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  • What website can I watch " Lassie " for free?

    I love that show.

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  • How come does not have Full Episodes tab?

    I like to watch Full Episodes of their shows online. I don't have the channel, cause I have basic cable and I called the company and they said, they cannot provide it. Where I live we cannot have Dish Network and we cannot have Directv either.

    So some help, please?


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  • I have some questions about TVland.?

    What is the "deal" with this paid programming on TVland? Nick@Nite is the creater of TVland, and Tvland is supposed to play shows that have played from Nick@Nite, and it is supposed to be a channel for classic TV shows. Nick@Nite never played "paid programming".

    Did TVland quit playing "I Love Lucy"? If they did, BIG MISTAKE. Cause "I Love Lucy" is a good show, that everyone likes.

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  • Has TVland gone bad, just like the other channels?

    I thought it was a channel for the older tv shows, not for shows like


    I thought it was supposed to have tv shows that are 20-50 years of age, and older.

    Are they supposed to play shows like the black and white shows?

    I know they play:

    The Beverly Hillbillies

    I Love Lucy

    Leave It To Beaver.

    and The Andy Griffith Show.

    Good Times and Sanford is good. But CSI is still to new I just don't know what some of you people get in the CSI shows

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  • TV show shopping on line trouble.?

    Last week sometime I just purchased "Dennis The Menace" the 1950's Tv show, from

    Don't get me wrong, I like the show, it is a good show. My problem is that sent it to me, and I received it in the mail today and it is not original recorded. Let me tell you how:

    1. I opened my package, and they are store bought dvd cases.

    2. I played the first DVD, and they did not have any episode names.

    3. I played the first episode, and I noticed that it was recorded from TV the FX channel from along time ago, AND it was duplicated. And they are selling them.

    I thought that they were original.

    So Do you think that I should e-mail FX and tell them, and sue the "" for that?

    Cause I am really mad that I have purchased something that has been recorded from tv?

    THanks for your answer.

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  • Does anyone know a Website that I can watch "Leave It To Beaver" online for free?

    I tried these websites and It didn't work.

    Please Help I really like that show.

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  • News about Lalaine Vergara Paras?

    My friend was gone for the weekend and he told me that, he didn't hear the news Lalaine on Crystal Meth. Is there a way that I can show the news to him on the internet for free?

    Now he knows that "Lalaine" plays as Miranda on "Lizzie McGuire".

    Now he told me that he heard that "Hillary Duff" who plays as Lizzie on Lizzie McGuire has also did some kind of drugs too, earlier.

    And he also told me that he doesn't know about Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, and the other actors/actresses either. If they ever did drugs either.

    Now I know that the last time that I saw Jake Thomas, was on "Corey in the House".

    So please help me find the news on the internet about "Lalaine", So that I can show it to my friend.


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  • The Lucy Show?

    Can anyone please tell me what website I can watch episodes of "The Lucy Show" for free on the internet?

    And please NOT U-TUBE. Cause I want to watch the whole episodes.

    Now I have all 6 seasons of "I Love Lucy" on DVD now. I have never seen The Lucy show. Now I have some of the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episodes.

    Some Help, Please?


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  • ABC Kids..?

    Do you think that ABC kids should have 5 hour marathons of all of the shows now and the shows that they have played in the past?

    And also the programs that played on Disney's 1 Saturday Morning.

    I do understand that Disney's 1 Saturday Morning and ABC kids is all programs played from Disney Channel.

    If your answer is a no, please explain why.

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  • I need some help Please.?

    I need some help with the CD player in my portable.

    I have had for about 2 years. Tuesday I had played a CD on it, has nine tracks. And it will play one or two songs and the player stops, then I take it out to wipe it off and put it back in and it says it has 0 songs on it.

    And on the rest of my CDs it says 0 tracks too.

    And later that day I tried it again and it worked on one track again and it did it again.

    So what do you think that is the problem? That I need to buy a CD cleaner?

    Thanks for your answer.

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  • I Love Lucy?

    Every time I watch the show, I keep wondering. What is Little Ricky's Real name?

    THanks for the answer.

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  • Is there anyone getting annoyed with ABC Kids?

    They keep playing certain episodes, over and over. They never hardly play New Episodes. Example: I have been seeing these episodes Several times

    The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody:

    Health and Fitness

    Hotel Hangout

    Kisses and Basketball

    Boston Holiday

    Scary Movie

    Christmas at the Tipton


    Grounded on the 23rd floor

    The Prince & the Plunger

    What the Hey

    The Suite Smell of Excess

    Hotel Inspector

    Have a nice Trip

    Neither a borrower nor a speller bee


    A Prom Story

    Volly Dad

    Poor Little Rich Girl

    To catch a thief

    Big Hair and Baseball


    Hecks Kitchen

    I mean why don't they play all of the episodes and not just certain ones, They do Hannah Montana the Same way. Here are some of the episodes:

    Miley Get your Gum

    I Can't make you love Hannah If You Don't

    It's a Mannequin's World

    Mascot Love

    On the Road Again

    You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit is about You

    People who use People

    Good Golly Miss Dolly

    So do u know y hey skip?

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  • Has anyone heard of this joke?

    This person called a store Looking for a customer named Jack MeOff. And the store clerk said "Ok, Hold on a minute" and paged. "Jack MeOff you got a call take it at the front desk".

    And the clerk said "Jack MeOff isn't here".

    And the person said "Ok, well page his brother Phil MeOff" and the clerk said "Ok, hold on a minute" and the clerk got back on the PA system and said "Phil MeOff you have a call you may take it at the front desk.

    And the clerks boss came up asking "What are you doing?"

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  • Have you every heard of the Ville Family?

    Nash Ville

    Russell Ville

    Lewis Ville

    Christmas Ville

    Knox Ville

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  • Here is a Funny joke.?

    This Boy tells his teacher that he has to go the restroom. His teacher makes him say his alphabet. And the boy says A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. And the teacher asks, "Where is the P?". And the boy says "Down my pants."

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  • Who has your vote in the 2008 election?

    Between Hilary Clinton and Mike Huckabee.

    I think that Hilary is wanting to be president for the money, cause, Bill was president from before. And she ran for office in New York. So I think that she is going for office just for the money.

    And Hilary Clinton also doesn't care about us Arkansans anyway.

    I think that Mike Huckabee would be a better president.

    So who would you like for president?

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  • I am planning on getting married in 2009?

    I know that I have to get my fiance a wedding ring, and a wedding dress,

    But do you have any ideas where I can find some wedding invitations for free?

    If yes, thanks for the info.

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  • Does anyone like "As the Bell Rings" On Disney channel?

    That show is rude.

    Saying "your Breath stinks".

    I think that Disney Channel needs to take it off.

    What are your decisions?


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