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  • Where can you smoke in New York City?

    Can you smoke on the street? Where can you have a cigarette?

    Going to help Hurricane Sandy victims for 10 days and while I don't smoke a lot when I am under pressure I do need to light up. Need to know if the laws are the same on Long Island as in Manhattan.

    Please help! Thanks!

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  • Justice for Benghazi?

    Will you help us bring justice to the victims and their families?

    Please join our efforts we are growing and expanding. Resources available to keep your government and the media accountable for their actions!

    For the families!

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  • Did the debate change your mind about Romney and did it sway your decision on your vote?


    I personally think Romney OWNED. But that's just me.

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  • How butt hurt is Obama right now?

    I wonder if this ruined his anniversary.

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  • Bio-Mom Favoritism What to do?!?

    For almost a year now I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend and his two daughters. His daughters live with us 50% of the time. They are great kids I have no complaints and we all get along fabulously.

    The youngest is six and the oldest is 10. Their "Mother" thinks she is a great Mom but that is hardly the case. I'm not here to bash her but I do have some concerns about how she treats the girls and am looking for some advice.

    The six year old is babied and gets lots of attention from Bio-Mom and the 10 year old not so much. The six year old is the star of the show, loves to be the center of attention and is a cute little blonde haired blue eyed girl. The 10 year old is also very cute, brown hair and looks identical to her Father. I'm thinking that this has something to do with how she is treated as well on a sub-conscience level.

    There have been some behaviors from the six year old that I am growing concerned with. Such as coming up with excuses to not help her sister clean their shared room. Taking her older sisters spot on the sofa to sit next to her Dad to get attention. Also arguing is coming into play which has never been a problem before mostly started by the six year old. The 10 year old just puts up with it almost like a habit (that she didn't learn living with me the last year).

    I don't know what to do. I don't want either one of the girls to be favored. My gut says that the six year old is favored at her Bio-Mom's house so I'm doing everything in my power to make sure they are treated equally when they are with me. If anything I find myself possibly over compensating from time to time so the older child gets more attention (in very small ways).

    What advice can you provide?

    23 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

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  • Bio Mom Troubles - What Say You?

    Here are the facts:

    Bio Mom works on the internet just enough to get Medicare and food stamps. She essentially lives solely off of the child support she receives.

    Step Mom herself pays $1,500.00 per year for the Step Daughter's dance lessons not the Bio Dad because she loves to support the children's endeavors.

    Bio Mom (never investing in ANY extra curricular activities mind you) is insistent that she attend the weekly lessons.

    The lessons are on Bio Dad's day per a court order.

    The child has expressed no interested what so ever in having Bio Mom attend and is excited to go to the same dance school that her Step Mom did.


    What do you say to the Bio Mom when she becomes insistent on attending the lessons?

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  • USDA Mortgage Removing Name?


    There are two parties on a USDA mortgage. They have gone to court and the judge ordered that one party sign documents to remove themselves as a liable party on the loan. What is the process to get the name off of the loan?

    On a side note the party that was awarded the home will not be able to afford it and has poor credit and no steady source of income.

    Also the USDA stated to sign a "Quit Claim Deed" however that removes ownership from the property itself (which is fine) BUT it doesn't remove your name from the loan.

    Is there something that I am missing? Does anyone know this process or has anyone gone through it?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    9 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 years ago
  • Will you listen now?

    So at first people laughed and just started calling names that we all found humor in. Then people with opposing views got more nervous about the TEA Party movement and started to try and intimidate them by calling them racist. Can anyone be big enough to admit that they under estimated the power of the TEA Party and will start listening now? Do we have your attention or will a state of denial continue?

    What say you? A TEA Party Organizer would like to know.

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  • Question for liberals.?

    Does your butt hurt??

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  • A little advice?!?! Step Children on their way!?

    So the man I am with I have been friends with for more than half of my life. I love him dearly and we are both in a difficult situation. He will be moving in with me soon and I will be filing for divorce soon. He has two children. I was planning to meet them at a much later date but it seems that the time is coming sooner than later as to me meeting them.

    I am planning on getting a nice room put together for them to share with bunk beds very fun. Planned on getting them new clothes and toys. Even wrapping them up for fun because I figured a good impression for a 4 year old and an 8 year old is to let them know that they have their own beds and that we can have fun together.

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom or suggestions for a soon step mom to be? I don't even know where to begin. I have two dogs and an awesome niece that's it.

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  • So Carly doesn't like Bab's hair big deal! What say you?

    Let's not forget that Barbara Boxer tried to discredit THOUSANDS of Americans when she said a few months ago that the TEA Party supporters were not genuine because they were "Too Well Dressed"

    Look for yourself!

