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  • How to compress a video file without losing my voice over?

    I'm currently using msi afterburner to record some gaming videos. My average videos are 45 minutes long and the file size is about 40gigs. I have it set up so the program records my mic and game audio at the same time. The problem is when I try to compress it using something like windows movie maker I lose my voice over for some reason and the file isn't small enough still. Any tips?

    1 AnswerSoftware7 years ago
  • How to stop my clippers from shorting out my outlets?

    I have these clippers, oster brand, and every time I plug them in an outlet to use them they short out after mere seconds. Says on the clippers they are 115 V. 60 Hz..3 amps ac only. Is there a way I can stop this from happening? Like just plug it in through a power strip or some chord adapter?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Dog is pain. Yelps when touched and randomly on his own.?

    My shi-tzu has been acting strange today. he is over 12 years old and im thinking he might either have arthritis or bladder stones but need an expert opinion. I plan on taking him to the vet in the morning but need a solution and an answer in the mean time. If i pick him up or try to move him he will yelp and cry. He doesnt want to stay still, he keeps walking back and forth. Every now and then he will sit still but then continue pacing. He eventually gets tired and lays down but then he will yelp randomly out of no where. He is obviously in pain but dont know where. is there any thing i can do to help him till morning? any sort of medicine? dont think i have any dog medicine at the moment.

    4 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Are triumph daytonas good bikes?

    Thinking about getting a sports bike and was wondering if they are as reliable as the other brands.

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  • Need advice on new motorcycle.?

    I ride a yamaha star 650 and have had it for more than a year. I am a bike fanatic and love all bikes for different reasons. Can't decide which one to get.

    Triumph bonneville- love the classic cafe racer style.

    Triumph thunder bird- might want a cruiser with more power and a better sound than my v star.

    Ducati sport classic gt 1000- again I love the classic look, better performance than the bonneville but a bit more expensive. Worried about maintenance on them as well.

    And last is a Honda 1000rr- one of my favorite sports bikes aside from the Hayabusa and zx 14 but I'm not gunna bother with those ones yet.

    So those are what I have in mind. If someone can give me advice on what to get and why it be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersMotorcycles8 years ago
  • Why am i never sad?

    The thing is i have every reason to be sad, but im not. I dont see any problem with me never being sad, obviously, but its a question i need answered. Was walking my dog the other day and talking to my friend meeshell (michelle) and i was telling her about how my aunt got her legs and arms chopped of during surgery. Then she asked me why i am never sad or effected by anything. I couldnt answer her question and i cant think of a logical reason why i am not when in my past history gives me every reason to be. Past histroy being violent father, beatings, shot my mother in front of me, death in the family consistantly blah blah blah.

    17 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago