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Hello there friend, welcome to my page! I'm 17, a skier and I really enjoy fitness, sushi, hockey and all things photography. I cook gluten and dairy free, if you want a recipe I can give you an awesome one for low fat, no-oil, healthy recipe for coconut shrimp :) Feel free to message me, I welcome conversation! Tumblr: Flickr:

  • Some questions about yourself: Teen survey?

    1. How old are you?

    2. What was the last nice/good deed you did for someone else?

    3. Last time you got injured?

    4. What did you do today?

    5. Whats' your favorite sport (1. to play; 2. to watch on TV)

    6. What was the last exciting thing you heard?

    7. Sushi or Italian?

    8. What's the best dish you can cook?

    9. Can you drive? If so what do you drive?

    10. Favorite color?

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  • Teens: What is your opinion on iPhones?

    I'm thinking of getting one, I think I would like it seeing as I have a MacBook, so it wouldn't be that hard to figure out… It would be my first iPhone, so far everybody I've talked to really likes theirs. My friend had the same exact phone as me (HTC Rhyme) and she really likes hers which means that the switch over must not've been to difficult to switch over. I mean it might be different for me but I've had iTouches and my boyfriend's sister said it's pretty much just an iTouch with the option of a phone and a camera on it.

    I think I'd be getting the 5s, before someone says something about being spoiled or whatever (always comes up) I didn't ask for it, my mom suggested I get one haha she also wants one. Both of our contracts are up so she thought it would be nice to get new phones and I wanna get one that I'll have for the same amount of time as my last one.

    Plus, when I go skiing, I always take my iTouch with me so I can listen to music, however, my iTouch is on the way out and that way I wouldn't have to take two things with me.

    These are just some questions I have about iPhones, if you have one...

    1. How many GB (gigabytes) of memory do you have? Does it hold enough apps or music for you?

    2. What version do you have?

    3. What service provider do you use?

    4. Do you have any major problems with it? (glitches, randomly shutting down, text lagging when you type, apps shutting down)

    5. Do you like the camera on it or does it seem like every other phone?

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  • Teens: Did you accomplish anything you're proud of this week?

    In preparation for all the fantastic upcoming winter sports life has to offer, I've been working out a lot more, whether it's biking, training at WoodWard (trampoline center, for hours at a time) walking/hiking with my boyfriend around his house or taking his puppy for a walk, I've been getting in some exercise and have been building endurance.

    This morning, I biked 5.05 miles at an average speed of 15.1mph for 20:04min and I've never been able to break over 14.7mph so that was a good accomplishment for me today.

    According to the calorie burn calculator on the bike, it said 120, but according to the online one I use ( it says 205. So I had a good morning haha.

    Monday, my boyfriend and I went to WoodWard and I did a Misty 7 (ski trick that's a 720 spin put on a front flip) into the foam pit, did a Misty 5 on the trampoline and a backflip on the trampoline bed (on olympic beds so really bouncy, first I've done in a couple years right back to bouncing) I can do them from tramp to flat pad but this was just nicer so I could get a flow of tricks going :)

    So, what did you accomplish? I don't really care what you did just tell me.

    BQ: Have you ever been fishing?

    BQ2: When was the last time you fell over?

    BQ3: Do you wear hats often?

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  • Girls: Do you ever buy sweatshirts (or clothes) from the guy's section?

    I think I will this year for skiing just cus often women's clothing is just tight fitting or short, especially sweatshirts! Oh yea, cus when I'm skiing, I'm totally focusing on making sure everyone can see my "girlish figure" hahaha I just don't like it cus I gotta move a lot and girl's sweatshirts often ride up and then I'm cold! But I have 2 sweatshirts which are girl's that I actually really do like and they're long enough to still be ok.

    I'm thinking of buying a few tall tees but not ridiculously long, a couple guy's sweatshirts for skiing cus they're longer and would cover me well, and a sweater or two to wear for playing hockey a bit this winter. They're just bigger, with more free movement and usually cut slimmer straight up and down instead of having the "feminine cut" where it goes in at the waist. I don't mind those but I just feel like I want some loose clothing to.

    BQ: Is there anything new you wanna try out?

    BQ2: How often do you actually style your hair (curl, straighten, wave, updos, braids, buns)?

    BQ3: Whats' your favorite style of jeans?

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  • Teens: How do you reward yourself?

    Whether it's for school goals, workout or just random goals you've set for yourself, how do you reward yourself?

    I need some ideas on how to reward myself to keep myself motivated, I'm not really looking for massive weight loss (I don't need it), but I need some ideas! I don't usually reward myself and I'm looking to tone up and train for the ski season to just improve and become just more of the skier I can be.

    I like music, photography, makeup, I might need some new workout clothes or new clothes for the winter. Just any ideas on specific things I could reward myself if you guys have ideas, would be nice, I'm not good at picking stuff

    There's also a trampoline training center that I really like that I could reward myself with small few day goals (like ___ number of crunches/pushups/bicep curls in 2-3 days and I can go).

    BQ: Any goals in the works right now?

    BQ2: What's your favorite form of cardio?

    BQ3: Have you tried paddle boarding?

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  • Teens: When was the last time you were sore?

    Me today :P My back (ribs) are sore, upper shoulders, neck, inner thighs and my chest when I breathe in deeply.

    I kinda threw my body around a bit yesterday, I folded in half attempting to back flip onto a resi mat from a trampoline (first attempt, everything after that was stuck), I also folded a bit in the foam pit while trying to teach my bro's friends a trick but I did it off flat ground into the pit instead of the big foam square into it (about a 2ft+ difference). I had a lot of fun haha it was quite fantastic to get back to trampoline training, I haven't done it in over a year, so pulling all that stuff off olympic tramps into foam pits or a resi mat, felt really, really good. Not gonna lie, I felt like a badass when I came home.

    BQ: What type of music do you listen to when it's snowing (or raining) out?

    BQ2: In relation to your town/city: You know it's fall when....?

    BQ3: What do you wear when you work out?

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  • Teens: What are you up to this lovely Sunday?

    So... What is everybody else doing today? :)

    Today I'm going to a place called WoodWard for my bro's late birthday party. It's basically a huge warehouse building with skate ramps, trampolines, foam pits and I think they even have stuff for BMX bikes in there, for my brother's party. That place is, just amazing. There's one in Copper, CO (which happens to look like a big, red barn which is cool) but when I was there for a training camp for skiing, I had pretty bad altitude sickness and just ended up going home early. So I'm pretty excited to see what it's like there, I'm pretty happy our town got one, all the freeride and snowboard teams used to have to go to the next city over to do any trampoline training.

    Plus, a disguised survey for everybody who is bored!

    1. Is it getting cold where you live?

    2. Last song you listened to?

    3. How many animals are in your life? (they don't have to be yours, but what animals do you hang around with a lot)

    4. Do you watch hockey?

    5. Have you ever had stitches?

    6. Winter: yay or nay? and why?

    7. Does your family have a barbecue?

    8. Can you play an instrument?

    9. What did you have for dinner last night?

    10. Do you play/do any sports?

    BQ: Do you drive? + if you do, what do you drive/can you drive stick?

    - Yes, I do drive, I have a '99 Subaru Outback, and I was learning how to drive stick in my boyfriend's Toyota pickup (which is customized to the 9's by the original owner) it looks like a baja truck cus it's a pre-runner so you bet I felt super cool driving it :) haha but I don't feel confident driving stick, I really wanna learn tho, cus then I could drive anything no problem and that's important, you never know when you're going to need to do that.

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  • Teens: Would you eat this?

    So I've been thinking of a lot of different meals and I'm wondering, would you guys eat this?

    Baby shrimps (the tiny ones) cooked in coconut milk with a small bit of garlic, paprika, cayenne, lemon (or lime with lime zest), salt, pepper, cooked stir-fry style (without the veggies) with cilantro, put over pasta (for me gluten free linguini, but fettuccine would work) with red sauce (marinara, not pasta/pizza that's sweeter) or for those who eat dairy, Alfredo sauce.

    BQ: Did you do any exercise today/are you planning to?

    BQ2: Is it getting cold at night where you live? (it was below freezing early this morning, my dad said it was 26F when he left for work Wednesday)

    BQ3: What was your last random injury?

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  • Teens: What was the last thing you cooked?

    I just made gluten free, dairy free, non-fried, low fat Coconut Shrimp from scratch with Thousand Island sauce (not scratch but still handmade, just made out of mayo, ketchup + diced dill pickles) via my own never tried recipe that I thought of and drew ideas from others.

    I think I'm gonna improve it with some spices and maybe a bit more flavor, it didn't taste very "pow!" know what I mean? But I did like the taste of the shrimp with the sauce it was very good!

    I'm gonna make a "normal" version for my boyfriend to cheer him up, he's kinda sick with a sore throat and cough, seasonal change sickness stuff, it'll clear up pretty fast I think. But that one will have wheat flour, I think I want to buy bigger, sweetened coconut flakes instead of shreds and I wanna add paprika, cayenne and maybe some onion powder? Maybe 86 the lemon juice and do lime + lime zest with the spices in there. Definitely spice it up haha :)

    So, what was the last thing you cooked?

    BQ: Is there anything you don't eat in your diet? (gluten, high fat, dairy, soy, meat, eggs, etc basically anything you don't/won't/can't eat?)

    BQ2: Do you cook often or do your parents usually make you something, or are you the pre-packaged kind of kid?

    BQ3: Do you like sushi?

    BQ4: What dishes have you made before?

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  • Teens: What sounds better for dinner? + other questions?

    I'm an incredibly indecisive person haha I can never pick what I want for dinner. I don't really have many options (gluten free, dairy free, low fat). Tonight I'm thinking of making one of the following I don't eat much by the way.

    - Salmon burgers

    - Rice pasta with sauce and vegan parmesan "cheese"

    - Plain salmon

    BQ: Do you like coconut shrimp? (cus I've been creating my own recipe that's gluten free, dairy free and low fat and I'm excited to try it out)

    BQ2: Do you cook?

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  • Does anyone else have a hard time getting rid of clothes?

    I've been trying to go through my closet today and I realized somethin: I have a hard time getting rid of clothes! Even if I know I don't wear it often or if I haven't worn it many times in the past, I'll still keep it. I kinda have a thing of thinking that if I get rid of it I'll realize I wanted it later or that I think I'll run out of clothes if I get rid of stuff...

    I mean I'm not a clothes hoarder, I think I'm mostly afraid that when I get rid of something that I can't find much to match with (explaining why I don't wear it much) then next time I actually get something that matches it'll be gone haha.

    BQ: Do you have a job?

    BQ2: When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?

    BQ3: What do you do with the clothes you get rid of?

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  • Teens: What's your favorite kind of pizza?

    So... I'm making my boyfriend pizza tonight, however I haven't had pizza in probably a year, maybe two. Naturally, I don't really have any idea what would taste good since I don't eat any gluten or dairy (I'm making an adapting recipe for myself tho)

    I think I wanna go more on the side of authentic Italiano (you know, thin crust, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil).... He said the pizza in Italy was delicious when he was there, so I figured it would be thoughtful instead of makin really doughy pizza. Plus there's really nothing to dislike about that and I feel like simple is better.

    But anyways, I'm thinking of pizza types, what's your favorite? :)

    And if you have any recipes or tips, that would be awesome as well haha

    BQ: Do you like cooking for others?

    BQ2: Car or truck?

    BQ3: Do you have long, short or medium nails?

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  • Teens: What are some new things that you're learning?

    So... Just cus it's summer, doesn't mean you can't learn anything new right? It can be anything! Sports, art, academics, life skills, pretty much anything new that you could be learning right now.

    I'm currently learning the following:

    - How to drive stick in my boyfriend's truck, I drove us over to my place today, I think I did pretty good (he said I did anyways)

    - Dirt biking, I'm actually ok at it so far for only going out 3 times haha I almost got stuck in a little ditch like area but I just revved and got out of there! Kinda proud of myself for that not gonna lie... However I have dropped it on my leg a couple times (thank you boots or I'd be screwed) and I'm short so I gotta jump up and hammer down on the kick starter to get it going (it actually helped me drive stick, you gotta balance the clutch and throttle like you would clutch/gas in a manual)

    - Video games haha I was playing Call of Duty last night and yesterday afternoon, I'm being taught my boyfriend and it's actually fun hahaha I'm doing alright, obviously I'm not dominating but I'm having fun. He also tried to teach me how to play hockey on there to but I didn't do very well with that one

    BQ: What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

    BQ2: Favorite color?

    BQ3: Quick, at least one thing you miss about the winter time?

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  • How much alike are we? My turn hehe?

