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  • I don't get this?

    A lot of girls and guys have said im good looking or gorgeous in person. Yet on photos I look like a toe. Why is this?

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  • Would this be a nice idea?

    I'm coming up to being with my girlfriend for 6 months and I wanted to surprise her a little.

    I had this idea where I would leave her little clues like a treasure hunt I.e. First kiss? Then she would find the next clue there and so on till she reaches the end and I have something special for her at the end like a promise ring or bracelet.

    Does this sound good or? Any ideas what I could leave her other than a promise ring or bracelet? Thanks

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  • Does this happen?

    In relationships do girls and boys both get to a point where they get comfortable. By that mean I mean do they accept that the other person is theres and they don't have to try as much anymore?

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  • How do you know if you're unhappy in a relationship?

    This might be long so bare with me.

    I met my girlfriend in november 2013, we started dating in feb, and have been together now for 4 months.

    We used to talk a fair bit on the phone, because it was and still is really hard to see her, because her mum has her doing all sorts of jobs, day in, day out. I get to see her once, or twice a week if im lucky, for about 3-4 hours each time.

    She used to make a lot of effort when we first got together, like dress up nicely and stuff, and now she doesn't really do that unless it's for a night out or a party. We talk a lot less over the phone, and she asked me if she was clingy cos her friends said she is, so she seems to have backed off a bit.

    She has been diagnosed with status migrainious. This means she gets severe headaches a lot, and suffers from chronic fatigue. I sat in the hospital with her day in day out for about a month and she had to drop out of college. Nowadays, it seems like she really can't be bothered to talk me as much over the phone (which in my opinion we need to cos i dont get to see her), and she gets really moody.

    I confronted her about it saying I feel like im doing everything wrong and I cant please you, and she was like you do everything right and make me happy im just tired. She does get really excited when i do come and see her though.

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  • I don't get this?

    When we first met me and my girlfriend spoke a lot over phone, then started dating.

    Now she gets really excited when she sees me in person, but can't really be bothered to talk over the phone in the mean time?

    I can never really determine her mood.

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  • How do these sizes work?

    I want to buy a pair of skinny jeans and normally I get a 32 waist/34 length, but they always tend to be a bit too big.

    I want to get a 30 waist/34 length but on the site it says 30 long, does this mean 30/34? Thanks.

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  • My girlfriend?

    Okay so I've been with my girlfriend for just over 3 months.

    We see each other every other day so basically 3 days in between cos of work etc.

    She went away to a caravan and she has friends down there. I've been Ill lately and so took all day to reply to her. Her friends and sister kept sayin she's clingy etc

    Now when we talk it's like she can't be bothered. She called me askin if she was and I said no, but she's holdin back now and it's kinda pissin me off. What's up with her?

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  • Desensitised penis?

    Due to masturbation etc I have much less feeling in my glans and my shaft but there is still some. I can last much longer while getting a ******* but it doesn't feel as good.

    Why do people want a desensitised penis? I hear a lot of guys talking about it.

    2 AnswersMen's Health7 years ago
  • Is this fine or not?

    I am trying to cut down on the amount of porn I watch. I am not addicted at all and can watch it like once every 5 days or so.

    I don't really want to self pleasure anymore because I have been with my girlfriend 3 months.

    Is it okay to watch it and not to self pleasure?

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  • Why would she behave like this?

    Sometimes my girlfriend will say and do things that really piss me off and I've had a lot of pressure off her family. In my mind I believe that sometimes she does it knowingly and other times she doesn't.

    She doesn't get that sometimes it pushes me to the edge where as I get so unhappy with it that I don't want to be with her anymore, so basically she doesn't show she cares.

    But when I've said stuff to her like do you really think it's meant to be etc, she panics and starts acting as if she really loves and wants to be with me. Why would she act like that?

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  • Serious question?

    I was fingering my girlfriend, and she always goes on about how I hit the right spots and how good I am with my hands. Her body shakes and collapses a lot on me.

    Anyway, before I was going at it and I could feel literally like water between my fingers and squishing noises, what does this actually mean?

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  • Why else do girls need the pill?

    Seriously, I thought girls just took it everyday to prevent pregnancy, eventho there is still a chance.

    My girlfriend said she needs it for other reasons to? I know it controls hormones but what else does it do?

    I'm 21 and not very experienced as you can tell.

    4 AnswersPregnancy7 years ago
  • Is this a bad thing?

    Me and my girlfriend talk a lot over the phone because she is so controlled by her mother that she rarely finds the time to see me.

    Anyway, the conversation over the phone doesn't really flow as well as it used to and comes to an end a lot. We have both said we hate texting cos we prefer seeing each other in person.

    However in person and on FaceTime everything is great and we talk and laugh for a long time. But when we text I feel she is disinterested in me or is going off me.

    Is this a bad thing?

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  • I'm very scared?

    I've never really noticed this until tonight but my penis shaft has literally no feeling? If I pinch it fairly hard I can feel it but if I grab it, it feels numb.

    I'm 21 and I find my girlfriend very attractive. We are both virgins. When she gives me a handjob it takes me a fair while to *** cos I don't really get any sensation.

    I have been getting erections easily with her but can't maintain em, is this numb feeling permanent?

    2 AnswersMen's Health7 years ago
  • Please answer, serious question?

    When I finger my girlfriend I make sure I do it at a pace where I know I won't hurt her.

    Lately, when I do she bites her lip a lot, moans and falls back into her pillow, bites my lip and moans.

    But about 1 hour ago I could feel her hips shaking a bit on top of me, and she was pulling my hand away. She pulls my hand away a lot, I asked if I was hurting her and she smiled and said no.

    Why does she pull it away?

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  • Me and my girlfriend?

    Me and my girlfriend have been together almost 2 months now. We were talking for about 2 months before we went on out first dates.

    We literally have nothing to talk about anymore. In person it's great, over the phone is terrible. I try to talk about anything and everything and don't really get anything back. We talk like all day everyday nearly....

    This makes me think it's coming to an end but she constantly tells me she loves me and misses me I don't get it?

    It's frustrating really because I do want to be with this girl.

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  • Is this normal?

    My girlfriend got really sick lately and she has me which means she gets really tired after doing stuff, which means her mood can change.

    Anyway, is it normal to hate texting your partner? By this I mean you can never tell the mood they're in etc. I hate texting but love love love seeing her in person

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