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I'm kinda a tomboy.....I like to read hang with my friends....skateboard and I like to play on the computer ALOT. If's there's anything you want to ask me just ask me. Just to let you know....i DO NOT give away personal information.

  • Paris By Night performers?

    I watched the Vietnamese music show Paris By Night when I was younger. There was this specific act where there were 2 female singers wearing similar dresses but different colors (I THINK blue and pink or purple or something). The song was upbeat, too. Sorry it's not a lot of info, but it's always left an impression on me. I wanna see the performance again but I don't remember their names or which show it was. Please help!!

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  • Why is my harddrive memory being used even though I'm deleting?

    Recently, I posted a question about how to stop my laptop from freezing.

    It stopped freezing after I cleared quite a bit of my laptop's harddrive.

    I cleared it, and I had about 131 GB used up, a LOT less than before. Then, I deleted MORE unnecessary files, but the harddrive memory (that was used) started going UP from 131 GB used to 139 GB used, etc. I was REALLY confused because the amount of memory being used should be going down, since I was clearing many things out.

    I just finished the "Free up disk space" and that should be helping give me more space, shouldn't it?

    Instead, the amount of memory used up went 154 GB out of 283 GB. This is worrying me because I know the more memory (GB) used, the less smoothly my laptop will run..

    What's going on? Why is this happening? Why isn't the amount of GB used going down? Why is MORE space being used in my harddrive rather than less space?

    PS. My laptop is a Windows 7 ASUS.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Why does my laptop keep freezing?

    This is honestly REALLY REALLY annoying.

    It especially occurs often while watching videos on YouTube or something, or even playing videogames.

    For example, I was watching a YouTube video earlier and my laptop froze about 6 times before I even got halfway through the video! When I play videogames, it freezes too, and that's bad for my team and my overall enjoyment of the game.

    When my laptop freezes, there's no blue screen or anything. The mouse just doesn't move and I can't interact with my laptop. I just sit there and stare at the screen until it eventually goes back to normal, about 2-3 minutes later.

    My hard drive disks says "74.6 GB free of 283 GB". I have about 1/6 of the memory left. Could that be a reason for my laptop freezing up?

    This laptop has been in use for about 2-3 years now, but it's in reaally good condition. The freezing just really bothers me and takes the fun out of a lot of things. I'm starting to get really frustrated.

    What are some possible reasons for my laptop freezing and how can I fix them? Should I take my laptop to Geek Squad and see what they can do for me (how much would it cost to take it to Geek Squad anyway? I've only gone there once and it worked, but for a different situation.)?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Why are some people smarter than others?

    It's always really bothered me.

    I'm an honor student and get straight A's, but I have this one friend who's even better than me.

    He NEVER studies but still gets A's on quizzes and tests.

    My weak spot is MATH. But he literally understands everything in math class. We have the same teacher. And when I can't figure something out, I always ask him and he gives me a simple way to figure it out.

    I don't understand how he can go about it so easily but I have to sit in frustration trying to figure it out.

    So, why is it that some people are naturally more intelligent than others?

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  • iPhone 4S iOS7: Brightness keeps going up?!?

    I have a black iPhone 4S with the updated iOS 7.

    I noticed that even though I have auto-brightness off, my iPhone's brightness slider will literally go up to this one certain spot on the slider by itself.

    This is REALLY annoying. For example, I turned my brightness all the way down to read stories on Wattpad in the dark. But then, as soon as I went back to my Wattpad library, the brightness went up, burning the **** out of my eyes.

    I opened up the settings and manually turned down the brightness but it just keeps going back up to the same spot and it seriously seriously irritates me.

    Why is this happening? How do I stop/fix it?!

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  • Is it possible to have a phone without a contract or monthly bills?

    This is probably a silly question to a lot of people, but I haven't had a cell phone in about 3 years and I'm getting one very very soon.

    If you read the last question that I asked, I explained that my dad wants to try getting a mint condition iPhone for me off Craigslist.

    I personally prefer just going to AT&T, but my dad said he got his iPhone off Craigslist with unlimited everything, no contract, and no monthly phone bills.

    Is that even possible??

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  • Craigslist Question: Buying an iPhone?

    My dad and I have been looking at offers for me to get an iPhone 4s.

    I thought that we were just going to AT&T, get the iPhone with 16GB, and pay for a monthly bill of 80-90 dollars.

    HOWEVER, my dad said to look on Craigslist. My dad happens to own an iPhone from Craigslist. He's had I think 3 other iPhones all from Craigslist so I'm sure he knows what he's doing. He got an iPhone for my mom from Craigslist as well, so..

    We found several deals for the iPhone 4s in white, excellent condition, and AT&T or factory unlocked.

    The thing is, if I get one of the iPhones off Craigslist, I'm really worried about being scammed. However, my biggest concern is the data plan. How much data GB will there be in the iPhone? Is the texting and calling unlimited? I need at least 3GB and unlimited texting.

    My dad said it's unlimited everything but I don't really believe that. Is that a question I'd have to ask the seller or is it really unlimited everything?

    I know this is kind of a weird question, but I still need answers, lol. Thanks!

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  • Sword Art Online ending?

    I'm currently watching SAO the ANIME. I read the wikia already to check the ending.

    I know you're probably like, wtf why? Well, I have this weird problem where I'm absolutely unable to watch or read anything with a sad ending because I end up getting emotionally attached and depressed for a while, the way I was when I watched Vampire Knight.

    I have an IDEA of what happens of the end, I get the big picture, but I'd like confirmation. I don't have any real access to the ongoing manga so I don't know much about what happens after the anime.

    My questions are:

    1. Do Kirito and Asuna end up together? Like, permanently together.

    2. What happens to the other girls that have a crush on Kirito?

    3. What happens to Kayabe Akihiko, the creator of SAO?

    4. What's life like for Kirito and Asuna in the REAL world?

    I know the manga is still ongoing so it might be a little tricky to provide me with a complete answer, but if you can, please answer it as best as possible with the latest happenings in the manga as evidence.

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  • How can I stop being so depressed?

    Before making this question, I looked up easy ways to die. I realize I really need the help. I don't WANT to be so angry and upset.

    Last year, my mother and I got into a fight which resulted in her slapping me across the cheek with a plastic comb. I went to school crying and late. I ended up telling a school counselor and we had to get Department of Children and Families involved to avoid any harm to me. I was in a dangerous state and had gone to the point of planning my death.

    My parents and I always had some toxic in our relationship. We love eachother dearly, but things just get unbearably sometimes.

    I recently went to FL with a close family friend and her parents. When I came back, my dad and his friends were drunk in the kitchen. again. Needless to say, I got upset and told him off. We've been on hostile terms ever since.

    Just about half an hour ago, I walked into the kitchen and sure enough, my dad and his friends were drinking. I yelled twice to don't drink too much, obviously annoyed. My mom overheard me and called me into her room, lecturing me. I started to tear up. I'm not the type of kid who is open towards other people, especially my elders or parentz or adults in general.

    I went back into my room and BOTH my parents came into my room to lecture me. Dad went away and then Mom stayed longer to lecture me, which made me cry even more though i had my gaze on my laptop to seem like I was fine. She told me to wash my face and sleep. I washed and went into my room. I kind of just lost it at this point. I broke down and cried. My mother came into my room, completely aware that I was sincerely hurf. She cried a little and we hugged while she told me she was just trying to discipline me and she loves me.

    There's more, but basically, I just need help and support. I'm scared of making a stupid, permanent decision. I can't find comfort in anything the stars, music, and my friends. I'm really scared right now. I'm only 13, shouldn't I be happy?

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  • Who's this South-Korean artist?

    You see, there's been this song stuck in my head. The only problem is, I can't remember the name of the song OR the artist.

    It's a male artist and he's South Korean. I'm PRETTY sure he has the family name of Kim.

    I remember the MV clearly. At the beginning, there's like a cage and there's women dressed in black around the cage. The male artist plays the role of some kind of seducer and there's also some kind of lion or tiger, I believe a black one, near the beginning of the MV.

    He also, in the MV, catches the eye of some geishas and whispers in one of their ears, I think. In addition, there's a part where he walks out of like, this huge tube/tunnel and dances.

    If anyone can remember the name of the song or the artist, please tell me! I keep thinking the name of the song is "Style" or something like that, but I can't find it on YouTube. Help!

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  • HELP! Something stuck on my eyeball?!?

    I recently had my first strabismus surgery.

    The redness has no completely gone done. It's been a week and 3 days since it's been done.

    I took a shower today and the water accidently blasted me in the face, so I, on reflex, clenched my eyes closed.

    I think I got something from the water in my eye because there's a TIIIINY green speck on my eyeball.

    I've tried poking it with a q-tip, using my nail to gently trap it, and just plain using my finger to stick it. BUT IT'S NOT BUDGING!

    I also developed a small little pink lump near the inner corner of the eye and it blocks the speck from getting to the tearduct. It seems as thought the green speck is actually a part of the lump!!


    1 AnswerOptical8 years ago
  • Do I have an infection?!?

    I recently had strabismus survey to fix the alignment of my eye. The alignment is PERFECT(or at least that's what I think). I'm so happy and it's really changed my life.

    My tears are a little pink and mostly clear. However, I'm getting alarming appearances. For example, there's a little bumb/bulge/bubble at the corner of the operated eye. And it has been three days since surgery and the whites of the eye are bright blood red.

    I went to see my surgeon yesterday and he said there's no signs of infections, but I'm so worried.

    We have been using the ointment given to me 2-3 times a day like directed. I'm so worried!

    There's no pain, just slight discomfort when looking around too far.

    The extreme redness and bump is worrying me though. Please help! Do I have an infection?!

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  • How long will it take to get pale skin?

    To start off, I want to please ask for no negative comments like, "WHY WOULD YOU WANT PALE SKIN?" I could ask the same and say "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TANNED SKIN?"

    I'm from Asia, where fair skin is considered beautiful. I live in the USA, where it's the opposite. When I was born, I had very fair and milky pale skin. As my father exposed me to beaches, I became very tanned. As a result, my goosebumps always show now past my tanned skin.

    I've been using lemon juice + honey + milk + sugar to exfoliate and lighten the skin every day. I also scrub half of a lime on my skin. Another method I use is Jasmine tea leaves + mashed avocado + milk + sugar + honey and keep it on my face for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

    I haven't seen any real noticeable changes.

    Do I need to apply remedies to the ENTIRE body?

    How long will it take until I get pale skin?

    Are there any other remedies for at home skin lightening?

    6 AnswersOther - Skin & Body8 years ago
  • WHERE do I whiten my skin?

    I used to be quite pale. I'm also from Asia, where paler skin is considered very rare and beautiful, but I like pale skin anyway. I become tan easily and I don't want to be tan anymore, to be honest. I know many remedies to lighten skin and I've been using them. However, I only put the mixtures for whitening skin on my face and neck. What about the rest of my body? Will it just follow? Do I need to apply the mixtures everywhere? That'd be a bit difficult.

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  • How do I know the hard cap?

    I'm playing World of Warcraft, and I'm just getting into it. Everything's going well, and then I start to pvp. I saw this spriest who was hitting really hard and i looked at his armory.

    I realized he reforged a lot of stats.

    I want to update my character's armor, but something I don't understand is..

    How do I know when I've hit the hard cap?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • World of Warcraft Cap/Hard Cap/Soft Cap?

    I'm getting back into WoW after several months. I realized that I don't know much about WoW, which is extremely confusing for me.

    I wanted to know about "caps"? I did research but no one was really clear about it :/

    What is a hard cap, soft cap, and a cap? What's the difference between the three? Please answer in an uncomplicated way, haha. If possible, please provide some examples. I missed Azeroth, haha. Thank you! ^_^

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  • World of Warcraft Rotations?

    I know, this is my second question about World of Warcraft.

    I haven't played in a really long time and I'm trying to get back into it.

    I know rotation is a common term for dps classes and I know it's used when raiding. But, what exactly is it? I tried checking on Google and stuff but everything I read was kind of confusing and complicated. Examples of rotations please?

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  • World of Warcraft PvP Gear?

    So, I haven't played WoW in 6-8 months and I haven't gotten to try MoP yet. I was never a super-pro player to begin with, haha.

    I never really understood the difference between PvE and PvP gear. Is it that PvP gear has resilience to reduce the damage taken from enemy players?

    My hunter and DK are pretty good in BGs, but they have no resilience or PvP gear. Where can I get PvP gear?

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • How can I correct strabismus?

    I don't know how or when I got strabismus/amblyopia. My right eye shuts off and drifts outwards and it's SO awkward for me. It ruins my social life and I have a really big plan ahead of me but, it's really keeping me from getting there. Sometimes, I use both eyes together, and sometimes, I don't. I've lost quite some vision in my left eye and I have to wear contacts/glasses. My bangs go over my right eye at school, so that no one will notice. I'm almost 13 now, and I'm honestly really concerned. Is there any way to get my right eye aligned? Will surgery work? Patching? Please answer.

    2 AnswersOptical8 years ago
  • What's bringing a dog on a plane like?

    In November of 2012, I'm heading to New Mexico to a really nice resort.(: Woop!

    One thing.. I have to take my dog with me. This can be kinda stressful. I don't want to be kicked off a plane because of him. What if he pees? I have to clean it up. What if he's hungry? Don't I have to keep him in the carrier at ALL times? I'm kinda afraid. So, what are the procedures and are there any tricks or anything I can use to make it a lot easier?

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