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  • weman do you feel like your alone in your marriage?

    sometime I feel like I'm by myself as if we where room mate.we been together for 22 year.I been thoug hell and back with him.he sit in his chair and me on the other side of the room.I try but sometime I just said to hell with it.can someone give me idid what to do.I'm try of feeling lonly I won't to feel that love please.

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  • I'm I a ***** for feeling the way I do ?

    My mother is in the hospital.I do care and i don't.she really never been nice to me in less she won't something.she so pose to be dieing been like this for five year.But this time she is worse then the last time's.I have a lot of hurt and pain feeling in side of me .when i was little she use to hit the **** out of me all the time and put me down all the time.and she steel put me down.Idon't now why I feel like I just don't care.I care about she my mom.but i don't love her.She never let a'm i beening a *****?

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  • How can I show my 18 &20 year old girl there nice guy's out there ?

    My girl's seem to find guy's who use do I get them to open there eye's to the guy's that are no good?MY girl's won't to wait to have sex so the cheast on them. and only call when thay need a good girl.

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  • will someone tell me how this site work.?

    I don't know how you do this wed site will someone tell how it work.becuse I keep doing something wrong.

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  • why is it so hard to find a friends in woman around 35 & up. from some one looking for pal.?

    the friends I had have move away I'v try to find new friends with other women who live around me .IN church is even harder one place you think you could find a friend.

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