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  • thrid nipples?

    do you know anyone with them??

    do you find them hot?

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  • help me whats this mean??

    Chivalric or Courtly Love (known in medieval France as "fine love" or fin amour) originated with the so-called troubadours of the late eleventh century. Promoting a suave new form of paganism which they called Gai Saber (literally, "the happy wisdom" or "gay science"), these colorful figures from the Provence region of southern France effectively challenged and sought to redefine traditional Christian ideals of love, marriage, manhood, virtue, and femininity.

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  • renaissance view of courtly love?

    I have to do a 4-7 page report on the Renaissance view of courtly love. I have no idea where to even begin. My task is to do a reasearch paper on it. and thats all I was given to do...I need 3 different sources 1 book 1 internet and 1 anything else (newpaper, magizine). Like I said, I no NOTHING. Book help would be best

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