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  • my son's girlfriend has NO respect for anyone?

    she was 14 and my son was 17 when they started dating. 3 years later they are still together. To make long story short...she has had and still has no respect for anyone...even her own mother let alone my son. this is his "first" girlfriend and i know first time dating it is hard to let that person go...when ever they break up, he goes running to her. He was gonna join the navy and she talked him out of it. I told my son and his "gf" that I do not want her at my house let alone be around her. My husband feels the same way...he dont want nothing to do with her either. our son failed our respect for her not to be at our house and I kicked her out of our house. my husband and I dont understand what he sees in her. We do know that he deserve a hell of a better woman than her. I don't want no stupid comments or remarks.

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  • an old roommate is keeping my son's paycheck; birth certificate & a check from the electric ...?

    company that had credit on my son's account. I got this ex roommate to admit on FB chat that he has all that and refused to give them to my son. He says my son owes him money for rent which my son was kicked out of the apartment over a fight. What do we need to do and steps to take? We already called my son's work & electric company to put stop on both checks and to reissue a new one.

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  • 41 year old female in constant heat?

    Ok: This is embarrassing enough for me to get an opinion before I go to Doctor.

    I have always had a great normal sex life up until I was about 35 years old. From about 35 to 41 years old...I didnt even want sex. I was lucky enough to put out once a month to my husband.

    Well, for the past month I have been so horny that I am wanting sex 2 or 3 times a day about 3 days out of a week. Another thing is: One time I was just shopping with my husband at Menard's...out of the blue I got really sweaty (like menopause) and horny at the same time. It drove me NUTS!!!

    My question this the real menopause that I am experiencing? or is this the normal stage that a woman goes through when she is in her early 40's?

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  • 2 days in a ron @ nite time, I have been streaching both arms and legs.after istreach, I feel just fine,.?

    and there are other times when my arms and legs wants to strech and I dont do will litterally bug me and I give in to streact. Can any please help me!!!

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases10 years ago
  • it's pretty sad when a child's parent dies...?

    and they get social security and when they turn 18 and a senior in high school and quit their job and think that social security is for them to spend on what they a brand new car. Their "spending" money only good til they graduate. Social security needs to change the law to be sure the 18 year old child pays its bills for what it is really tend to use in the first see fit what the child needs not want. No wonder us tax payers are angry and the social security will be broke in years to come...already the retires and soon retires will have crap when it comes to retires.

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  • how do you locate a IP address?

    My son is being harrassed by a certain girl he knows that lives right here in the same town in USA. She opened up a fake facebook account under a "different" girl from a "different" county called "turkey". we know it's the same girl. How do we prove it's her? I looked on help section and there is no email contact or phone number to facebook. Please help!

    2 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • my 18 year old son is dating a 15 year old girl.?

    He wants to move in with her and her mom. Her mom wants him to live with them. He is a senior in high school and she is a sophmore in high school. My husband and I do NOT agree with this idea! Since he is 18 years old, we can not do nothing due to him being an adult. However: my question is "can we call DCFS on the girl's mother?" . We live in illinois. thanks

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  • He's 17 and an adult?

    My son just turned 17 about 3 weeks ago. but all this started over a year ago. He got into some drugs such as pot and taking overdoses of OTC drugs to get a high. He was admitted into rehab over the summer. He's now stealing high end shoes from the store, and he ran away today. The cops said they can NOT do nothing because he is 17 and considered an adult. He has NOT been home for 15 hours now. He is on probation. How is that a 17 year old an adult...when the parents are responsible til he is 18? talk about a screwed up world expectally that the cops KNOWS his history, and possibly OD. I guess I have to wait for a phone call from the hospital.

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  • help! my dog is very sick...?

    Saturday, he wasn't feeling well...just laying around the house. Sunday, he wouldn't eat his dry food, so I bought some moist food, and he ate through out that day a whole can of moist food. Monday, he was throwing up clear stuff. I took him to vet monday, vet said he could have intestinal virses going on and gave him anitbotics. yesterday (Tuesday) at 5am, he was pooping blood diarhrehea, not poop....BLOOD! and throwing up clear stuff. at 8am he did the same thing. I called the vet at 9 when they opened and brought him back to vet. vet still thinks its some sort intestinal virses. he been checked for Parvo and it's negative. I just can't sleep, it's 1:30am and thought I would get some idea of what is going on with my dog. he is 6 months old half lab half boxer. also we have 2 other dogs in our house...and they both are fine. any idea?

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  • I had a weird dream last night...?

    This dream I had was a Grim Reaper standing there and held his right hand up and did a "sign language" in 3 number (in order). 5 4 2.

    What does this mean?

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  • The Debate.......................................................?

    I noticed that during the whole Debate thing...McCain would NOT look at Obama and ONLY looked at the guy that was sitting in front of him. While Obama looked at McCain AND the guy sitting in front of them.

    2 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • I have a 4 months old 1/2 boxer & 1/2 black lab...?

    I have been trying to walk him on the leash. Well, he basically walks me! How in the heck do I stop this? Please help.

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • stimulus package mail out date?

    I heard they have the new stimulus package mail out date. I haven't gotten mine yet. I should have gotten it couple days ago according to the new mail out date.

    4 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • shitzu puppy question...?

    I am thinking of getting a shitzu puppy...what are the pros and cons of this breed? I searched the internet...but just curious of owners here that can answer their opinion.. thanks~

    6 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Stimulate package tax???

    I am confused. I have filed taxes, but I got the rapid refund to where I have a H & R debit card. State and federal tax refund went on that debit card. My question is...will I get the stimulate tax on H&R Debit card? or will I get a paper check? One person said that Debit card is a bank account, that I should get it via direct bank account on that debit card. Another person says that Debit H&R card, is a loan thing and I didn't get it direct deposit to my hometown bank account and that I will get a paper check. can someone please help me.?

    2 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • ?? about the National Guard Youth Challenge Program???

    I just found out that my 16 year old son wants to go to Lincoln's Challenge (the National Guard Youth Challenge Program) in Illinois. Isn't that for Junvenilles/troublemakers? Don't you have to be a high school drop out? please someone explain everything to me!!!

    2 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • feline cancer?

    my cat recently diganosed with feline cancer and died last week. I did more research and found out that it can be passed to another cat. I am scared that it may be passed to my dog. I want to know if that is possible? I will call vet monday to ask...but for now...just to ease my mind over the weekend, I wanted to ask here. thanks.

    6 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • severe sharp pains in abdominal area?

    My cousin had a gastric bypass several years ago. She toterated that well. every once in a while she would get sharp stabbing shooting pains that ratiates from stomach area to back area,,, and now she gets them all the time that she can not work nor stand the pain. she has been to ER rooms and they seem to can not find the problem. Does any one seem to have that problem since gastric bypass or a year after wards?

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  • dizziness n hearing impairment...?

    I have been hearing impaired all my life. the equilbruims are 10 times the normal size, my brain fluid has been "leaking" into them which caused my hearing lost. I got so dizzy that I could NOT walk nor drive. soo nausea that I have thrown up. I went to dr couple days ago, a speacialist in iowa city iowa. I was told there is nothing they can do to help my dizziness. I have lost my job, it takes me awhile to read...cause the letters jump around and I can't keep my lines straight to read. What it feels like is taking your prescription glasses and jiggle them around and try to walk ...well that is what I see. Dr says it will not get better. it will get worst. I have fallen 4 times, I applied for disablity and guess what??? yeap ...I got denied. I appealed the disablity social security. Does anyone have similar problems like me or similar problems with SS disablity claims being denied?

    2 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago