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J-Rod on the Radio

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I'm a young "old radio guy" I'm in my twenties, but I think that Old School Radio needs a comeback... Live, Local, and real. I'm also a devoted Christian and conservative. (I've been called a Republican... but I'd rather leave that alone) I try not to get too worked up on YA... but sometimes I can't help it... so I'll just say I'm sorry now.

  • 2005 Dodge Magnum whistles around 65-70 mph, why?

    I've got an 05 Magnum. When we hit 65 or 70 a high pitched whistle, or whine starts. Occasionally it starts at lower or higher speeds, but this is the usual. Has anyone else experienced this, and how did you fix it?

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  • What's the name of a Kids Halloween movie from the 90's?

    Ok, It's about a candy factory. I'm pretty sure it was an ABC made for TV movie. I don't remember too much, but there was a limo-driving henchman and they made the Factory work again by skipping a rock across a pond.

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  • I know what's wrong with Christianity, do you?

    Yahoo Answers is great. Amid the "Chirstian bashing" that my last question endured "What's wrong with Christianity?"

    I found a resounding truth...

    People are not offended by the teachings of Christ!!!

    Most people think that loving people, and helping others, and having standards of behavior are good things..

    but the major problem with "Christians" is the Hipocracy.

    So I am now issuing a challenge... in order to return "Christianity" to better standing... How about people that claim to be "Christians" actually follow the teachings of Christ..

    Drop the hate, quit condeming people, and start being concerned about people...

    Jesus didn't preach "fire and brimstone" sermons... Jesus taught love and respect for all people, and accepting them for who they are and loving them anyway..


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  • What is wrong with Christianity?

    I want to know why all the bashers hate Christians... and what Christians think needs to change in their own religion.

    Please answer this too, would America be a bad place if we followed these Chiristian teaching?

    Honor your father and mother.

    Thou shall not committ murder.

    Thou shall not steal.

    Thou shall not committ adultry.

    Thou shall not bear false witness.

    Thou shall not covet.

    (for those that don't know, these are the last six commandments, the ones that deal with you relationship with other people, rather than with God...)

    can we at least agree that these are good Ideas?

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  • Why whould Java Jive say something this hateful?

    she said this in reference to our troops.

    " because they have no mind of their own. i mean think about it. all they do all day is take orders from someone above them. would you think their opinion is credible? i thought so "

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  • Why is reconstruction still taking place in the former Confederate States of America?

    I know you'll all call me a southern, bigot, racist.

    But I just want everyone to know that the Civil War ended in the 1860s. and then "reconstruction" raped the South even further.

    Not everyone South of the Mason-Dixon Line is bare foot, with three teeth and a shotgun... except my Grandfather.. and he's a Democrat.

    I'm not in favor of Slavery, I'm not racist. I'm just sick of being judged by the area of the country that I was born in. How is that any different than being judged by the color of your skin?

    I'm from the South and Proud of it.

    Let the bashing begin....

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