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I'm a Web Designer/Developer who is also a hobbyist programmer, gamer, performance PC enthusiast, and I used to be a computer technician and a fairly wide variety of experience with SME and their operations.

  • Questions regarding duty free/trs purchases?

    I'll be traveling from Australia to NZ then Fiji, then back to NZ and finally returning home to Australia. I'm looking at buying a camera lens (~$700 worth) as well as some duty free booze and a carton of smokes for my mate in NZ. I was also hoping to buy some more booze/smokes when traveling from NZ to Fiji. The smokes and booze likely won't be coming back.

    I was wondering what my limits will be and what happens if i exceed those limits.

    Also are there separate limits when i'm traveling from au > nz and then nz > fiji? or is it one collective limit?

    Thanks I've basically got no idea about how the whole duty free thing works so i'd greatly appreciate if you can shed some light on it =)

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  • How bad is it to drink with Doxycycline?

    I was prescribed Doxycycline 50mg for a pimple the bottle indicates nothing regarding drinking with it, it's pharma time release pellets. Some of the side effects on wikipedia also sound pretty nasty so i've been considering just ditching the capsules and seeing how it goes as.

    I don't really want to drink with them then end up with a nasty case of death that'd kinda suck for a pimple. Also if it's bad to drink when on them is that only within like 2 hours of taking a capsule? or whilst on the medication?

    The pharmacist also suggested a face and cream so i might just go with that instead if it' the Doxycycline is fair nasty.

    Any advice would be appreciated =)

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  • What does the -> operator do in PHP?

    I was looking at an examples on using flashbuilder & mysql and i'm pretty new to php and found the following example, I was wondering what does -> do I haven't encountered it before i'm guessing it's some kind of assignment operator.

    public function getAllEmployees($q) {

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM $this->tablename WHERE first_name LIKE '%$q%' OR last_name LIKE '%$q%' OR email_address LIKE '%$q%'";

    $stmt = mysqli_prepare($this->connection,$sql);




    $rows = array();

    mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt, $row->emp_no, $row->birth_date, $row->first_name, $row->last_name, $row->gender, $row->hire_date, $row->phone_no, $row->email_address, $row->job_title);

    while (mysqli_stmt_fetch($stmt)) {

    $rows[] = $row;

    $row = new stdClass();

    mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt, $row->emp_no, $row->birth_date, $row->first_name, $row->last_name, $row->gender, $row->hire_date, $row->phone_no, $row->email_address, $row->job_title);




    return $rows;


    The example was from

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  • How to reset the admin password and side effects on a windows 2008 DC?

    I have 2 problems - my local admin password is not working at all - it was probably incorrectly typed twice. I only have one domain admin account setup and the password i have written down for it is no longer working (i've also tried every single password it's been set to previously).

    An added complication is that the server was running a trial version of sbs 2008 which has now expired.

    The server i need to gain access to manages all AD roles, I have access to the hyper-v host that the server is running on, as well as access to a member server (which is used for terminal services only - it doesn't do anything in regard to AD)

    I am aware that there are tools available to do an offline password reset on the local admin account. I've done this in the past to windows XP machines and know that one side effect is that it invalidates keys for EFS encryption on the account you reset. If i do this on a DC are there any side effects that i need to be aware of?

    Currently my only plan of attack is offline reset the local admin password then use that to do an online password reset on my domain admin account - will this work?

    Or can someone suggest a better plan of attack?

    Thanks :)

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  • What does the .x mean in regard to hard drive models ie 7200.1?

    I understand that 5400/7200/10000/15000 is the rpm but often there's a .x after the rpm what does this number mean? ie my laptops hdd says Momentus 5400.4 160gb on it what is the .4?

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  • How can i return more than one value from a function in vb 2008?

    The issue i'm having is i'm trying to build a small class that handles connecting and disconnecting from an sql server so that i don't have to worry about it after setting the initial connection properties i'm new to using and vb 2008 basically this is my code:

    Public Function ExecuteQuery(ByVal SqlStatement As String) As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader

    Dim DbConnection As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(GetConnectionString)

    Dim DbCommand As New SqlClient.SqlCommand(SqlStatement)


    DbCommand.Connection = DbConnection


    ExecuteQuery = DbCommand.ExecuteReader()

    Catch ex As Exception


    End Try



    End Function

    What i want to be able to do is 1. return the SqlDataReader (which i believe ExecuteReader returns) and return any potential errors that may have occured should i just be trying to handle the null reference exception if it occurs (which would indicate a problem of sorts returning the reader) or how can i return the error code as well as the reader?

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  • Raid 1+0 vs Raid 0+1?

    So i've recently purchased 4x750gb hdd's and set them up in a raid 0+1 configuration (according to my raid bios) doing some research into raid 0+1 and 1+0 the general idea is that raid 1+0 provides greater redundancy at similar perfomance loss, i don't understand how they are any different besides the level they're nested at in my mind they effectively should both be able to tolerate a minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 drive failures at slightly less than striped raids performance (assuming the striped raid is running 2 drives not 4) so in short whats the difference between raid 0+1 and raid 1+0 and if raid 1+0 is better then why is it better?

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