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I am a student at Penn State University majoring in Health Policy and Administration, and I have a knack for politics and international issues, emergency services and 9-1-1, and issues regarding sexuality and identity, especially topics regarding homosexuality. I am always open for conversation or a healthy debate on a wide variety of subjects, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail! Thanks for stopping by :-) P.S. While my life is hectic at times, I respond to all e-mails, though it may take me a few days or even a week to get back to you. Don't you fret, however, as I will reply to you! Thanks!

  • Is his mum still alive?

    I recently watched the music video "Hate Me" by Blue October. It made me wonder if the mother of Justin Furstenfeld (the lead singer) is still alive. Anyone with info, that would be great! Thanks!

    Oh, if you know of any interviews, that would be awesome. Thanks bunches!

    The video:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • United States economics confusion?

    Okay. So today was a good day for the markets - the DOW is at an all-year high of 10222. But last week, the highest unemployment rate since 1983 was also reported. So unemployment is at 10.2% while the markets continue to show signs of life. What gives? If someone could explain this to me, I would be most appreciative. Thanks.


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  • Should I be worried about this?

    Right now I have a massive migraine. I hardly ever get headaches, but my head feels like it wants to pop. Also, I just got a nose bleed to stop (I don't know why but it just randomly started), which had lasted for 10 minutes. Should I be concerned or should I take a few ibuprofen and sleep on it?

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  • Do you think a medic should have been dispatched as well?

    The original dispatch of the call indicated a 302 (psych) commitment for a 28 year old male threatening to harm himself. Police were on location requesting an ambulance to transport (as they always do), and stated the suspect would not be cooperative. They also stated that he had harmed himself with a razor.

    With this information, the 911 center dispatched a BLS-only volunteer ambulance company to respond. The BLS ambulance went en route with a full BLS crew about 5 minutes later (no one wants to run 302's with uncooperative patients). They were then advised that the male was probably also intox and his bleeding wounds were uncontrolled due to his fighting with the police. They acknowledged this and continued to the scene emergency (with lights and sirens) and arrived about 5-7 minutes later.

    A few minutes later, the BLS crew requested information on a medical helicopter and if they had capacity for a police officer to fly with them. 911 notified them that a medical helicopter would have 10 minutes and would have room for 1 officer.

    The BLS crew then canceled their request for a helicopter, stating they would transport via ground. A short time later (I would say about 5-10 minutes later), the BLS ambulance went en route to the hospital with a police officer on board. They also advised that the patient had ingested an unknown amount of unknown pills that they believed to be painkillers. A few minutes later, the BLS advised 911 that the patient was coding and they needed a medic to intercept and assist. They met the medic (who happened to be in the area from another call) about 5 minutes later and then continued to the hospital.

    I don't know the outcome of the patient but my question is: why didn't a medic get dispatched as soon as they realized the patient ingested the pills or even before that, when the bleeding was uncontrolled? Also, do you think they should have continued with the medical helicopter?

    Thanks for your thoughts (and no, I will not disclose where this happened or when to protect those involved).

    Also, this information was assertained through radio communication only.

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  • What do you think of the Olympics 2016?

    How do you feel about Brasil getting the Olympics in 2016. Do you think they should have been hosted in Chicago or somewhere else?

    I personally am glad that they are not in the US and think that it is good to finally get the Olympics to South America for the first time.


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  • Is it a good idea for me to go to bartending school?

    I am a college student and need cash (what college student doesn't?). I like the idea of bartending because I go to school at Penn State, where the student population is just over 40000, so there are a lot of bars and nightclubs. Also, I have heard you can pull in a few hundred bucks in a good night. I have read other questions on this site that ask the same question, but I am 18 - so I can't just go out and buy alcohol and begin mixing. It is the Pittsburgh Bartending School ( and tuition is a little under 700. Thoughts?

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  • Wasn't the Iraq War a bipartisan effort?

    99 Senators approved of the war (with the other not voting)

    At the time, there were 48 Democrats (47 voting yea) and 52 Republicans (all voting yea)

    Many people constantly blame just Bush for the war, but I would like to point out that to activate troops and invade another country, the President must have the approval of the Senate, which he overwhelmingly had. Do you think we could share the blame?

    Also, I do understand that much information that was presented March of 2003 could be considered biased or incorrect. If you are citing something like this, PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK TO BACK YOUR STATEMENT UP!!! Thanks for all the answers that will be coming :-)

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  • Maureen Dowd's racist(?) NY Times article?

    Here's a direct link to the article:

    Is this woman serious? Obviously, when Joe Wilson blurted out "you lie" in retort to Barack Obama's statement that the health reform bill will not cover illegal immigrants, Ms. Dowd believes that it was racist. It wasn't about the debate (which everyone else seems to think it was about), no, Ms. Dowd says it was about racism, and that Wilson can't deal with a black guy as President. Now, I don't think it was about race, heck I don't care what colour or gender you are, it's the policies that really irk me. But I digress, and would like to know: Is this really viable? I mean can this really be taken as an insult to race? Your thoughts please :-)

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  • Can Howard Dean back his statement up with facts?

    Howard Dean said: "Republicans and Democrats both ram things through," Mr. Dean said, "At the end of the day, the American people want a health-care bill and they don't care if it's through reconciliation."

    But according to a poll:

    Rasmussen Report: "Public support for the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low as just 42% of U.S. voters now favor the plan."

    So how can Dean make such a statement? I would like to point out that a reputable poll was taken and shows that Mr. Dean is, in fact, incorrect in his statement. Thoughts?

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  • Joe Wilson calls Obama a liar?

    So if you haven't heard already, H of R Republican Joe Wilson called Obama a liar during his address to Congress.

    Youtube thumbnail


    His outburst was uncalled for (no matter if you agree with Rep. Wilson or not), but understandable. I liked how Obama quickly gathered himself and kept going on his speech. I also like that Pelosi didn't do anything then after his outburst (mainly because she didn't hear what he said, as is evidenced in the video). And I also liked how Wilson immediately called the White House to apologize after the speech.

    While I don't care if you agree with Wilson or not, I would like to know what other people think. What did you think of Obama's reaction? Pelosi's? Wilson's apology?

    Many thanks, and even though this is the politics section of Yahoo! Answers, let's try to be civil :-)

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  • President Obama's Education Speech?

    Ok. So Obama's speech is posted online. I don't see any 'indoctrination' in it, but what do you think?

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  • Using welfare as protection?

    On a question about "paying their fair share", I saw the following answer:

    "...[O]f those on welfare, how many do work but make so little that they qualify for welfare? Do we punish those who do work? Also, if we were to block them from getting benefits I think they would turn to a life of crime to feed their kids. I'd rather let them have some money as long as they don't rob me or you."

    So, I guess I want to know if this is feasible? If the US didn't have such a "unique" welfare system, would I have to bolt my doors, bar my windows, and carry a gun around at all times just to feel safe?

    Your thoughts please.

    Source: Question: When Dems talk about people needing to "pay their fair share" are they also talking to the people on welfare?


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  • How will the US health care reform bill work?

    OK. So we all know that everyone is debating with everyone about the health care reform bills and such in Congress. But what is the goal of the Democratic Party? I have heard so many things and am pretty much tired of all the lies, deceit, and mud-flinging from both sides. How about some facts or something?

    A note to political commentators (i.e. anyone who will answer this question probably): Please just the facts. No rants about how Obamacare will supposedly be horrible or about how the GOP is supposedly encouraging mobs and disruption at the town halls. I have heard this and I can make my own opinion.

    My question is what is the goal of the Democrats and/or President Obama? What do they want to accomplish and get out of the bills in Congress? But also, please PROVIDE A RELIABLE SOURCE to prove yourself!

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  • How can we finally stop racism in the US?

    Last night, Barack Obama said the police "acted stupidly" when arresting Gates and said it showed how racism still plays a role in this country. Personally, I don't think that race played a role in Gates being arrested for disorderly conduct, but how are we expected to become less racist when our President blatantly accuses police of racism when it is not obvious that there was any? I want to see Americans move forward as a people, so does anyone have any ideas on how to finally put an end to racism, especially in the public sector?

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  • When do I buy books for school?

    I'm going to Penn State and my mother has been harping on me to buy books but I keep telling her that I don't buy yet. I have all my classes scheduled and such but my arrival day isn't for 2 months. A little help please?

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  • Deciding which ambulance company to run with.?

    Should I run with an ambulance company that has around 400-450 calls a year or one that has around 1000? Both are ALS and volunteer and both would require me to be on station to run calls. Also, this will be my first time with an ambulance company, and I have been a volunteer firefighter for 4 years now.

    Any and all input appreciated

    Thank you and Cheers.

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