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  • question about smart key for my car(mercedes)?

    will the car recognize if there is two keys in the car? for example if i left my key in the car without my husband knowing and he has his own key and locks the door with his key. will the car remain locked eventhough there is an extra key in the car or in the trunk?

    3 AnswersMercedes-Benz1 decade ago
  • do you agree with my husband or not and why?

    im a stay at home mom with a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old. my husband always complains what a mess the house is and i told him if he would clean up after himself maybe the house would be a little cleaner. he changes his clothes like 2-3x a day. His pants, shirts, underclothes(top and bottom) thermal shirts, socks are scattered throughout the house and it annoys the crap out of me. also he never puts the milk,juice, or whatever back in the fridge when hes done getting it. and when he uses the salt, pepper, tabasco sauce, or whatever he just leaves it on the counter/table. so today i asked him if from now on if he could kindly just throw all his clothes in one spot and ill take care of the rest. and when hes done using something to put it back where it came from. its already hard enough to clean and care after my two kids with them getting into everything, and making a mess out of everything. my husbands response is--this is what housewives do, it my job to clean up after him. im not asking him to do the laundry or wash the dishes(which he has never done) just for a little help by him taking care of him.

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  • Front load washer & dryer? any opinion on which one is the best between Bosch, Electrolux, and Kenmore Elite?

    when i compare them all what should i be looking at(size, washes, etc.)?

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  • ??gave a gift to someone and they end up giving it to someone else?

    a few yrs ago i gave an expensive watch to my dad's girlfriend since i broke up with my ex. last weekend i went to visit some relatives and saw my aunt wearing a watch that looked like mine. i wasnt sure if it was mine or if it was a i stayed quiet about it....well last night i talked to my other aunt and she told me that my dad's gf had given my aunt a thousand dollar watch...thats when i found out it was mad bc it was a gift that i gave to her and not for her to give away, and im mad bc everyone thinks "wow shes so nice to gave a thousand dollar watch" as if she bought it herself when it was me that bought it...

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  • just got car out of body shop & there's a new huge scratch on bumper of course they denied it what to do??

    i got my car fixed at this body shop(someone hit my back bumper) i picked my car up today and noticed a huge scratch on my front bumper. looks like someone ran onto a curb or something. i confronted the body shop people and they said the scratches were already there. i know for sure it wasnt. what can i do about this???

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • i HATE my stepmom(his gf of 10+yrs). feel like i dont want to talk to my father again.?

    i HATE the father just had a heart attack & a month later shes kicks him out. she accuses him of cheating. she stays home all day & plays scenarios in her head of my dad cheating since he works 24/7 supporting her and her 4 kids. she tells EVERYONE her & my dads problems. including my friend she ran into on the street.she brings anything fr. call girls(no proof), to going thur my dad underclothes w/ a tweezer. she even had a picture of my dads ex in her wallet & constantly asks me questions about his previous gfs. & shes anorexic b/c my dads ex was skinny. she expect my dad to love her more than me(she told me once shes loves my dad more than her 4 kids) her kids live w/ their father. i recently called my dad & told him how she was telling everyone his business. i didn't tell him exactly what she was saying b/c i didnt know how to it's SO EMBARASSING! he yelled at me and said i should be there for her and help her. how can you help a PSYCHO person?

    3 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • question about my 2 year old legs?

    after doing research and looking at plenty of pictures i dont think she is bow-legged(legs go outward) or have knock knees(legs go inward). she stands straight but her knees bend backwards. does anyone know what this is? is this normal? i never noticed it until my husband pointed it out today. now when he catches her knees bending backwards he'll tap behind her knees and tell her to straighten up.

    3 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • question about trading in my car and down payment?

    lets say i trade in my payed off car for another car. will the dealership let me pocket a portion of that trade in value and let me finance the rest?

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  • what color paint for bathroom walls w/ BLACK granite floors/tub & WHITE cabinets?

    the bathroom has no sunlight. should i go w/light(pale) or dark deep?thinking pale blue/purple/pink i dont want green b/c my master bedroom is a pale brown color and there is no door between my bathroom and bedroom.

