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  • Saturn Sc1 no power, no crank or start?

    I have a 97 Saturn sc1. I was in an accident last week and was able to drive the car after the accident in order to pull over to the shoulder. However after the accident I was unable to start it and it towed to a mechanic. The mechanic told me it was something electrical, but I decided not to get it fixed because I m sick of putting money into it.. So until I m able to get rid of it, I have it sitting at my house. My question though is while following the tow truck driver from the mechanic to my house, I noticed the turn signal come back on again. The car was bouncing up and down on the truck and I could see the light start flashing and then after another bump, go off. I just replaced the battery and positive terminal connector about a month ago. Also I had a fuse replaced, I forget which one but it looked like a small square block and was gray. Any idea what could be causing intermittent power issues?

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  • Is my car worth getting fixed?

    I have 97 Saturn Sc1 with 150k miles on it. I've put close to $4000 in getting it repaired over the last 5 years. After the car was repaired, I've used to it to go back and forth from school and work and it's been pretty reliable. However, a few days ago I was in a 4 car accident in which one car hit another car, which hit my car, which caused my car to hit someone in front of me. Despite how serious it sounds, it wasnt that bad of an accident. I was able to drive the car off the hwy onto the shoulder. Initially I thought I would be able to drive it home from the accident, but after exchanging info with the other drivers, my car wouldn't start up. I had to have it towed from the scene to my mechanic. The insurance of The very last car who caused the accident accepted liability and after sending an agent over estimated the damages at $1300. At this point my mechanic says it not really worth fixing. I would really like to buy a new car, but I'm not sure if I should accept the money, get it fixed and then try to sell car. Or keep the money and use it for a down payment towards something else and perhaps see if someone will buy the car for parts or something

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  • Having no real friends?

    Ever since I graduated high school, I have had the hardest time making real friends. I can easily make acquaintances with classmates, co-workers, etc. But once class or work is over, I'm back to being alone. I had many friends in high school, I played and excelled at sports, and generally got along with everybody. In college though, it seems like all people want to do is drink, smoke, and party. All of which I'm not interested in.

    I had a facebook throughout HS and a little bit in college. Every year though it seemed like i would talk to less and less people until eventually I talked to no one. I felt pathetic that I would actually let myself become sad and upset because I only got a like or 2 on a post. I didn't want to let myself be judged by a like button or something, so I just deactivated facebook cold turkey. I've been off for almost a year now, and while Im happier in one way, I'm beginning to miss it. I feel like I threw away the best shot at either making new friends or getting in touch with old ones. I don't know if i should reactivate my account and possibly fall back to the old way I used to feel about it.

    I don't get why I have such a hard time making friends. I don't think I'm weird, I have likeable and common interests (video games, sports, cars, etc). I have tried initiating contact with others, you know by exchanging phone numbers or getting together. Still, it's like the only people I meet either want to drink and party or are too busy with their own life

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  • Frequently urinating?

    I have been dealing with this problems for a couple of months now and it seems to be an on and off condition. Some days it is really bad for me, where I am peeing 3,4,5 times an hour. Other days it is completely normal. I have cut back if not completely left a lot a lot of the food and drinks I used to like. I don't drink that much caffeine except maybe 2x a week from a soda or tea.

    I stopped drinking coffee completely. I don't eat that much fruit but I do take vitamins amd ginseng and love to drink orange, pomegranate, and other types of juice. My breakfast is usually some form of hot cereal (grits, oatmeal, cream of wheat, and turkey bacon). I have been to the doctor twice, and they ordered a blood and urine test and everything came back normal. My kidneys, bladder, thyroid, and whatever else was normal and he said I don't have diabetes or anything.

    However, none of the measure that I have taken seem to be working. Lately, the urge to pee comes very suddenly and if I hold it until after my class is over for example, then after 15min it start 'pumping' for the lack of a better word on my pants. It is not a stream, but more like a half second shot of urine that comes out. I'm not over weight, and while I'm not as active as I should be I do try and get in the treadmill when I can. I don't know what is wrong, I have to keep using the bathroom at work, in class, at home, it is really annoying. I'm 21, 5'11, and weigh 175ish if that matters.

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  • Ideas for science project?

