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  • i need help with skyrim?

    here are the skills i think are best for how i play:

    conjuration: i think being able to summon assistance, even weak skeletons/etc, can be extremely helpful when fighting enemies. summoned being can distract and harass enemies and simultaneously allow me to deal and avoid taking damage.

    destruction: taking advantage of elemental weaknesses of certain enemies is important. also, its nice to have an alternate attack form when someone's blocking or a short range away.

    restoration: i hate depending on gimmicky race/standing stone abilities and potions. being able to heal in a manner that does not deplete items or once-a-day abilities is important to me.

    sneak: being able to operate undetected is important. you can steal things, evade superior enemies, and make use of the sneak attack bonus.

    archery: having the ability to do damage at long range is incredibly useful, especially when the enemy is unable to reciprocate the attack, and when an enemy is preoccupied with an ally. also, its fun.

    one handed: sooner or later youre going to have to hit enemies with sharp things. i like one handed because it keeps my other hand free for a shield or a spell. its a practical skill that is arguably irreplaceable.

    heavy armor: helps nullify some of the damage i take.

    what race should i choose? what guilds should i focus on? what standing stone is preferable? im just looking for general gameplay tips involving my character build/possible revisions to what i said i like the most skill-wise. thanks

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  • Why can't my Xbox connect to Xbox Live?

    i've had an xbox 360 for a few years now, and i've always been able to connect to the internet and live using an ethernet cable. however, recently, i've been unable to. its very frustrating because i can't figure out what changed with anything. when i go to system settings-->network settings--> wired connection, i just get a pointless pop up message saying "to use a wired internet connection, make sure an ethernet cable is connected to both your console and your router or modem."

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Why did Islam displace Christianity in the Middle East?

    Not a school question; I'm honestly curious about this. In the period after Muhammad's death around 630 CE. Islam exploded outward and soon became the dominant religion from northwest Africa to Indonesia. Why? Why was Muhammad's religion so vastly preferable to Jesus'?

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  • Your top Megadeth songs?

    For me, Megadeth is an unusual band. I feel like their best songs (Hangar 18, Peace Sells, Rust in Peace, Trust, etc) are really, really great. But there's a huge gap between their average or bad songs and the best songs. I simply can't listen to Wake Up Dead, for instance.

    Opinions are welcome.

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  • What are your top horror films?

    Movies like The Shining or The Ring. None of that gore crap like Freddy and Jason and that stuff. Good, intelligent, psychological thrillers.

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  • What happened to South Park?

    Seriously, episodes with Cthulhu push it just a little bit. I mean, really.

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  • Mass Effect 2 general questions?

    i recently got the game, and it's really fun. i feel like im dont understand the fundamentals of the game, though. Im experienced with fps and rpg games.

    for example, how does the class system work? i'm a soldier, playing on the hardcore difficulty. im good at pure gunfighting due to other games like gears of war and call of duty. I don't ever really know who to pick for my squad, how to get better armor/guns, and what strategies to use against different enemies. what powers/classes/squad members are good against shields, armor, and/or barriers?

    just answer what you know.

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  • All of a sudden, my internet connection is really slow?

    I have a MacBook. I don't understand this and its really starting to bug me

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  • How can I start playing Minecraft?

    I went to the website, downloaded the free version, got it properly installed under "applications" (I'm on a Mac), and created a username. But when I try to play it, it tells me "User not premium: play online once to unlock offline." I don't understand how, or what, this means.

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  • What's your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)?

    It's for a class. I have to take a survey, and i need to cite a survey that i made (or else i would just make up the data). Be honest?

    I've got one point already. My own.

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  • Best books written since 1950?

    Now time to put a few restrictions up. No romance novels, and no, i don't live under a rock, so i've read Harry Potter. Try to avoid historical fiction as i find it boring. My favorite genres are science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Also, im not a big fan of "teen" novels unless theyre really extraordinary (and by "teen novels" i mean books that are about a teenager struggling with adolescence).

    Try to include a 1-2 explanation of the book/why it's good.

    My favorite novel(s) are the His Dark Materials trilogy (the golden compass, subtle knife, amber spyglass).

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  • Compare and contrast Thomas Hobbes and John Locke?

    in terms of their beliefs (social, political, economic, religious, intellectual)

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  • Top 10 Science Fiction novels?

    no older than ~1960

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  • I feel very stuck, in terms of finding good music?

    And boy, do I! There are three bands that really move me and I love: Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Pink Floyd. And I've been trying to find more bands that I really love, with little success. Bands that I sort of like are all the other thrash bands (Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, Flotsam and Jetsam), other metal bands such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, and Van Halen. Rock bands that I like are The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Crosby Stills Nash (with/without Young), The Grateful Dead, and The Eagles. I like a few alternative bands like grungy ones (Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, etc) and others like Queens of the Stone Age. I like Primus too.

    I hate rap, pop, and r&b. I have yet to find a nu-metal, death metal, or black metal band that I like, and I've listened to all the biggest names there too. Other than that I'm pretty open, but i don't really like bland or love-related lyrics often.

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  • Precalculus/ Trig question?

    Verify [(1+cos x)/(sin x)] + [(sin x)/(1+cos x)] =2csc x

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  • Why do so many people dislike Black Ops?

    I personally like it more than MW2. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything if you disagree, so don't get all pissed off. But the way i see it, MW2's biggest flaw was that it was way too easy to kill someone. Pretty much everything was incredibly powerful. Don't believe me? Play a few games of MW2, then play a few games of COD4. The difference is huge. You just couldn't kill someone nearly as easily in COD4.

    While MW2 was great in a lot of ways, i think Black Ops is also great. The graphics and movement are fine, i don't see the issue there. But more importantly, the guns are all balanced. No longer can you have that 13 year old kid with the Barrett camping in the house on Estate blasting the other team left and right using sleight of hand pro and thermal.

    Lastly, I'm not a player who criticizes something just because I'm bad at it. My k/d in MW2 is 1.75 and my k/d in Black Ops is over 2.

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  • What is the best song featuring piano as opposed to the more conventional guitar?

    Not counting classical. My opinion would have to be "Nobody Home" by Pink Floyd.

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  • Isn't this where...we came in?


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  • What should i do about a particularly difficult class?

    I am a very bright student with a good work ethic. Im currently in all honors and one AP class. The only subject i have trouble with is honors chemistry. its not because im incapable of grasping the material. Its just that i have no interest whatsoever in science, and as a result, i find practicing and doing homework tedious and boring. The only reason im taking the class in the first place is because i want to look good for colleges. However, i'm constantly thinking and worrying about this class. Do you think i should drop down or stick it out for the year?

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