    [] You are 17

    [] You currently have some sort of weird tan line (mine is around my wrist from my hair ties)

    [] You have blonde hair

    [] You have blue eyes

    [] You're in a relationship

    [] Your favorite sport to watch on TV is hockey

    [] You enjoy lemonade

    [] Your future career that you want has something to do with fitness

    [] You're a skier

    [] You've had stitches

    [] You like planes

    [] You like a varied range of music

    [] You live where it snows

    [] You don't have a job (yet)

    [] You're outgoing but chill at the same time

    [] You like drawing

    [] You don't eat gluten or dairy

    BQ: What cereal do you like?

    BQ2: Would you rather have a part-time job in the day (8am-2pm) or an evening job (3pm-9pm)?

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  • Would you eat or at least try one of these dishes?

    So I eat food that's like "Oh, that's um, good?" cus I can't eat gluten, dairy or high-fat foods... So instead I make my own substitutes of things :)

    Anyways, I was thinking of some things that might taste good and I came up with this:


    - Homemade potato chips (we have a special silicone plate you put in the microwave, it's cool, literally just potato slices with salt and that's all, so no fat)

    - Really thick spread made out of mayo, crab, salmon and maybe a little bit of artichoke with some seasoning for flavor

    Dessert sushi (I've been wanting to try this, I just came up with it the other day)

    - Sweet black rice cooked with just a little hint of coconut milk and a bit of sugar

    - Rice paper

    - Strawberry, pineapple and banana for the inside

    - Some sort of sauce to go with it (I can't think of one yet but I will)


    - Plain sticky sushi rice with a bit of rice-vinegar, salt and sugar for taste

    - Nori

    - Crab, carrots, cucumber and maybe salmon

    - Tempura with a bit of lemon on top of the roll

    I'm wondering if you'd personally eat these or if they sound good or if you have any suggestions for anything else cus if I have a party I wanna be able to fix food that everybody can eat and would like.

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  • I have graduation in like an hour, how should I do my hair and makeup?

    I have a difficult time picking looks out for myself, I mean it's not like it's that hard to do but I just need some help with it please :)

    My hair is pretty long, really thick, really, really blonde and I don't really have any bangs cus they've grown out.

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  • What was the last thing you cooked?

    I made a salmon burger last night! :) I'm actually really proud of myself cus I found a way to make food that I can eat interesting. I also made my boyfriend French toast for breakfast yesterday and that turned out pretty good apparently.

    The salmon burgers that we have at my house that are pre-made have 9gms of fat in them and I just can't do that with my stomach issues (which I won't go into) so I decided "hey I'll make my own!"

    First one didn't stay together so my mom told me to put a tiny bit of rice in it and it worked! I took a thing of canned salmon which was surprisingly amazing, with some light mayo to hold it together, plus the slight amount of olive oil in it would prevent the salmon from sticking to the pan, plus a tiny bit of rice and it was amazing!

    I think I'm gonna fix it for lunch or dinner :) So what was the last thing you cooked?

    BQ: What's your favorite home-cooked meal that you or your parents make?

    BQ2: Do you think food tastes better when you make it or when your parents do?

    BQ3: How often do you eat at restaurants?

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  • What should I have for dinner out of these three?

    Alright so my dad is fixing me an artichoke but to be honest with you that's just not enough for dinner...

    So I have some canned food, yea not to exciting but it's food :) except I dunno which one to eat.

    I have:

    - Chicken

    - Tuna

    - Salmon

    BQ: What did you have for dinner?

    BQ2: Do you eat red meat?

    BQ3: Did you exercise today?

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  • Teens: What's cookin'? + Random questions?

    What are you going to/did you have for dinner?

    I had an artichoke with ketchup with water :) I might have somethin else to but I eat small proportions of food and spread them out.

    BQ: Do you consider what you eat to be healthy?

    BQ2: What's your go-to late night food? (as in you just got home, it's like 11pm and you're starved, what do you grab?)

    BQ3: Do you eat meals or spread out mini-meals?

    BQ4: Any types of food you don't eat?

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  • Teens: Do you know how to edit pictures? + BQ's?

    I don't mean Instagram, I mean like it actually took you more than 5min to do it, some people know how some people don't but I'm bored so I'm asking this haha...

    BQ: If you do, what site or software do you use?

    BQ2: How much is to much? (you know when you see those over the top exposed lighting pics)

    Extra: Do you have any random pics you want me to edit?

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