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  • Questions on Water/Arsenic?

    What are the natural and human induced traces of arsenic? As in what is their source? I cant find the answer to this questions in my notes :\

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  • What factors can cause a "bull" and "bear" markets?

    Not the conditions of either markets, but the factors which can cause them.

    Also, what market are we currently in?

    Im having trouble with this question on my economics project because he asked specifically for what the 'causes' were instead of just the 'conditions of'.

    3 AnswersInvesting9 years ago
  • How can I re-word this to make it sound better?

    After persevering through a hardship, those who, instead of dwelling on the tribulations of their past, are able move ahead to become better people—are the true survivors.

    This is the final sentence for my survivor paper in english. Help!

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • How does one determine that a power is "implied" when it is not specifically stated in the Constitution?

    I keep looking everywhere for the answer to this, but i cant seem to really figure it out...Can anyone with knowledge on the constitution pleaaaaaaaaaase help! (:

    3 AnswersGovernment9 years ago
  • Qualitive/Quantitive observations?

    This is a question my bio teacher asked and im having some problems with it. It is reffering to fictional "journal entries" made by Dr. Victor Frankenstein prior to the "making" of his monster.

    Today i examined the effect different solutions have on the human brain. Igor brought three brain specimens to use. I placed one in a water solution, one in lemon juice (acid), and one in baking soda (base). Each day for two months we recorded data from the brains. We measured the mass, diameter, and the smell of the brains. On the final day we concluded that baking soda wil preserve a brain longer that lemon juice (acid)

    Which of the data/observatons would be qualitive/quantitive?

    I think that the Mass would be Quantitive, and diameter, but smell? And any other qualitive and quantitive?

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  • Help with Biology HW? Independent/Dependent variables and more?!?

    Ahh, im in my freshman year of HS and this is my biology HW and im having alottt of trouble remembering this stuff :( Pleaaaase help!

    The whoooole thing basically says:

    these are entries from the journal of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The experiments that follow were discovered in his lab in 1818. It is beleive that blalbah, he created frankenstien monster blah blah blah.

    Here is the experiment thingeeh. (its a journal entry thing)

    Today i examined the effect different solutions have on the human brain. Igor brought three brain specimens to use. I placed one in a water solution because it simulates the human body (made mostly of water), one in lemon juice (acid), and one in baking soda (base). Each day for two months we recorded data from the brains. We measured the mass, diameter, and the smell of the brains. On the final day we concluded that baking soda wil preserve a brain longer that lemon juice (acid)

    Question 1. What were the variables in this experiment?

    I think that lemon juice, water, and baking soda aren't variables...right?!?! But mass diameter and the smell are?? and that the mass and the diameter, and smell are all dependent, and is the brain the Independent because it is what is being tested?

    And im not sure but is the control, the brain with the water in it? Because it simulates a humans body thing.

    Im soo confused. :(

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  • I know this is a really stupid question but I want to be 100% sure...?

    What is the square root of x?

    By that I mean:

    √ x ?

    This is when simplifying radicals/radicands.

    Sorry, now i feel really stupid. haha.

    Thank You:)

    4 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Math Questions? Simplifying Radicals...?

    For my homework I have 10 problems, 4 of which I am confused by and I need some help:)

    2 of the questions i need help with are questions i have answers to but am not 100% sure, and 2 of them I am just not understanding at all.

    Here are the 2 i already have answers to but am confused by:

    1. 2 sq(8n^6m^5)

    *[2 multiplied by the square root of 8n to the 6th power multiplied by m to the 5th power]

    My answer:

    4n^3m^2 sq(2m)

    *[4n to the 3rd power multiplied by m squared all multiplied by the square root of 2m]

    2. 5 sq(8)/ sq(75a)

    *5 multiplied by the square root of 8 all over (divided by) the square root of 75a*

    My answer: 10 sq(6a)/15a

    *10 multiplied by the square root of 6a all over (divided by) 15a

    My question for the 1st one is, well obviously is it right? If not what did i do wrong? and what would the answer come out to be?

    my question for #2 is, when doing the problem should the letter 'a' be inside or outside of the square root?

    is it right? and what did i do wrong? haha

    the other two i have no idea how to do:

    1. sq(10xy)

    *square root of 10xy*

    WTF? I dont get it allll around.

    2. -2x^3 sq(45x/5x^4)

    *negative 2x to the third power multiplied by the square root of 45x over 5x to the fourth power*

    Im not sure how to go about this one...Please help :(

    Please and thank you:)

    Im terrible at math. haha.

    P.S I re wrote the problems in 'word' form NOT because i undermine your superior mathmatical abilities but, because i fear my inability to express it in the standard form could fudge up your conclusion? hahaha

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  • Math Question: Factoring to solve Quadratic Equations?

    This question was on my practice workbook, I didnt understand it but when i went to ask my teacher she told me to ask a 2 friends before asking her, neither knew, and when i got to her she told me to figure it out on my own. here i am at 9:46 still trying to figure this out....

    A banner is in the shape of a right triangle of area 63 in ^2. The height of the poster is 1 in less then twice the width of the banner. Find the height and width of the banner?

    I dont understand at ALL.

    Please help me understand.

    Much appreciated:)

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  • How to make a video game based on the civil war?

    I have a project on the civil war due, and instead of taking the easy route and making an acrostic poem, or some kind of poster drawing thing, i decided to make a videogame. For the project, my teacher gave me and the rest of the students, all key dates, on which important events in the civil war occured. My date was April 12th 1861, which is the 'date' when the first shots were fired, and the civil war officially becan, However, i do not know how i would be able to make a video game out of this using FPS (first person shooter) because all the model sofwares are great, but none of them closely resemble anything even remotely close to the civil war. I think this software is great, but i dont know how i could make one of the model softwares (wheter its based on acient rome, medieval times, or even the SWAT team one) even 'closely' resemble something to the civil war times. Plus my teacher has decided to scare me by telling me things like "must be HISTORICALLY accurate"

    How can i make this work?

    Do you know of any other softwares i could use for this?

    NOTHING EXPENSIVE.... in fact, free would be nice :)

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  • Health Scare?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

    My mom woke up this morning and decided to go to the bathroom when all of a sudden her throat closed up and she suddenly felt very warm. She was incredibly pale and yelled to my dad (I QUOTE) *She's not american so her grammars a LITTLE off* "HUSBAND IM DYING! HELP" He woke up ran to the bathroom took her to the bed and got her somewater, fanned her up and her color returned BUT she then became VERY cold.

    I asked her WHY she didnt call the ambulence IMMEDIATLEY but she said *quote again* "ambulence cost $1000 dollars no no no" And i retorted with "MOM, YOU THINK THAT $$ IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN HEALTH?!?!?" and she camly said "Now it is." So im VERY afraid for her and i want to see to it that she gets better but in order to do that i need to know what might have happend to her. Shes afraid that she had a heart attack but i know it WASNT a heart attack, her throat closed up she didnt have any chest pains or limpness in her arms.


    I know that there are excessive ? marks, it wont let me ask a question without it being 20 charecters.

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  • How to do a problem with scientific notation? Algebra?

    So my teacher OFTEN gives homework without explaining certain PARTS of the homework. So, after the algebra period ended and i got home and looked over my homework on scientific notation, which is REALLY easy, i saw a type of question i have NEVER seen before in my ENTIRE life. So this is my dillema here.

