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I am happily married to DrBill, living in San Diego CA. The proud bubby of a 7year old boy. I love sailing, reading, photography, shopping, estate sales, fine dining, and managing my ebay business.

  • any themed restaurants for kids in san diego ca?

    Not Corvette Diner or Chuck E Cheese

    Thank you!

    2 AnswersSan Diego7 years ago
  • my husband and I are considering retiring from U.S. to Panama, can we make it on $2500 a month?

    we are going to visit next month, we would like to live in one of the beach communities (eg coronado). Can we rent a place instead of purchase

    4 AnswersPanama8 years ago
  • what is going to cost to get the cv boot replaced on my car?

    I was told a year ago that I have a cracked boot on my '97 nissan altima. My husband didn't want to get it fixed and now my car is making a noise when I turn the steering wheel. I know that the lubrication is probably gone. Can anyone tell me approximately what labor and part is going to cost?

    Thank you!

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • not sure where to ask this?

    my husband works for a company where there's only about 3 men and about 110 women. He has a doctorate degree and years of mangerial experience. When a position came available that he is experienced in he applied. This was in November 2010, he was the only person in the office to apply. He interviewed and about 2 months later was told the positon was on hold. Then in April 2011 one of the women in the office came and asked him a lot of questions about the position. He and she talked for awhile, then he heard she applied for the position and had an interview the next day. Suddenly the position wasn't on hold anymore, the regional manager (a woman) hired her immediately. Then in November 2011, two women left the company and two manager positions came available. He applied for one of them and interviewed, 2 weeks later both positions was filled with (yep you guessed it ...women). My husband asked one of the other men if he had applied for either position and the man (much younger than my husband) said, yes I did, but I'm the wrong sex. Also an email went out that congratulated one of the women for her promotion and one line said "the best WOMAN got the positiion." Does my husband have any recourse? or should he just let it go and hope the econonmy improves and he can walk?

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment9 years ago
  • Facing eviction and don't know what to do?

    My husband and I have lived in our apartment for 22 years. We live in San Diego, CA and love our home. We keep to ourselves and thought we were quiet. Out of the blue we received a letter saying that our tv is too loud, we're slamming cabinet doors and stomping our feet. We go out of our way to be courteous neighbors, we turned off our surround sound and no longer leave the front door open when watching tv in the evening and have turned down the sound even more.

    I moved everything out from under the bathroom sink so I don't need to open the cabinets in the bathroom., we don't stomp when walking but now I'm practically tiptoeing around. Today when I was in the kitchen cooking I accidentally dropped a pan when reaching under to pull out another pan.

    This evening we came home from dinner and we have another letter from our manager saying this is our second notice and if we are issued a third one we will be evicted!

    We have talked to the manager and she says she's sorry but our neighbor (we don't know which one) is complaining about noise from our apartment.

    We are an older couple with no children, on one side of us is a young couple that is very quiet except they slam their front door when they come and go- not a problem. On the other side of us, we aren't sure who lives there anymore. We know someone does but we never see them. We are in a lower corner unit, a man lives above us (an older man) he's mostly quiet but sounds like he's been dropping a bowling ball a night, can't figure it out.

    We are going to be evicted from our lovely apartment and we haven't done anything. Is there any recourse. I tried to talk to our neighbors but they never answer their door. 2 doors down is another neighbor, that we are friendly with and I asked if he can hear our tv when he walks by and he says no. The last manager lived above us and I asked her once if we are quiet enough because my grandchild came from out of state to visit and I was trying to be aware of the noise level. She said you two are very quiet.

    I didn't think we made any enemies ...but now I don't know what to think.

    Do we have any legal recourse?

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 years ago
  • I asked this question before but didn't get any replies?

    Ladies in La Jolla/San Diego, CA I need to know where I can go for a really good hair consultation/cut/color etc. thank you so much...oh and I'm willing to pay $$$$

    1 AnswerHair10 years ago
  • Topsy Turvey planter?

    The leaves on my tomato plant are curling in and turning yellow. They also have spots that look like mold. I do have one tomato *LOL* This is my first try, am I over watering?

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago