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  • I don't know what 3 lights means on a Circuit & GFI Tester, help.?

    I have this model of A.W Sperry Circuit & GFI Tester (link to picture below), It's the 302A, and I don't know what it means when all three lights light up (obviously there isn't a meaning corresponding to the read out I'm getting). Could it have to do with the fact that I'm testing it on a 240V output whereas the instrument only goes up to a 125V?

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  • Zero vector in subspaces, what is it?

    if V is a vector space and H is a subspace then

    the zero vector of V is in H

    Problem is I don't understand what this means.

    The example in the book is this:

    the vector space P:

    P(t)= A0 + A1*t + A2 * t^2 ... + An * t^n

    where A0...An and t are real numbers

    then the proposed subset, P'

    P(t) = a + t^2

    is not a subset because it does not contain the zero vector

    what is the zero vector? Is it when A0...An = 0

    so when the coefficient a = 0 in P' the set does not = 0, and this is why it is not a subset?

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  • How do I create a preferred connections/networks list on Windows 7?

    If I add a network with a sort of encryption then the computer automatically adds the network to the

    ControlPanel> NetworkAndSharingCenter>ManageWirelessNetworks

    area, where I can tell the computer to automatically connect to the network if in range, or connect to a more preferred, and connect to the network even if it isn't broadcasting

    but unfortunately windows is not adding networks that don't have any encryption to the ManageWirelessNetworks list where I can edit the preferences. Can anyone tell me how to manually add these networks to the list?

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  • How can I get my computer to join a workgroup?

    I am currently having trouble hooking up my toshiba laptop (windows XP sp2) to my other computer (windows XP sp1)

    My vista computer and the computer with sp1 communicate just fine, but for some reason the laptop doesn't want to connect to the network.

    They are on the same

    Default Gateway

    Root ip

    and Subnet Mask

    Windows firewall is off

    I ran the network wizard from a network disk from the computer hosting the network, as well as running the network wizard which originates from the laptop (computer trying to connect)

    it is a wired connection.. though I don't think that matters, as the vista is also and it works just fine

    under the computer name> workgroup

    they all have the same workgroup listed

    for some reason when I go into MyNetworkPlaces>workgroup

    it shows up blank on the laptop (one trying to connect)

    the vista and sp1 work fine

    Help please! Thank you

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  • Flash drive won't open up with folders, some reason it stopped working, help?

    Normally when you put a flash drive into the computer then go to like My Computer > (double click) F:/

    then it should open up with folders

    but when i do double click it, it wants to open it up like an application, it asks: "open with," then lists programs like Adobe photoshop, acrobat reader, MS word, MS powerpoint, etc. How can i fix this. It was working fine 3 days ago, but for some reason it just stopped, the only thing that I can think of which might have changed the drive is that i plugged it into my friends computer, and he has vista OS, it "automatically repaired corrupted files," that is the onlything that really changed it. HELP please I have really important documents on that drive

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  • PS3/360 controller noisy?

    When you move the toggle sticks fast and hard enough does it still click against the plastic ring that holds it together, like the ps2 controller?

    And same question for the 360 controller

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  • Can i reformat a toshiba laptop with a windows xp os from dell?

    when i reformat i want to make sure that i don't mess up the hardware or anything, is it possible to reformat with the windows xp os from dell on a toshiba laptop? I bought the computers at aroundt he same time so there shouldn't be any issues with being old or something

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