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  • Should I bring food to calling hours for a neighbor at their home.?

    I just moved here and I never got a chance to meet her husband. In the times I ve spoken with her, she said he had cancer and I found out from another neighbor. They are having a calling at her house today, which I ve never heard of a calling for the deceased. I m from the south and we bring food for everything, since it s been not a funeral, I don t want to send flowers yet. What is the etiquette for this type of gathering? I don t know her well enough to decide or how things work up here in the north.

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  • How do i set up a free blog where my students can access without having an email account?

    I know about Wikis and and another one that students do not have to have an email, but it cost money. Few of my students have email account and i teach 4th grade

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  • TEACHERS HELP!!!I am a fourth grade teacher and i have a child that has a stutter.?

    There is no speech therapist at my school or a reading specialist. He is all mine. I am looking for resources that i can give this child. He also has behavioral issues and i am looking for ways to keep him engaged in class. TEACHERS HELP!!!!

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  • what is a good laxitive after surgery?

    I had a tummy tuck and Breast augmentation on monday. I have been drinking miralax every morning and i still have not had a B M. I know that is important for me to have one after surgery, but miralax is the only laxative in the past that has not made me throw up ( which would be extremely painful due to my surgery) I need help

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  • Staying at home full time with my kids now, what do i do?

    When my first child, Jack, was born i worked, and i brought him to work with me. After he was 15 months i put him in daycare where he has been ever since. I now have a second child, Zack, that is 11months which i have stayed home with and still sent my three year old to school. I have not worked since my baby was born because i worked for my father and he passed away four weeks after Zack was born. I then had to find a new career in teaching that will not start until August and we are starting to feel the financial strain of only one income. I have only been at home with zack, my baby, and now i am taking my 3yr old out of daycare to save money. I have no ieda what to do with him to keep him occupied and up to date with what the daycare/preschool was doing. I hate taking him out because he thrived there so i really want to challenge him the way that they have and not just put him infront of the tv. Any advise, resourses?

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  • What is a good halloween costumes for two girls?

    My cousin and i want to go as some kind of duo and we want it to be funny. Ideas?

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  • How do you research cosmetic sergions?

    i am trying to find one, but how do i know if they are good or not? I only want to do this once and get it right the 1st time but i don't know where to start

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  • How to take care of an orchid?

    My father passed away last week and someone sent an orchid. I have now idea how to take care of it and i want to make sure it lives forever.

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  • How to help my cousin with a severe drug problem?

    My cousin has had a problem with perscription medications for about 10 years now. She even went to school and became a pharmacutical technician to support her drug habbit. She was caught steeling pills and was arrested and fired from her job in the pharmacy. Now she has no place to live, has been kicked out of her sister's then her brother house. Her mother will not let her live with her either. She has caused major problems in her sister's and brother's marriages. The entire family is at their wits end and they really don't know what to do next. It would be best for her to go to jail for a little while so that she could be sentenced to get help, otherwise the family's hands are tied. She is an adult so they can not make her do anything. No one wants her to live with them because she steels and comes in at all hours of the night high. any advice?

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  • How do i increase my milk production. I started out really strong but the last two days i have not been able?

    to get nearly as much. My baby is 9 days old and i am pumping for every feeding. Like i said, a few days ago i was way ahead of him, now i am struggling to keep up. I eat really healthy, drink plenty of water, milk and juice, and have increased my food intake. At least i think i have because i am eating more, but i am eating way more healthy than i did when i was pregnant. I am confused, HELP!!!

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  • I am pumping my colostrum right now so i can bring in my milk (baby will not latch on). Can i add that to his

    formula that i am supplementing with? Can i store it? How long?

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  • has anyone ever experienced pain in their kidney's during contractions?

    37 weeks pregnant and having mild contractions but i am also having pain in my kidney area. I drink plenty of water and know about kidney infections and i don't think i i have an infection. It is just pain every time i have a contraction.

    6 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Has anyone ever heard of a geographic tongue? 35 weeks pregnant, after i eat certain foods i get spots on my?

    tongue and my friend has the same thing and she told me it was a geographic tongue. Other than not eating any type of dairy (which is what triggers this) is there anything else i can do to prevent and/or treat this. It is kinda painful and somewhat of a problem. It feels like i have burned my tongue with hot liquid or something. It also sucks that i can't eat dairy, i do anyway if i really want to suffer the rest of the day with this strange affliction. Oh, i am 35 weeks pregnant and this just started about 2 months ago so i assume it is one of those crazy pregnancy things

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  • 35 weeks pregnant with 2nd boy and he is kicking my butt! anyone else experiencing this with their unborn son

    i went for an ultrasound yesterday and the tech said he is still so active because he is a boy. Everything i have read say that they are supposed to calm down by now because they have less room.

    Are your unborn boys very active. My first son was just like this when i was pregnant with him so i am wondering if it is a "BOY" thing

    9 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • my son's ear infections and antibiotics? Anyone else experience this?

    about six months ago we went through about 6 weeks of ear infections, antibiotics and allergy medicines while working with an allergist. He finally got well and has been well for about three months now. Two weeks ago he got another ear infection and was put on antibiotics, we finished them and a week later he is back at the doctor with a double ear infection and new antibiotics. Why didn't the first round treat the single ear and now it is in both ears? I don't want to go through another six weeks of different treatments (including shots) with this and not find out what is causing this to happen and how we can prevent it. I hate giving him antibiotics or any medicine for that matter but the doctors don't seem to be helping me in this. I did not bring my son to the doctor today and ofcourse, like a man, my husband did not ask any of the questions i asked him to, so i am stuck with no info. any advice on this? anyone else go through this with their toddler?

    5 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • My 2 year old son has been wanting to take his pants and diaper off and play with himself.i know this is norma

    normal, but i am thinking he may be ready to potty train. I woke up last night and checked on him and he was awake in bed with his diaper and pants off so obviously he can get them off himself. I asked him this morning if he wanted to use the potty and he said no. I think i will take him tomorrow to pick out a potty. Any advice on getting started potty training with a 2 y/o boy. Oh, i am 34 weeks pregnant also and i am worried if we start now he will just regress when the new baby gets here. What do you think?

    5 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • was your second child bigger than your first when it was born?

    My first born was 9.5 lbs and he is just a big boy (he is 2 now) and i am 35 weeks pregnant with my second and i know he is going to be a big boy to

    17 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago