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  • Landlord has external security lights tied to my electrical breakers. I'm paying $200+/mth PG&E for 830sq ft twnhs for 3 yrs. What do I do?

    I ve lived in a townhouses for about 3 yrs now and Its just come to my attention that my landlord has the exterior security lights (3 sets of 2 flood lights) tied into my electrical breaker. We ve always paid a hefty PG$E bill but, haven t really made a big deal about it. Anyway, after this epiphany I emailed and asked my landlord wtf? his reply was that he s known about it since they purchased the bld in 2012 and that we have lower rent than the other 2 identical units by nearly $200 to make up for our electric bill being HUGE However it s the law here to fully disclose things of this nature in writting at the signing of the original lease.. I ve been on forums and emailed with a lady from the contra costa county tenant rights clinic, she verified that this is illegal and urged me try to stay out of small claims and reach an agreement for reimbursement, but it my landlord doesn t give a hoot!

    And now they ve sold the building and it is in escrow...

    SO my question now with this info is...

    Who should I seek out for legal recourse? And is the fact that they are no longer the property s owners will that mean they no longer have to legal responsibility to reimburse me and my husband?? Any help is appreciated!

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  • If I want to free up storage on my iPhone 5...?

    Note: I am technologically challenged btw. My husband is the one who knows all the newest techno terms and how it all works, not me. So please forgive me now for any confusion caused by my ignorance.

    I have an iPhone 5 and it came with 16GB of storage on the device. My iCloud came with 5GB free space and it's not even full yet. I have 2.3 GB space avail in iCloud. I only have my iPhone & iPad linked to my account. Less devices less data stored? BUT!! My phone won't let me take anymore video or photos. It just says "manage storage" So now realizing that I finally understand the difference between my devices storage and my iCloud, is it a bad idea to just delete all my photos from the camera roll on my iPhone? They should be stored in my iCloud as I have it set in my backup's to do so, right?? My photos take up a huge amount of space on my phone. However these are pics of my children, family, birthdays, everything!! I would die if I lost them by stupidly erasing them from the device just to "manage storage" I want to know what you think? Good idea? Or bad??

    I can always back up on my PC but I need my husband to do this for me bc I'm completely inept. And he always puts my requests off for a long time and I can't wait anymore. I need my storage space freed up so I can take pics and download newest version of iOS. Please help me to understand. Thanks!

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  • What can I do legally if my boss is taking tips that customers leave me, and keeps them for herself?

    I work at a very small restaurant that's been family owned for 40 yrs! Nowadays the daughter and son own the business but they still do things just like their parents back in the 70's. (Regardless of any changes in the laws). My main complaint is the issue with the "take out" tip sharing. The take outs are done by both the servers and the bosses/owners and my female boss even takes serving shifts to cut down on wages.

    The other night I was all alone for the first 2 hours of my shift, taking tables and take out orders. I got a $25 tip + a few other small ones for take out orders? These orders are entered in the comp on a separate user ID so the sales are completely separate from my own personal sales. At the end of the night I gave her my paperwork and got my tips from all the "in dining" tables I served but she never gave me the tips I earned on my own from the take outs. She does this all the time. One time she kept a $40 tip I received, again on my own for a take out, on Xmas eve.

    Is this legal? I have worked here for almost 2 yrs and this has been going on the whole time. I want to know if there's anything I can do to get the money I've earned that they have kept for themselves back. I would have no evidence of these tips since I am forced to use a separate user ID for all take outs. But can I report their illegal actions and have them audited to keep them from doing this to others??

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