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  • Renal cancer how long does it take?

    I am now a wreck!!! In 2004, I had a CT scan and they found a cyst on my right kidney. I went to a urologist and was told that he would keep watching it. He did 2 more CT scans, the size stayed the same but the lining got thicker. I ended up pregnant 2 years ago and was suppose to go back for another CT but I lost my job and insurance. So today I was at the ER for gullbladder issues. They gave me a CT and ultrasound and the radiologist said that the cyst might be potencial cancer. Would it take 6 years or more for a cancer to come out?? My urologist 2 years ago said that he didnt think it was but to be sure they would have to do a biopsy. I wouldnt do it. So I am sitting here a wreck because I think that I now have renal cancer. The cyst is big it is 5cm large. Does anyone have any advise for me? Now that I read the symptoms of the cancer I am almost wondering if it is. I have a pain on my right side that wont go away. It sometimes go in my shoulder blades and I am sick to my stomache with a little pain in the middle of my stomache. I do need my gullbladder removed as well. So long story short do you think that it could take all these years for cancer to come out?? Thanks for your input.

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  • 2 pea size lumps that hurt?

    I am a little scared right now. I was wondering if anyone could help me feel better untill tomorrow. I was on vacation this weekend with my family and my left breast started hurting. I ended up discovering 2 small pea size lumps that hurt even if I am not touching them. It is not on the outside by the armpit. It is located by the middle of the chest where the brest and the chest meet, sort of, but it is on the breast. There is no signs of anything, redness or anything like that. Has anyone had this or even know what this might sound like. I am 36 years old and no cancer in our family. Thanks for the help, just scared I guess.

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  • Do you think she is to young?

    My daughter will be 10 in a couple of days and is bugging me about haing curly hair. Do you think that she is to young for a body wave? I bought her some "As seen on TV" curlers but they dont work. I just wanted other mothers opinion. Thanks

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  • Does this sound like allergy symptoms?

    I would like to know if having dry eyes that kind of burn is a part of having allergy's? Also is it possible to have so much post nasal drip that it causes bronchitis? I am asking this because I have been sick with bronchitis and laringitis for over 2 weeks. I have been on 2 different antibiotics and they are not working for me. I notice that when I go outside the sun hurts my eyes and they are a dry burning feeling. I have had lots of clear white nasal discharge (sorry to be so graphic) as well. Any input would be appreciated. I have never had allergy's before so I am not sure of the symptoms. Thank you

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  • 9 year old with fever?

    I have a 9 year old and yesterday she was complaining of a headache and all day today she has been not feeling good. I took her temp and it is 102.3. She also complains of feeling dizzy and not being able to walk a sraight line. At what temperature are you suppose to bring them in? Thanks

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  • whole milk question ?

    My sons 1st birthday is tomorrow, what is the recomended amount of whole milk that he should drink a day in oz or cups? Also i for the life of me cannot get him of the bottle is it ok to give it in the bottle? Thanks for the help

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  • Finding a home ???? ?

    I unfortunatly got layed off my job 3 months ago and I am unable to keeo my 23 year old TB mare anymore. I have done everything I could to go with out so I could keep her but I cant do it anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions of groups or people that I might call. I have asked around and no one can help me. This mare needs to go to a good home, she is wonderful. She is actaully my 9 year olds horse. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful because I dont know what to do anymore.


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  • Home for my horse....?

    I have been looking for 2 months now. I was layed off 3 months ago and I am having a hard time finding a job. I cannot make ends meet with a $300 boarding fee. I have been asking everyone and calling places I would like to know if any of you would know where I can go or what I should do, this horse deserves the best home. This is my 9 year olds daughters horse and I am very sad about this but I can no longer do it. This horse is the BEST horse that we have ever had for my children. If anyone could give me any suggestions I would be greatful.

    23 yr old TB


    kind eye VERY FRIENDLY

    Packs kids and adults around

    If you have any questions on her please feel free to ask me.

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  • I put this in womens health but no responce!!!?

    Sorry if there is just way to much info to this.

    I had a baby 6 months ago. My periods were regular and then I was put on the pill Prednisone for bronchitis. Anyway that was last month. I had 2 periods last month.

    So I am now having these very mild cramps in the lower abdomen and I have a very clear watery discharge. My question to you is is this a sign of ovulation or what is the watery discharge from??

    Thanks for the help.

    34 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer.

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    33 minutes ago

    Let be more specific, it is clear watery discharge.

    Report It

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  • Can you help??

    Sorry if there is just way to much info to this.

    I had a baby 6 months ago. My periods were regular and then I was put on the pill Prednisone for bronchitis. Anyway that was last month. I had 2 periods last month.

    So I am now having these very mild cramps in the lower abdomen and I have a very clear watery discharge. My question to you is is this a sign of ovulation or what is the watery discharge from??

    Thanks for the help.

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  • I am confussed about what this is???

    I have a 6 month old and my period has been regular. I ended up being on the prednisone pill for 5 days because of bronchitis. This pill causes your period to be wierd. Anyway I had 2 period in April and it lasted till the 1st of May then on May 21 (i think) I started again untill the 24th.

    So really my question is that I have a LOT of watery looking discharge. So today is day 12 is this a sign of ovulation? I am just confussed and would like to get my cylces back to normal!!!

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Discharge???

    White creamy discharge?? Is this meaning ovulation or period??


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  • Question yesterday??

    I went back in to the questions that I answered and I cannot find it!! I believe it was a guy and he posted an abortion website on here. It showed pictures of a 11 week old being aborted. Does anyone know what this site is or do you remember what the link was?

    I only want this because one of my male friends girlfriends is pregnant and wants an abortion. He would like to show her this site so that she will change her mind.


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  • Staph Infection?

    I wanted to know if someone has a Staph infection in there blood if it is contagious?

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  • I hope this is the right category???

    I have a question hoping this is the correct catagory to put this in.

    If someone in the hospital has a staph infection in there blood stream can you catch that as well??

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Pain in upper right side of stomach?

    All of a sudden this morning I am having these pains on the right upper side of my stomach. It is more on the side than the middle. I am also kind of feeling sick to my stomach. The pain is a dull constant pain that doesnt go away. Has anyone heard of this before or can help me figure out what it is?? Thank you

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  • Hodgkins disease?

    I have asked a couple of questions on here about this disease . My aunt has been in the hospital since Sunday. She was put in a coma and on a vent. Her lungs are full of tumors. So my question to you is right now they are doing a blood transfusion? Why and what does this do to help her? Is this a good thing that it is being done? The doctor also said that she is doing a BIT better? This whole things in awful.

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  • Chemo for Hodgkins?

    How fast does chemo start working? When should you start to feel better?

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  • Just need reasurance??

    My family and I are a mess. My aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins her lungs were affected. She was just diagnosed in April. The doctors have been dragging their feet on getting her chemo started. She has been home on oxygen Saturday she was laboring to hard and has been in the hospital. Her lungs are FULL of tumors that there is no room for oxygen. The doctors have decided to put her in a coma and put a breathing tube in. After all this was done the doctors told my family that the next 3 days are critical and touch and go. So she either dies or the chemo works in that 3 days.

    I guess that I just need someone to tell me that they either have gone thru this or a family memeber and they have pulled through. Was their or your lungs affected?

    Please tell me your experience. Thanks for the help.

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  • Im in desperate need of help!!!?

    My TB 23 years old just had x-ray of her right foot. Her diagnosis was 90% Chronic Founder, her coffin bone is sunken in and something about her digital pulse?? I am still learning about horses. Cant you tell if a horse if foundering? Or could this be from the past? I am confused can anyone shed any light?

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