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  • Help me find a floor length black dress!!?

    I need a floor length or almost floor length black dress for an orchestra concert in 2 weeks! please leave links to some places in the U.S. that i can order from! thankss dolls(:

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • This may be a stupid question but girllss help?

    are there any ways to put off getting your period. are there any known methods to make your period come like a day or so later? like foods or activities idk! i sont think there is but maybe theres some weird suggestions out there? thaanks

    7 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • What is it that makes the most random people appear in dreams?

    i always find that the peeople i see or think about the most are rarely in my dreams and then different random people that arent really relevant in my life are in my dreams constantly. any ideas why? id love any opinions

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation9 years ago
  • Boyfriends birthday advice!?

    i know its hard since u dont know him and stuff but hes a 17 yr old guy and i really wanna get him something great. i already made part of it but idk what to buy him. any just general ideas for a teen guy? i was thinking colone but any other ideas are greatly appreciated(:

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Poll: do the songs on your ipod help better define you as a person?

    bq- does looking thru someone elses songs allow you to learn more about them?

    13 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Jersey shore song! help anyone know it?

    during the first episode of this season they played this song while theyre getting ready to go out to the club.. it goes "when i go out out out, im goin in in in.." thats all i know haha can anyone help!

    1 AnswerLyrics9 years ago
  • Am i just a hookup buddy or does he actually like me? 10 pts!*?

    soo theres this guy i like and wen we first met and started talking he texted me basically everyday. i love talking to him and hes always sweet and tells me im pretty and beautiful and stuff. weve been out a few times on "dates" and weve madeout and held hands amd stuff. we always have fun and i think he does too but then after we hangout he like never txts me and we usually dont talk for a few days..but whenever i txt him he always seems into the convo. but since he doesnt really txt me anymore does that mean hes not into me or wat? i know hes really busy with work and camp and stuff but when i txt him he responds so i dont get y he couldnt txt me? what do u think does he hav feelings for me or am i just some like friends with benefits to him?

    13 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Do i text him or wait to see if he does? easy questionn:)?

    i like this guy who ive hungout with three times before. weve madeout and stuff also..the last time i saw him he said he was grounded for 2 weeks wit no phone, no going out etc.. well i saw him 2 weeks and 1 day ago but it was during his grounding(dont ask lol total accident) so now its been over 2 weeks and idk if i should try txting him becuz i thought maybe if he got his fone back hed txt me but he hasnt so idk if i shld wait cuz maybe hes still grounded or just txt him anyways? hellpp

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Being ticklish while making out? guys opinion?

    would a guy be annoyed or weirded out if he was making out with a girl and wen he touched her stomach or back she starte giggling? lol im so ticklish so i always start laughin if i get touched in a sensitive guys mind that or think its cute or wat?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Seeing my ex in a week and im unsure of what to do..?

    we always go on vacation to this place for a week and he goes there( thats how we met). but now its awk cuz we broke up but we still sometimes talk and stuff. he recently told me he had a dream where he tried to kiss me and now is asking wat i would do if he tried to hookup with me. idk if i shld or if thats a bad idea or anything lol wat do u guys think?

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Ahh the age old question-Does he like me?

    ok so met this guy at a grad party and he was sweet and i rly liked him and i got his number and we txted. he txed me like every nite and we hungout last friday. it was perfect we talked, he played guitar, he complimented me and we wound up making out for lil while;) anyway wen we left he was holding my hand and then we kissed goodbye. since then weve talked a few times and once i txted him first. usually he does. he says he wants to hangout again soon but hasnt made any other hint about rly liking me or wanting to date me. do u think he has feelings for me or jst wants to hangout to hookup? thoughts?

    p.s. i like him!

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • AnOtHeR pOlL - All time favorite Eminem song?

    im really into lighters right now but till i collapse might be my all-time fav

    15 AnswersPolls & Surveys10 years ago
  • Do i have a shot with this guy? opinions please:)?

    i was at a graduation partyy anf this guy that i had seen one other time was theree and i think hes sooo cute and was scared to talk to him. wen i finally did he was so nice! were in the same grade and he plays guitar and is rly sweet and chivalrous haha. i spent alot of time alone with him and he played for just me and played piano and stufff. it was awesome and he held out his hand to help me get down from a rock and told me he could carry me if ididnt wanna walk. i got his number and was wondering wen i ahld txt him my number? i got it last night. do u think he was interested in me at all? wat do u guys thinkkk(:

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • poll! Do you get dizzy easily?

    i just spun in my chair a few times and got a headache!

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys10 years ago

    and know they are going to fail. trig regents come at me bro.

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys10 years ago
  • Ex boyfriend creeping me out! HELPP?

    so i broke up with him last weekend and now he wont stop txting me and IMing me!! hes goin frickin bipolar like one sec hes tellin me he still likes me and then he makes excuses then gets mad at me then goes back to liking again. i tried to ignore him but we finally tried to talk and thats what he did! so we stopped talking and then today hes been bothering me all day. im tryin to ignore him but he keeps txting me, IMed me while i wasnt even online and makes him aim statuses about me!! idk what to do if ignoring isnt even working ugh plz helpp.

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Ex boyfriend wont leave me alone! will give best answer***?

    i broke up with him last weekend and hadnt heard from him (which is good cuz the other past few times i did he txte me and convinced me to get back with him) but ive been rly happy and then i wen i went on aim he had like 5 new statuses about love and missing girls and being sad and like stuff tht clearly pertained to me!( not tryin to be conceited tho) and now he just txted me saying hii! like no wtf how do i tell him i dont wanna talk to him and he needs to like move on? keep in mind after our first "break" i wanted to b friends but now hes gettin soo annoying i rly dont wanna. hellpppp:/

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Ex bf is messing with my head BIG TIME!?

    we only broke up a few days ago (i broke up with him) and now today he txts me "hey babeee" then after that says he forgot we broke up like wtf!? so we talk a little then he says he had a dream about me and also tells me why he thinks we broke up and i tell him why i actually broke up with him. then he says he rlllyyy liked me alot and stuff.then right before he goes he sends this txt

    "we dont have to be broken up but if u wanna stay that way then ill say goodnite and nvr think abt u again or we could unbreakup(yea lol) and i cld go sleep sleep<333"

    hes effin wit me cuz im obvi not over him but i cant just go right back to him..idk what to do!!?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating10 years ago