    Any serious politician would just let the comment roll off of them. If this is the nastiest that Carly gets then I would vote for her because she didn't know she was being listened to in the first place.

    She quotes someone else and it is a crime against humanity? If this is the worst this campaign gets then its going to be some sort of record for conduct on the campaign trail.

    Do you find this whole debate a little out of control and petty? If you can vote for Carly does this make you want to vote for Carly even more? What substance does this story have? What say you?

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  • Need HELP! Mother doesn't work total mooch!?

    My boyfriend is a wonderful man that has taken care of his family for the last eight years. He has been the only one that has worked. He gave her the mortgage money and she didn't pay the mortgage payment with it and we aren't sure where the money went. She did this three times and he kept the mortgage current.

    She "works from home on the internet" she makes about 200 bucks a month. Instead of helping pay a 1900 dollar dental bill for her youngest child she chooses to have an 80.00 cell phone bill and spend her money getting drunk and buying concert tickets.

    She said that she can get all sorts of government assistance. She has no intention of getting a job and she has no intention of moving out of their home. They have a mortgage with both of their names on it.

    We need some help with some legal advice we are in Iowa. We hope that we can find out about what can happen with the home and what the chances are of him getting sole custody.


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  • We are just getting started. Do you believe now?

    The TEA Party is not just supporting the republican party. We have been trying to say this for over a year now. We are against career politicians and them playing games with our money and our government. We are throwing out the republican incumbents and getting who we want representing us in the political race.

    How many times will TEA Party members have to say that they were against Bush's spending policies as well until it is clearly understood?

    Did you think this would happen to republican candidates?

    Do you think that this will end?

    Why hasn't the TEA Party died yet?

    Will they remember in November?

    Excerpt from the article:

    "The whole reason I started the tea party (in Utah) was Sen. Bennett. He was the next one up for election," said David Kirkham, who added that his opposition developed after the veteran lawmaker voted for the bailout President George W. Bush sought in late 2008.



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  • I think we should do this! What say you?

    Sooooo I keep seeing all these lists of companies that are based in Arizona for various anti-ILLEGAL ALIEN boycotts. I want to recommend that we share them with our TEA Party contact lists and ask that supporters of the TEA Party make sure they buy goods from the companies that are targeted in these boycotts. But be sure that if you do you let the publisher know exactly what you are doing. Just to make their day a little brighter ;)

    Do you think liberals were smart enough to think about that in advance? I mean they did think that Arizona tea should be boycotted when it is manufactured in New York State. Genius at work I tell you.

    Just by myself I have 5,000 TEA Party supporters I can email with any boycott list at the drop of a hat and they have big contact lists too.

    I say we do it! What say you!?

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  • Chicago Climate Exchange Scandal Obama/Gore/Goldman Sachs?

    Have you heard about this yet?

    If you answer prior to ten minutes then I know you didn't read the article or watch the video. I am only going to select an answer I believe that has fully reviewed the material I present here.

    Guaranteed five stars for the best answer.

    Share your thoughts left or right.


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  • What if George Bush asked for the following....?

    People of German, English and Danish decent to come stand together once again and remember to vote.

    Would that be playing the race card like 0webama did here?

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  • So what is with all the Tea Party questions today?

    I think liberals are a little nervous, is that why there are all these questions all of the sudden on Y/A?

    Can't wait to meet those infiltrators tomorrow!

    Oh by the way have you read this brilliant little gem from the "Organizer of the INFILTRATION?" Seems more libertarian to me and conservative than anything.

    What say you? Laughing and teasing last year, fear of our movement this year? TEA hee!

    Also say what you like good or bad here. I am a leader in my Tea Party because I want you to ALWAYS have the ability to say whatever you wish whether I like it or not.

    Go to town people!!!!


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  • What say you? Your opinion please?

    So I came across this today and would like people's opinions please.


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  • Is the tanning bed tax racist?

    So I have been hearing a lot on the taxation of tanning bed use. Could this be considered racist as the majority of tanning bed users are caucasians? What about sexist and racist since the majority of users are caucasian women?

    9 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Is Obama a Fail or a Win you decide and then rant away!!?

    I like to ask this question every so often just my own little poll.

    All I really need to know is if you think Obama is a "Fail" or a "Win"

    Also you may use this question as a sounding board to vent if you would like as well. I am not going to react to your responses but I am curious to hear what is really on people's minds with this President whether it is positive or negative.

    Have fun with it and get what ever you feel off of your chest!

    Enjoy and thank you!

    13 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago