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  • Where can i find this little-known mermaid scene in a movie?

    I remember seeing about a 5 minute clip on Youtube (in another language, possibly German) of some sailors and a younger boy rescuing a mermaid from a castle or something. They used a net to drag her out, and then the boy and the young mermaid talked while sitting on the rocks. Eventually, the mermaid swam away, and I'm assuming that was the end of the movie.

    Can you tell me what movie this is, or perhaps provide a link to the video?

    Thanks for all your help! :)

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  • What is the name of the soundtrack in this scene from "Soul Surfer"?

    I really like the music in the scene just after the shark attack, when Bethany has a near-death experience, and she is shown surfing in the tube, going towards the light, but then changing course at the last moment.

    If anyone knows the name of that particular song, I'd be much obliged! :)

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  • Would I make a good cruise ship masseuse? If not, what career would you suggest?

    I enjoy working with my hands, though I don't have a ton of upper body strength. I have a tendency to be lazy and procrastinate, as well. I'm very creative, intelligent, and talented at drawing and writing. I'm a Wiccan, and so I try to stay in tune to the energies and rhythms of life around me. I'm a fast learner; I don't really like to work in groups. I do generally strive to please people, but don't enjoy extensive conversations with them. I know a little bit of Spanish and am conversational in German.

    Thanks for your help!! :)

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  • My dog has a strange rash around his groin...what is it?

    Name: Jay

    Breed: Golden Retriever

    Age: Around 4 years old

    Recently I've noticed that Jay has some sort of rash at the base of his inner thigh. It looks a group of white bumps on red skin, approximately 2 inches in diameter.

    Jay doesn't seem bothered by this, and didn't flinch when I touched the bumps.

    Is this some sort of flea bite or a skin condition? What should I do to treat it?

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  • In the Harry Potter books, whatever happened to Crookshanks?

    Did J.K. Rowling ever say where Hermione's cat ended up? Did it die?

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  • Do you think that Jesus a Mary Sue?

    Just curious to hear other people's thoughts on the matter...

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  • Can cichlids and dwarf gouramis be tankmates?

    I have a male dwarf gourami, two golden dojo loaches, and one pleco. Could I put a cichlid in the aquarium without any problems?

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  • Is my character a Mary Sue?

    I've taken a few online Mary Sue tests (she was generally labeled as a "border-line Sue"), so I would just like your personal opinion on the character. By the way, she's not really a fictional projection of myself; we don't look alike, don't have similar hobbies.

    My OC's name is Eira. She is a Huldra (, with a hollow and bark-covered back. Eira lived in the woods of Scandinavia until she was kidnapped by a team of rogue scientists bent on unlocking the secrets of supposedly mythological creatures. They took her back to the U.S., but before they could begin experimenting on her, Eira managed to escape.

    Eventually, she met a 17 year old boy named Samuel Reed, and the two became friends. Eira began to develop feelings for Sam, however she was hesitant to reveal her true nature to him. If a huldra received a kiss from someone they loved who knew that they were empty inside, then that huldra would become whole. However, if they were rejected by their love, they may die of a broken heart. Thus, Eira would not tell Sam who she really was, for fear of his reaction.

    One day, the scientists found Eira and tried to recapture her. Sam defended the huldra, so the scientists took him as well, believing him to be another mythological creature.

    In a hidden laboratory, the scientists began to experiment on the two. During these experiments, Sam learned that Eira was a huldra, and began to see her as a freak. Unfortunately, the scientists (who still believed he was not human) accidentally killed Sam in one of their tests before he could come to terms with his revelation. Eira escaped once more, but was wounded in the process. She managed to call 911, bringing the police and an ambulance to the scientists lab. By the time they arrived, Eira was gone. The EMTs declared Sam dead, and the police took the rogue scientists into custody.

    Eira, who had stolen money from the scientists before running away, boarded a plane back to Scandinavia. She returned to her forest, only to discover that during her absence, it had been developed into a large suburb. While traveling south into undisturbed woods, Eira was reunited with her old best friend, another huldra named June.

    I'm still not sure how to end this story, so if you have any ideas about that, I'd love to hear them. So, basically, what are your thoughts on the character and the plot? Any suggestions?

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  • Will there be a fourth season of H2O: Just Add Water?

    I've heard rumors, but I'm not sure if they're true. If so, when will it be released?

