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  • Excel Macro Functions - Is there a way?

    Is there a way to use or code the Excel function Indirect() in a VB macro? If not, how do I pass a variable cell address as a Range in VB?

    Here's the sitution:

    I have an amortization table as a named range. With a vlookup I can enter a date and obtain a corresponding value. Next to that value, in the table is the cell(address,x) for that value. I want to input that into a Goal Seek as the "By changing" value.

    The Goal Seek is already in the macro. In the codeline ChangingCell:=Range("L5"), the L5 needs to be a variable. In column N, I have =cell("address",L5) and ..L6, L7, etc. From that, a vlookup can pull in the cell address, and that address nees to ChangCell:=Range("xx") value.

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  • Excel Macro Question - Variable Cell Address?

    I have a Goal Seek function embedded in and exceuted by a macro. The problem is that the cell to be assigned to the "by changing cell" is a variable cell address in a column of a table. So a vlookup could work if I could figure out how to make a vlookup function return the cell address so it could be picked up by the macro's goal seek function, but I'm stuck.

    Any ideas?

    I consider myself an advanced Excel user (I actually teach Excel in a Financial Analyst class at a university) so don't be afraid to be technical in your answer; I'll probably understand.

    There's probably something obvious that I'm missing here, right?

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  • What's the requirement for keeping a US citizenship for Ex Pat?

    Something like returning once a year?

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  • A/C SEER Rating Compatability: compressor vs. air handler?

    It figures: my a/c would die on a Sunday morning after about 20 days of 100+ degree weather with no end in sight. So, I've been down this road before and always thought I got ripped off. I pretty much know I will have to replace my compressor, and if I do, I'm going after a higher SEER rating. But I've never had a clear answer: if I upgrade the SEER rating of the compressor, do I also need to replace the "inside" coils and/or air handler? I've heard contractors push this for plus-selling. I've heard othes say, no, it's not necessary, but you should do it eventually to maximize the efficiency. A/C man is on the way....please, I need a good answer quickly.

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  • MS Office 2003 Question about Addresses?

    When you start to type a name that MSO recognizes, a small list of suggestions pops up. How do you remove invalid names/addresses from this list? I have some that do not show in my Contacts, and I'm tired of sending emails to old addresses because MSO "think" it knows what I want for an addressee and uses a superceded address.

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  • Has anyone else noticed that people don't read the entire question?

    Even when you add more details here, you can tell by their response that they didn't bother to read everything first. So then they make complete fools of themselves with their answer. So, if you read all of this first and you're going to reply, start with Uh Huh.

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  • Why do people ask questions for Jehovah's Witnesses here?

    Do they not realize a "TRUE" Jehovah's Witness won't be on the Internet in the first place? Try asking the might have better luck, but I doubt it.

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  • 5 stars for 1st good answer: What are the new tax brackets & rates resulting from Obama's stimulus plan?

    Or were the proposed changes to the tax brackets eliminated?

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  • For my fellow Republicans: How is Obama's stimulus worse than TARP?

    Let me first go on record by stating that I'm a Republican and an ex officer of WaMu, to give some perspective.

    When Bush's first $700B bail-out bill was introduced, Republicans shot it down and their votes had to be bought with pork barrel spending that racheted TARP up to $850B. TARP provided $700B in financial bail out money which we now know lined the pockets of the corrupt Wall Street executives and did NOTHING to free the credit market.

    Obamas $787B stimulus package includes actual spending. So, what I don't understand from my Republican representation is this: how was it ok to throw money at rich Wall Street execs and require no accountability of how that money was used, and yet actual targeted spending (which is what stimulus is all about...just ask FDR) is a bad thing?

    And you wonder why so many of us Republicans voted for Obama?

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  • Why do Canadians think they are not Americans?

    Are they (you) not aware what continent you're on?

    America is not a country. The United States is; it's a country of 50 "united" states (and state is just a synonyn for country).

    Note that "of America" is a prepositional phrase modifying the noun "United States" ... as in "of America" versus "of Europe" or "of Mexico".

    Sorry to break the news to you northern neighbors, but you're just as American as this Texan.

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  • How many more rockets from Gaza before it's OK for Isreal to retaliate?

    Just wondering...10 more rockets from Gaza have been fired from the "victorious Hamas". Will the world be ok if Israel nukes them to oblivion this time? I mean if last month was a Hamas victory, I'd had to see what defeat looks like.

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  • Why do people get excited over large tax refunds?

    Do people not realize when you get a large tax refund, that means you've been lending money to the government interest free and you could have had that money as an increase to your monthly income?

    If you have debt, and you're paying interest on it, why wouldn't you want an extra $100/month vs. $1200 at the end of the year -- which you've been lending interest free?

    Pay attention to your taxes, people. Max out your W-4 exemptions and forecast how much tax you will owe buy using the Form 1040ES which you can get at

    But if you like making interest free loans, please send your money to me every month and I'll be happy to give it all back to you next February.

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  • Attn Vegans: What's wrong with silk?

    I don't get it. A vegan told me they will not wear silk because it's produced by a silk worm. Well, I have a news flash: ALL vegetables exist because bees polinate the plants, so if silk is wrong, so is eating vegetables and wearing clothing made of cotton.

    Please explain the inconsistent rationale here? And please keep in mind that bees are harvested, kept in bee hives which travel around the country with the beekeeper who gets paid to polinate the plants.

    Are you vegans just confused, or do you just make up the rules as you go?

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  • How do I "own" a revolutionary business idea?

    I have had an idea that I know would revolutionize automobile insurance, and every one I trust whom I've explained it to agrees. I've had this idea for over 15 years, so it's very well developed. I have an MS in Finance, so this is not a goofy notion -- it's well thought out.

    But I don't have the resources to charter an insurance company, nor do I want one to profit off of my idea without me getting my fair share.

    I just don't know where to start to ensure intellectual ownership and then how do I present this to an insurance firm, and who do I contact? Any ideas?

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