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  • Database Password Protection for Linux Server?


    I have a website running in Linux server. My database are hacked by someone and changed the data in it.... Like to protect database better than the previous time.... Please help me with the best methods.

    1 AnswerSecurity10 years ago
  • PC to Phone Calls in India for customers?

    I want to know about any services which give PC to phone call facility via internet, where caller no need to bare any money and further installations but just a click can drive the call........

    Even in the businesses they can afford money to receive the calls........

    2 AnswersLand Phones1 decade ago
  • How to remove security tool virus from system?

    Virus problem in my system , "security Tool" is the name of it.

    Tryig to get resolved....anybody hav any suggestion regarding it..

    6 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago