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  • Military People?

    My ex has left for Kuwait, before leaving he messaged me after not speaking for over a year and asked if I would write to him if he wrote me.

    My question is, does having someone at home to write to help? I'm just trying to understand why he would want to write me. Thanks

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  • Empty Nest Syndrome when my child leaves..?

    I have one son and he and I are very close. We spend a lot of time together and even though he is 18 he actually likes hanging out with me. He is my only child and his dad and I divorced 4 years ago. Once my son leaves for college his Aug. I lived here because my ex husband wanted to be near his family. So I am not really close to mine any longer since I have been away for 22 years now. I do have my friends. Can anyone else who has experienced their only child leaving give me any advice? He will be going to school three states away and I am worried that I will fall into depression of missing him. Thank you

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  • Why do exes come back?? Help me understand.?

    My ex and I dated for 6 mths then all of the sudden he said he wasn't ready and ended the relationship. He said he thought I was beautiful that is wants me it was him. When he ended it he swore he would never contact me again. I cried, begged, texted wanting some kinds understanding. No response. Its been over a year and out of the blue sat night he text me "hello, how are you" wanted to see me again.

    WHY??? why would a guy that hurt and just disappeared out of my life like I was nothing want to hang out again.

    He isn't a child he is 40 and I am 37. Can anyone help me understand this. Thanks

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  • Why is my ex contacting me after 2mths?

    In November my ex ended things without really any explanation. No response to text just kinda disappeared. Popped up in January like nothing happened and wanted to hang out I did and was confused. Then a day later the says he doesn't think he is ready for a relationship due to baggage from this previous relationship. So i say fine good luck. Now, 2mths have gone by and he contacts me again asks how im doing. Makes reference to times we had together. I just ignore all of those and change the subject. He did break my heart.. and im finally to where I dont hurt anymore.

    I dont understand why he is contacting me trying to flirt with me bringing up memories and acting like thats normal. He lives 2 hours away and today he text and asked what was the name of the pizza place we ate here where I live. Does he want me to think he is in town, meeting someone, or trying to make me jealous??

    This is aggravating.. I really just want to tell him not to text me anymore.

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  • Why does my ex compliment me and seem determined to end on good terms?

    My ex broke up with me because he said he had baggage from his previous relationship and wasn't ready for a relationship. He compliments me telling me "i'm beautiful, I have a lot to offer, he just wasn't ready to meet someone like me, he enjoys hanging out with me". Yet he is on a dating site with a status saying "looking for a relationship".

    I confront him about it because even though he ended it he still wants me to call him and hang out with him so it confuses me. Then he says "it was nice knowing you, you will be a great catch for someone, you beautiful".

    So OK it ends not more communication, a few days later I open a profile, he writes me on the site and says "you sure are sexy" and tries to make small talk. I don't really say much because I don't care anymore, but what the hell does he want? Why is it so important to end on good terms for him. He ended it, I don't contact its a lesson learned and I'm moving on.

    I am 35 and still do not get guys! ha

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  • I feel like I should try and move on because my ex is.. Is that a good choice?

    All my friends tell me to start dating and keep my mind off my broken heart. I don't know if I am ready, but I know he is and it kills me to think we meant nothing. Is moving on really the best answer? Its only been a few weeks and we where together almost 2 yrs.

    How can he move on, and still tell me he loves me and calls to check on me when he is talking to other girls.

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  • How to react when your gonna see an ex again?

    How do I not let it show that I still hurt I am moving forward but its only been 3 weeks and I havent seen him. I want it to show him I am ok without him even though he tried to hurt me and that I don't hate him accept it and Im moving on. We were together a yr and a half and lived together the last 8mths of it.

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  • Guys please help.. But girls can too.?

    My ex boyfriend lives in another state and its his choice that we aren't together because I live 2 hours away and he doesn't want a long distance relationship. So I leave him alone ignore his text and call for almost 2 weeks and he freaks out, and calls back to back yesterday even tries from his moms phone. Beggs me to just talk to him for 5 mins, and text and ask if I'm really not gonna talk to him agian. So I turn my phone off and about a hour later he calls again over and over.

    Anyways I asks whats the problem I leaving him alone, because being his friend hurts to much.

    The problem is he wants to keep in touch. I ignore him and he tries harder, he says he misses me being that we had lived together before the break up.

    Why wont he just leave me alone if he doesnt want a relationship.. He insist that he keep in touch because im his best friend and he says he loves me.

    Help plz,,, Its so hard to move on with him being like this. Also, he isn't a kid we are in our 30's..

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  • Why do exes want to keep in contact?

    My ex boyfriend and I broke up and I moved out of state. Well he still insist that we talk, I blocked him on my phone. So he sends me a friends request on Fb and starts messeging me on fb. Then he calls me from his moms phone. I unblock him because there is obviously no point. He calls me 4 times last night.. He says he doesnt' want to be together but that he will never stop talking to me... What gives? Why would an ex do this?

    We dated for over a year and lived together for about 6moths of that before I moved out of state if that helps and we are both in our mid 30's so why would a grown man act like this?

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  • What does it mean when a guy cries over a girl?

    My ex has always been the tuff hard hearted type of guy I would never think he would cry over us. We broke up and I moved out and away.. I haven't talked to him since Sunday, he text Tuesday and I ignored it. Well tonight he called saying he just wanted to talk to me because he is having a bad day.. I ask why.. And he started crying saying because he missed me.

    He is one of those jerk, mean type guys so its weird that he cried..

    Do u think he might realize he loves me?

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  • No contact rule question plz help?

    I know the no contact rule means you quite talking to your ex and ignore them. I haven't talked to him or text him since Sunday. He text me three times told me his missed me on Tuesday through out the day I never replied. How does that work if your ex doesn't contact you, is he trying to do the no contact rule back ... He is very stubborn so i know that would be a reason.

    His mom told me last week that he told her he has never had a girl that made him feel like I do.

    He is verbally and mentally abusive, and I just wish he loved me enough to change. I guess im using the no contact rule to see if he loves me or not and it just hurts. I just wish I knew there was hope or possibility.

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  • Why do some guys ask if sex was good after?

    Even after you have been dating for awhile. Is it insecurity?

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  • Is it true when someone loves u they will chase you?

    I believe when someone loves they will do everything to make it happen. My guy friend says that's a fairy tale.. Help

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  • How do u make someone choose to either let u go or be in a relationship?

    I'm ignore my ex because he doesn't want a long distance relationship (which is only 2 hours away) but he insist in texting and calling.. I ignore them but it hurts. He says he hurts to and misses me and loves me, but still no on the relationship. He Says he just wants to hear my voice because I'm all he thinks about. How do I know if he loves me or just misses me?

    It hurts and I love him but I Can't be his friend. Will the no contact rule make him make a choice?

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  • How does the No Contact Rule Work if your ex keeps texting u?

    I moved to another state and told my ex that either we try a long distance committed relationship or we quit talking all together. Because I wasn't gonna do this I love and miss u thing while he dated other girls. The problem is the texts still telling me he misses me and he hurts but he never said anything about us being a couple again. I haven't text back what should I do? I don't want to respond because he needs to make a choice of moving on or trying with the distance.

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  • Advice plz.... Do guys keep in touch because they hurt after a breakup?

    I moved to be with my bf granted we are not in our 20's we are both in our 30's. I found a job in the town that he lived and moved to be with him. Well we argued as people do but he said hurtful things called me names, said that he didnt want me here and i need to get my own place more then once. So I found a job and im gonna move back home. Now he is sorry.

    I told him I can't be friends after Im gone that I need time because his words hurt and I didn't take them as just saying them because he was mad.

    The problem he wants to keep in contact he said he wont just leave me alone because he loves me and he doesn't want me to leave.

    Why would he say such mean things and now want to keep in touch. He wants me to reasure him we will be friends no matter what and I cant. Why would he do this? it is to continue hurting me?

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  • Should you be friends with your ex after a breakup?

    I moved states to live with my bf, gave up a great job, place, and everything to be with him. Well come to find out before I moved up here he had been quit the man whore. Well for the first 3 months I was here the things he did wrong kept coming up in our relationship which lead us to arguments. During that time he would say he didn't want to be in a relationship with me,we can be friends, but he didnt want to date. So I took his harsh words and applied for jobs back home. Now I received a great job, but since I said I was leaving at the end of the year he has been this great guy. Said he never wanted me to leave, he only said those things because he was mad. But its to late he said mean and hurtful things and I got a job I can't just pass up.

    The issue is I do not think I can be his friend and talk to him daily like we are ok. I asked him to give me time when I get there and to just leave me alone he said that won't happen. How can I put it nicely that I need time to deal with it and get over us. And I don't see how he can want to be friends and wants me to come see him after he had me there and throw us away? What should I do

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  • How can I move on advice please?

    I moved to another state to be with my bf I gave up everything for him. Well the things he did before I moved in caused problems in our relationsip and alot of arguing. Over the past 3 mths he when we argued he would say he doens't want to be in a relationship and that we can be roommates.(yet he kept track of me at all times)

    I took that an ran with it and applied for jobs in the state I moved from. Well I recieved a job offer and will be moving within the next week and a half.

    Now that he knows I am leaving he has been this perfect guy. He is affectionate and said he never thought I would leave. But its to late I took the job because of the harsh things he said and called me.

    I am having a hard time with it even though I know its for the best. But why now is he the way he should have been and doesn't want me gone. Why go people do this? He is making it harder on me and sadder. I know when I move he will call and say he misses me and loves me but why couldnt he do that while I was here. Sorry this just hurts and angers me towards him.

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