    Thanks in advance!! :)

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  • What is the name of the song at the end of "Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe"?

    This song is played while Sam is saying good bye to everyone and also while Beatriz is showing the photos to the news people. Lyrics say something like "It's gonna be alright."

    Thanks for your help! :)

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  • What is the basic equipment I'll need to convert my freshwater aquarium to saltwater?

    My tank is a little over 30 gallons (I understand that this limits my options). I would just like to know what sort of filters and other equipment i'll need to support a beginner's saltwater aquarium. Though i won't be starting with a reef setup, i'd like to work my way up to one eventually, so is there a certain filter i should get? Do i need to get new gravel, plants, and decorations?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

    Would this filter be appropriate?

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  • What is the song played at the end of the NCIS episode "Recruited"?

    I think this is the newest episode of NCIS, if that helps...

    Thanks for all your help! :)

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  • Questions about fin rot and snails...?

    First question: I had three male guppies. One of them died recently, and when I examined the body, most of the tailfin was gone. Is this fin rot, and if so, should I use a medication to protect the rest of the fish?

    Second question: When I first got my tank, there were no snails. But lately, I have noticed at least ten small snails in the gravel and on the plants. How did they get there? Are they a problem? Should I try and get rid of them?

    Thanks for all your help! :)

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  • Do male Honey Gouramis have a rounder dorsal fin when they are younger?

    I ask this because I bought a young Honey Gourami that had a rounded dorsal fin, so I assumed that it was a female. However, a few months have passed, and the Gourami's fin has become more pointed so that it appears male.

    If someone could explain this, that would be great! :)

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  • What kind of fish is this?

    This fish is dark gray with mottled black stripes and blue around the gills. It has several small spines on its dorsal fin and large red eyes. It is about 3 and a half inches long. It is semi-aggressive.

    I think it might be a turquoise severum cichlid, but i'm not sure...

    Any help would be appreciated! :)

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  • My "friends" are being jerks...what do i do?

    Way back in 5th grade, i met "Maddie". We became best friends--so close, in fact, that people would often have troubles telling who was who! We did everything together, and stayed this way until the end of 7th grade. That's when "Nate" came along.

    Nate was everything we'd ever wanted in a guy: courteous, cute, funny, kind, etc. Naturally, both me and Maddie developed a HUGE crush on Nate, which only grew when we befriended him. At first, Nate returned our attention equally and in simply a friendly manner. But as 8th grade wore on, he began to show a certain interest in Maddie, and she was ecstatic. By the time the three of us reached 9th grade, Maddie and Nate may as well have been dating. They obviously liked each other A LOT, and didn't bother to hide it.

    Of course i was unhappy that my first real crush was going so...not well. However, i decided that i would try to put my personal feelings for Nate aside if it made Maddie happy. But the more i tried to be "just friends" with Nate and maintain my friendship with Maddie, the more they seemed to exclude me. Soon, i hardly talked to either of them because they were too busy talking to each other. Whenever i wanted to hang out with one, he/she was with the other. No matter what i did, i always felt like a third wheel with them.

    Eventually, i got the guts to confront them about it. Nate and Maddie seemed remorseful and promised to try and include me, as well as restrain their blossoming hormones. After about a week, things went right back to normal. I talked to them again after a while, and they said the same thing, with the same results as before.

    Now we are sophomores, and Nate and Maddie are worse than ever! I know talking to them won't work, and every time i leave them to hang out with some of my other friends, they act like i'm abandoning them. What am i supposed to do?

    Any thoughts/advice would be very much appreciated!

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  • What is wrong with my betta?

    I have a betta who--up until today--was a perfectly healthy fish. However, when i went to feed him this afternoon, i noticed that his fins were noticeably shorter and ragged, and he was having troubles swimming.

    There are no other fish near him, and other than his fins, he still appears healthy (no diseased gills or anything)...

    What's wrong with my betta?

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  • Need help remembering the title of this children's book...?

    I only remember vague details, so i hope that its enough:

    It is about a crab who hoards things in his cave. He goes and finds a shipwreck and takes the gold from a treasure chest back to his cave. The art in the book is mostly soft, gray-ish colors. If i remember correctly, there is a pelican who shows up from time to time, too.

    It would be great if someone could tell me the title of this book! =)

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  • What is the difference between a pixie and a fairy?

    Disney refers to them as the same creature, but i've been told that there is a difference...any help? :)

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