    The question is:


    I have no idea HOW to do this problem or the other 10 that i have to do, so PLEASSEEE explain what you did to get whatever you got, or if you dont want to give me the answer PLEAAASEE explain to me HOW to do the problem :) pleeeeeeeeasee :)

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  • Volunteering? animal shelter?


    recently this summer a homeless cat has been visiting my house/backyard everyday...i want to help this cat find a home because i cant take it in (my mom is deathly afraid...) if my mom werent so scared i would take it in, in a heart beat:) but i cant, so i want to try to find a shelter nearby who will take it in...but i have been thinking and, I would also like to volunteer for an animal shelter too:) but im olny in the 8th grade :( and some shelters will either olny let 16 year olds volunteer or if your 12-15 you need to be accompanied by a parent :( sooo, my mom is deathly afraid so shes not a n option but my dad is a workaholic so hes not really home too much...but i really want to find a way to volunteer at an animal shelter, is there any way that i can volunteer without being accompanied by a parent but with permission instead?

    I want to volunteer because it would look good on a college application, but i want to volunteer to do things that would help, and that i would enjoy...since i love animals, volunteering at an animal shelter is the place im most interested in volunteering for

    thank you

    all answers are appreciated

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  • How much should i charge for baby-sitting?

    I have an adult friend who was looking for somebody she can trust and is responsible to be her "Saturday Sitter" on the weekends. So she asked me because she is going to move closer to my area soon and she doesn't want to ask a stranger to look after her kids... she isn't moving in too soon, around early august, but I don't know how much I am going to charge because of lack of experience..... but i don't want to over or undercharge....she knows that i can handle her kids because i am going to the 8th grade and they are just entering 1st and 3rd grades, plus she knows that i have babysat my baby cousins before...but in order to figure out the price range you have to know exactly who and for how long i am going to be babysitting these kids.

    Baby-Sitting Info:

    Kids: 2, both boys, youngest entering 1st grade, eldest entering 3rd grade

    Pets: 4, One small dog; Dachshund beagle mix, one parrot, and 2 rats.

    Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:00PM, so ~ 6 hours

    I will most likely still be baby sitting by the time school starts so i was wondering if that will give me the opportunity to raise my rate because i might have to cancel plans or have projects to do over the weekend or what not...

    Please help and thank you

    xoxoxoxoox :)

    Also I have taken a babysitting course in my schools life skills classes if that counts for anything :)

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  • Who should pay? Is it right for him to be doing this?

    Well this past Thursday, my aunt flew in from NY to get her lisence in NC.(She is 23 by the way, if that helps anything) Anyways, the night she flew in, her and my mom wanted to go get some "practicing" in before she went to the DMV the next day, but, long story short, they got in a big accident. My aunt was behind the wheel when she lost control of the car and crashed. Thankfully the airbags deployed and they got away a little shaken, but my mom got her face pretty scracthed up. But they later found out, that the car had been totaled. We had already paid off the car, so it was legally ours, however we have to pay $7000 to either get a new car, or fix our own. But my parents both average. $20,000 each per year,(they both are cash registerers at local gas stations full time) so we just dont have the money. Plus, my aunt was behind the wheel, so therefore she is responsible for the accident, But my dad dosent want her to pay because she is family. And also, she is a Nurse who makes alot of money,[I know because she carrys around calvin klein luggage, dolce gabanna perfume, and 200$ totes/purses.]

    So who should legally pay for the damages, and is my father right to feel that he should pay for it himself?

    Also, at the time of the accident, my aunt had a Learners Permit, and my mom is a licencsed driver, so my aunt being behind the wheel wasn't illegal.

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • What are your personal reccomendations for semi-permanent,or permanent boxed dyes?Best colors experienced too?

    So, my situation is that, about a year ago, in Middle March of 08, I went to the salon to get highlights and a cut. So I ended up with honey, caramel, blondish highlights, and a cute pixie cut,[in contrast to my darrkk brown hair] and it was fantastic, for the time being.

    but now, almost a year later my hair has grown from my ears to about and 1inch below my shoulders, so they now look like crap. But anyways, i told my mom that i didnt like them anymore, so she and i decided to give henna a try to tone down the highlights to a nice red color, so after a solid 6 hours with the henna painted on my head, i accomplished a few things:

    1. Thouroughly more Conditioned hair

    2. Additional Softness

    3. and ugly bright orangy streaks paired with

    4. the nasty aftersmell everytime i wash my hair.

    well now its been a while the orange is toning, and the smell is now gone when I wash my hair, but i still have these now, crappier highlights. My mom first reccomended henna because she didn't want me to further damage my hair as i did with the bleaching for the highlights, but now she is realizing that henna is obviously not for me, so she has given in and let me make the decision to darken the highlights.

    But i dont want her to spend another 50$ or 60$ to dye my hair professionally, so im going to dye my hair with a boxed dye, either semi-permanent for minimal damage but still have coverage over the highlights, but permanent that way i dont need to keep going on every few weeks.

    but the impasse i am at right now is, which brand to use, and would give me a nice color, I currently have VERRYY dark brown hair (second to black) and i am either looking for a red tint or just a dark brown dye to cover the highlights and give my dull hair more vibrancy and demension/ my question for u today is that, what brand of dye (semi-permanent or permanent dye) would you guys reccomend?also what color [and brand] do you belive will make me the most satisfied, with coverage of my awwfffuull highlights and for more demension in my current color??

    I am up for a variety of NATURAL hair colors, nothing like purples or greens, but I am not sure if i am ready to rebleach my hair. to my friends im a daredevil, mostly because of my extreme cuts, but aslo because of my experimentation with hair colors.

    so any colors and/or brands you can reccomend for me would be great. at the moment i cannot post pictures of my hair color, but i will try at another time.

    thank you for any and all answers!

    8 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • If you move from the USA to the UK & you live there long "enough", will you be adapted to a british accent?

    Also if it is possible, how long would it take to be adapted to the accent. i was asking this because I was wondering, if people from Britain can come from the UK to the US and ultimately lose their ''british'' accent, then accquiring an "american" accent, then why can't americans go to britain and "eventually" aquire a "british" accent. also today, my friend Paul Lee was disscussing the fact that he was from South Korea ( *his family is korean* ), and RAISED in London, and came to America, so, when he was in london he had a british accent, but then he moved to america in fall of 07' and since then he has adapted to an american accent. So if someone with an american accent had decided to move to the UK and establish a permenent residence, would the eventually adapt themselves to have a british accent? And if so, how long would it take? I am just asking out of curiosity**

    *please help with personal experience/stories, or theories, as well as arcticles!!!

    Thanxx for all your answers!!!

    12 AnswersOther - United Kingdom1 decade ago
  • would you rather have 1 really good expensive gift or multiple smaller gifts??CHRISTMAS POLL!?

    would you rather have 1 really good expensive gift or multiple smaller gift????like an ipod touch, or lots of clothes, jewlery, shoes, sports stuff, ect... that matches the price?? im trying to decide between the two, and i wanted to know what the Y!A community thought.

    17 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • Is my friend becoming anorexic?(serious question!!)?

    im talking to my friend on the phone rite now, (who btw cant belive i m seriously asking this question) and she dosent think she is going anorexic, even though she olny eats at lunch every other few days, and she just said to me, and i quote " i think im getting fat, so im not going to eat lunch at school, i might just eat a lollipop" this has been going on for like a month and a half, or 2, and every time i tell her why wat she is doing is wrong she just says, "so", so i think she is going anorexic, but she thinks otherwise, who is right, and wat should i do???

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • which thing should i be 4 halloween, and how do u make them at home?

    me and my frends either want to go as something the same or diffrnt, if we go the same we will be tom and jerry, but i dont know how to make the costumes for tom.... but if i go different i'll be a cheerleader, or wicth. i know how to make a cheerlead3r, and wicth costume but no a cat one. i need help for the cat or mouse, and it cant b childish, cus im in the 7th grade, so it needs to be cute. but i need help..

    ps. any more costume suggestions, and instructions on how to make them will help!!

    1 AnswerHalloween1 decade ago