    10 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • 21 month doesnt eat much or drink much help please?

    i went to the doctors they did some tests and she is perfectly normal. at her 18month check up she was 31 inches and 19.5 lbs. my husband and i arent that big so im not expecting a big child. im just concerend about her eating habits.

    i know shes too old for a bottle but that is the only way i can get her to drink her milk. i still have to hold her bottle while she lays in my lap. if i give her a sippy cup(nuby, playtex) she'll drink one sip and put it down and go play. and if i let her hold her own bottle she'll hold it and drink a couple of ounces and get bored and stop. ive tried whole milk, choc. milk, strawberry milk b/c i know sometimes shes bored with sticking to one. 1st question i have is when u give ur children a sippy cup of milk do they drink the whole thing all at once? do u buckle them in a chair or are they running around playing & holding their cup drinking? how many cups a day? how many meals a day? how many snacks? & how many hours b/w feedings(milk,meal,snack)

    8 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • potty traning 18 month old who is not talking yet.?

    when i put my daughter on the potty she will go potty. i have to consistently take her to the potty since she's not talking yet. is she not ready to be potty trained bc she cant communicate with me that she needs to go? sometimes if i skip an hour she'll go in her diaper. i tried taking the potty seat everywhere we go in the house bc i thought maybe she would know that when shes needs to go its right there, but that didnt work. she would just would sit on the potty like a toy...any ideas? or just stop and wait for her to start talking?

    3 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • ??? for MEN!! what do u do when a guy looks at your wife in a disrespectful way??

    disrespectful ex. looks up/down, licks lips, staring at constantly

    4 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • can creditors take my only house and car?? live in texas?

    this apartment complex says i own them a little under 10k for rent since i ended the contract 10 months early out of a 1 yr contract. i paid a pet deposit for my dog and the mgmt. gave me problems stating my dog exceeded the weight limit(he's a medium size dog) ive seen an english bulldog, pit bulls, labs,and a great dane in my complex.and every morning i see the manager talk to this old lady that always walks her lab(her dog is bigger than mine) so i dont know why she was constantly picking on me. she sent me a letter stating that she would charge me $100 everyday until the dog was gone. so i packed all my stuff and dropped the keys into the box. im pretty sure she rented the apt out within the 10 months left in my contract and up until then she kept my deposit and i paid for every month that i lived there. my question is can they take my one house and one car. i heard they cant unless you have multiple homes and cars?

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • do you think my husband is overdoing it?

    my husband and i fight alot over him taking care of his OLDER sister. i dont have a problem with him taking care of his mother because shes old and divorced and i feel its his responsibiltiy. with his sister she in her lower 40's and vowed to never be in a relationship again since the passing of her boyfriend many years ago. bc of this i think my husband feels that its his responsibility to step in and take care of her. bc of him she has a new luxury suv, diamonds, designer purses, and if she needed anything else all she needs to do is mention it to him and he'll offer to pay. he says it makes him feel good that he is able to do these things for her. she works for him, and he says that shes a good trusting worker and this is his way of rewarding her by giving her things.she should be lucky that he gave her an opportunity to work that pays well. i think shes old enough to take care of herself. its not like were super duper rich or anything.

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  • dont know what to do with sister in law?

    i think my sisterinlaw is hiding a secret from me. the secret is that my man fathered a child with a girl he cheated on me w/ 4 yrs ago. reason why i think that is bc her phone has the girl's hm,cell # stored and the girl sent his sister a picture of a little child. the girl claimed someone else was the father so i let the past go and now im questioning whats really the truth. i asked his sister straight out if she was covering up for her brother and she denied it and said she would never cover up something like that for him bc she loves and respects me and my children. she said she didnt even know who the girl was. now i know shes a liar. i know she does it b/c she loves her brother but im so sick of both of them(my husband & his sister)together theyre dangerous. i really dont need this in my life especially with just having 2 newborns. with my husband im still trying to figure things out b/c hes an excellent dad, but w/ her i don't know what to do. should i cut her off completely

    4 AnswersFamily1 decade ago