

    Please don't say "Go into your profile, click use my yahoo360 picture..." because I have done that already..but my picture is not showing.


    Also, I do have a yahoo360 account, and do have pictures uploaded on it.

    Like, for example: it says I don't have a yahoo360 account, when I really do, and it is under the same email address as this account.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • What is the average height for a 13 year old volleyball player?

    I was just wondering what is the average height for a thirteen year old (eighth grade) volleyball player?

    (No specific position....just in general)

    10 AnswersVolleyball1 decade ago
  • What Songs and Bands Would You Recommend?

    I was wondering what songs, bands and artists you recommend.

    I'm 13, and my favourite artists at the moment are: Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, and David Archuleta.

    I like songs that have a good meaning, and that are catchy.

    I listen to practically all genres, but I lean towards listening to pop.

    Thank you :)

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  • How to unfavourite a video once you....?

    reached the maximum number of favourites.

    I've tried to click favourite, then un-fav like it I have done in the past, but it says I have too many favourites, does anyone know what I can do, to be able to favourite videos again?

    3 AnswersYouTube1 decade ago
  • What Number Is Josh Unice In The World Juniors?

    As you know, it's the holiday season and along with that comes the World Juniors.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what number Josh Unice (of the Kitchener Rangers) was wearing for the Juniors. He is normally #30, but I saw that Thomas McCollum was #30 for the game yesterday against Canada.

    (Please correct me if I am wrong about anything.)


    1 AnswerHockey1 decade ago
  • How To Post Videos In Widescreen?

    A little while ago, youtube made the screens 'widescreen.' Does anyone know how I can make my video's fit the widescreen, since at the moment they are the same size as before?

    Thanks in advance

    1 AnswerYouTube1 decade ago