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I was diagnosed with AML (leukemia) on October 15, 2007. I had 2 rounds of chemo and then I had total body irradiation. Depending on whom you ask, I've been in remission since 10 months (chemo doctors) or 6 months (transplant doctors). Either way, recovery is slow going. Update: Friday, March 13, 2009 Been in remission for a year and a month (go me!) and I have graft versus host disease. Update: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 In 3 days, it will be 3 years since my diagnosis. I'm well and happy and I have a clean bill of health! No leukemia, no graft vs host disease, just me. So I'm now cleared to go back to college, or back to work. As I continue to build my strength back up, I'll be able to do have a job and go back to college, but right now, my doctors want me to take it easy. YAY!

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