    I need some ideas for a science project. It needs to be something that I can use a hypothesis on and that I can test and compare the data. For example,will different fertilizer affect plant growth or will a certain light color make one plant grow faster than another. I'm trying to think

    of something outside the box, not do difficult but also not something others would choose.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • camshaft or crankshaft sensor?

    I have a 06 Nissan altima 2.5SE. For the last few weeks it has taken me more than one try in order to start my car. The last few days it has taken at least 3 tries now. I've been looking up the symptoms and apparently altimas have a lot of issue with the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. It is usually easier to start my car in the morning but if I start it up after having it sit for an hours or two, thats when it is harder to start.

    The problem is very intermittent though, sometimes it does this, other times it is normal. When the hard start occurs and the engine finally does turn over, it sounds/feels like a lawnmower than hasn't been used in a while. My question is, which of the sensors should I be replacing? I've read about 20 other forums and people seem to vary between replacing the crankshaft sensor or the camshaft and it is confusing me. I just purchased the crankshaft sensor, but it is a lot more difficult to replace than the Camshaft. Which of these would be best to replace for intermittent hard starting.

    Also the check engine light is not on, and I really don't want to have to take it to a mechanic. I've been getting ripped off and overcharged too long

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  • what degree would I need to be an IT administrator?

    I'm at a community college and im trying to decide what degree would be best to become an IT administrator. The obvious choice would be computer science, but I have been having a lot of trouble with the programming courses and would like to move to something with less programming and more hands on computer work. I've been to a few counselors but they are no help. There are 2 schools that I'm considering transferring to and the only degree that they have that are related to IT are; Computer science with an option in Computer Info Science and Business Administration with an option in IT. The problem with both of those degrees is that the description for them say that they are geared more for business. And even the counselors I went to said that it wouldn't be for someone with my job aspiration.

  • c++ programming game help?

    I'm making a hangman game for a school project but I am having some trouble with part of my code. I'm trying to figure out how can I make the console stay on the same line after asking for a letter. For example, rather than saying

    Please enter letter.

    Please enter letter

    Please enter letter


    How can I get it to repeat on the same line?

    Also what would be the best way to have all wrong guess read into an array

    and then outputed on the bottom. I have a char array named usedLetter[26]

    with an if statement for wrong guesses.

    if (!rightAnswer){

    display[i] = word[i];

    cout << "That Letter is not in the Word. ";


    What would be the proper way to have the guess read into the array

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  • leaking coolant from somewhere?

    So I have a 97 Saturn sc1. It started overheating last week in the freeway and when I stopped at a gas station I saw coolant leaking from underneath. The weird thing is, the coolant reservoir was still full. I managed to make it home and when I looked underneath the car I couldn't pinpoint the leak. I looked up the symptom. I found that it could be a bad hose, a bad thermostat, clog in radiator, or air in it. So I fixed every one of those myself. I flush coolant, rinsed it out with water, changed a hose that was damaged and bought a new thermostat. This is where my problem is though, every time I put the coolant it it start leaking from where the t.stat is connect at. I took it off and reposition it and tightened the bolts but it is still leaking. The o-ring is on and it is the same make and model as the old one but it just keeps leaking. The only difference between the two is that the old has some sort of glue/sealant around and the new doesn't. However everywhere online that I've seen says that you shoudnt have to put sealant in new t.stat and if you do it could contaminate it. I really don't want to have to take it in because I can't afford to and i would appreciate any help I can get. I can upload pics or video if requested. Also is it possible the leak is coming from other side of the t.stat connection, like there could be a hole or crack on it?

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  • Engine overheating, loosing coolant?

    OK so I have a 97 Saturn sc1 and yesterday I took a 30 min drive on highway to go somewhere. I had my ac on and while I was driving I noticed my temperature gauge was nearly in the red. So I stopped at a gas station, let it cool down and put some antifreeze in it. What is confusing to me though is that I can see a puddle of coolant on the ground, but the coolant reservoir is nearly full. I'm almost certain that I have a leak somewhere because of the puddle underneath car, but is it possible to have a leak but not have the coolant tank lose coolant? Also when I got home, I checked all of my hoses both inside the engine and underneath the car but I can't pinpoint where the leak is. Underneath the car there is a lot of green, red, and rustly looking fluid as if someone sprayed the undercarriage of my car, but I don't see any where its coming from. I really don't want to take it in to a shop because I'm tired of being ripped off, so any advice on a technique I can use to pinpoint the cause of the leak or see where it is coming from?

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  • Girl in my class?

    Salam. There is a girl in my class whom ever since I saw, I can't stop thinking about. I've only talked to her once on the first day of class, and that was just because she asked me a question, but since then I can't get my mind off of her. I know that it is Haram to date, have gf and whatnot, but is it permissible Islamically just to maybe talk to her and get to know her. I feel like I am too young to get married, and am only in my second year in college, but I don't think I've ever felt this way about someone before.

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  • Building a hackintosh?

    I'm the process of building a hackintosh. I already have a pc built that has windows 7 already installed. My question is, can I use an old Macbook Hard drive that has mac os installed already, and sort of use that as a second HDD to dual boot? The guides I'm reading are confusing but so far I already installed Multibeast on macbook HDD. When I put that into my pc and booted from it I got to the apple logo but it was just stuck there. Any suggestion or guides would be helpful. Thanks

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  • What could cause a rattling sound in a car?

    I have a 1997 Saturn SC1. The right front wheel bearing went out a few months ago and I replaced it myself, and it was driving fine since. I few weeks ago though, I heard a lot of noise coming from the front drivers side wheel and I thought it might be the wheel bearing again, so i replaced that as well. Since I've replaced however, I have been hearing a lot of rattling noise coming from the front wheels, and it sounds like its on the left side. It sounds like the wheel is loose or something is rattling but I have checked and double checked and everything is bolted on tight. On the freeway the the car almost feels like it drifts by itself a little to the left or right. I know I should take it in to the mechanic, but I'm trying to see if it something fix I can fix myself. Because every time I take it in, I feel like I'm getting ripped off. It seems like it is always a $250 dollar + repair job and the same thing that I got fixed always seems to break a few months later. So any ideas of what it could, or do I need to just take it in?

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  • Should I change my major from Computer Science?

    I'm majoring in Computer Science, but I'm beginning to feel that it is not what I thought it was going to be. I'm a sophomore and I don't feel like my knowledge of programming is really better than it was a year ago. The classes I take are ridiculously long, over 3 hours and all the teacher does is talk and teach out of the book. There is nothing interesting or motivating me, and I seriously struggle just to keep my eyes open in class. It is not that I don't like CS but I just don't feel like I'm learning anything. I'm struggling on the homework, and have missed a couple assignments because I'm completely lost.

    The teacher is nice, but I feel like he is terrible at communicating and explaining the concept, and the book he has is horrid, it has bad reviews on a lot of different sites.. ( A lot of people say that CS is an either you get it, or you don't get sort of major. Should I stick with it, and just change teachers and hopefully get a better book next semester. Or try and find another major that is computer related?

  • Job application help?

    I am applying for a job for the County in which i live in. It is for a student worker/Internship program position. On the application though, it gives for option for me to write the type of work desired, but I am not really sure what to put down. I'm a Computer Science major and on the application it says it is encouraged to apply for an area relating to your degree.But I am really in need of a job, and don't care exactly what I am placed. So any tips on what to put down, or would just putting down "Open for any position" work.

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  • What are some good part time jobs for college students?

    I'm looking for a job but am having a difficult time finding one. I am trying to find a job that allows me to work around my class schedule. I know I can't be picky but I am trying to find something other than retail work or in customer service. I really want a job that relates to my major, something to do in computer science. That or something like warehouse work or as a delivery driver or something. The problem I have is that most of the jobs I find that are part time, interfere with my class schedule. Anything with like morning shift or late after-noon shift would be perfect. Any suggestions?

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  • Challenge for atheist and non-Muslims?

    Since it is Ramadan in Islam, I have been reading a lot more of the Qur'an while also spending more time on R&S. I've notice that while reading the Qur'an, a lot of the questions that I see posed on here have been answered in one way or another with a Verse from the Qur'an or an authentic saying of the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). I've also noticed how if the Qur'an or Hadith does not directly answer the question, it at least tells us about how people before time used to ask those very same questions. So I'd like to 'challenge' you to ask questions (legitimate ones about Religion) such as why we are here, or about Heaven and Hell, and then I will try and post a Verse or Hadith relating to it.

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