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  • Resin half cured, can l use mouth to take out of tube?

    I know this sounds stupid. But l did some projects around 10 at night. It’s around 12 next day when l came to check on them to get out of mold. It was difficult so l started using my teeth, by relished might not be a good l idea. Do l covered it with my shirt and than did that way, idk. Do u think it can still be toxic this way? 

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  • How do l know if I got resin of my hands? ?

    I used rubbing alcohol, baking soda and salt. My hands still feel a bit sticky. So how do l know if it’s completely gone?

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  • Kittens About 5 weeks and they use my closet.?

    What should l do. When l see them going there doing their little paw digging l lock all them up in a cage with their little box, they use it l think but when l let them out they go back there again. Idk what to do. They are a bit over 5 weeks.

    3 AnswersCats4 months ago
  • Brown spotting for 3 in a half days.?

    Period wont start. l read that its normal and it happens a day or 2 before period but its been like this for over 3 days. the second day was heavy but now lm worried. l also heard it that it has to do with early pregnancy. lm worried. we used protection and those few times we didnt l put it in ony for a few seconds and we used the morning after pill. my sister usally gets her period a few days after me but she hasnt gotten her eaither and l usally get mine in the beginning of the month. should l be worried? can someone please explai this to me and why its happening.

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  • dye wont wash out?

    dyed blond and than 30 min later another color for vibrant. first time took about 16 min and was pretty good. the next time its not washing out completely clear even after shampooing twice and conditioner they provided. took 30 min and still. also got on my skin and wont come of. is it bad that its not completely washing out? should l be worried? and what to do to wash it?

    1 AnswerHair6 months ago
  • Should l tel him.?

    Met this guy at a party with his friend from the uk. l ended up developing a slight crush on him. We have been hanging out a lot lately, both of them. l thought nothing was there at first but now l am not so sure. but hes going back next Tuesday and lm not sure if l should tell him how l feel. l dont want to ruin the friendship between us.

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  • Attachment image

    I fed my kitten garlic covered wing. Should l be worried?

    It was a small amount. But lm still worried after l remembered. I read two posts one that's yes and then another one.

    2 AnswersCats1 year ago
  • Can l create a book subscription sit?

    l watched a movie, where a author started an online series. Where people pay money for the next chapter when its written in a week. and l was wondering is that possible and would it be a good idea to start?

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  • Am l to easy?

    lm a very shy person, with anxiety and all that fun stuff. l met a old aqentance at a birthday party and his friend invited me to soccer, which l was thrilled because l have no friends and always try to find a reason to get out of the house. we played soccer which was a awesome time. so on wednsday it was friday we met up to watch the sunset. we sat on a sleeping bag and talked. it was nice. we layed down and he said he liked my smell and tried to get close. l dont like when people touch me but l let him because l was so conftible. we than sat as l stared at the ocean. he statred kissing my neck which l did not react at first but then it started feeling nice, he started touching my legs and it too felt nice, he then went for my crotch, which l kinda did not object. he took my hand and put it on his and asked if l felt it and l just nodded. l had no reaction, than he said if you squeeze me l do it to you. and that when l freaked and l just froze. not moving my hand away. he took the sign moved my hand away and we went into his care to drive to the bathroom and then listened to music. it was a great night. but then he became distant. we made plans to meet up every wednsday but he keeps canceling and l just said lets canceled all and he agreed whicch upset me.

    l never had a boyfriend, lm 21 and been on two dates my last one senior year. There are three things.

    lm too easy

    not easy enough

    or he likes me but he can do better.

    l dont know what to feel.

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  • Should l republish my book with a different company?

    l published my book with author house solutions. Dont work with them. lt took 7 years to finally publish my book with them and they did a terrible job. But l finally got it out January of this year. well, a month back l had a brand new publishing company that has been in business for a year contact me and be interested in republishing my book. lowering the price and if people buy it l could be traditionally published. For $700 l could redo the cover, 25,000 words edited, add pictures and other things that l would have to pay author house for. It took over 4,000 to publish my book with them. 2,000 for editing and yet l found mistakes. They did a terrible job with my cover and didn't even include a dedication page and changed my autobiography without me knowing. They say l have to pay extra if l want to know who is buying my book and royalties. yet lettra press said they will give me part of royalties for each book sold. l do want to redo my book because l am kinda embarrassed by how author house presented it. l have already started paying for their services and am wondering if thats a good idea?

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors2 years ago
  • l want to go clubbing just to try it out but my friend always canceled and she is?

    very toxic and lm thinking if finally leaving her. anyway is it weird? is it weird for a girl to go alone and what is there to do and what should l do?

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  • I'm doing everything right on YouTube but no one watches my videos.?

    So l make skits, cosplay videos, short films. I try my best. Been on YouTube for 3 years. The most views ever got was a 1000. I don't know what l am doing wrong. I do everything everyone does. Use tags, post once a week. Good content. Quality. Interact with commenters. Still nothing, my recent Zelda sketch only has 15 views in 2 months

    4 AnswersYouTube2 years ago
  • He cheated on me?

    Heres the story sit tight. l am a filmmaker, l direct and produce films. it's my job. it's a long job that includes working with actors and l have to always be working with them, preparing them for the shoot. Well, l work with some male actors. l give my actors my cell so in case they need to get in contact with me about the film. my actors are always contacting me and well my boyfriend gets very jealous. that l am always texting them and on the phone. so was once out late and he texted me where l was at. l told him with Jake. one of the actors helping him with his lines. he wrote, so you want to play that game. l wrote back what he meant. He didn't come the whole night. early in the morning, he comes back confessing he made a mistake and that he accidentally slept with his co-worker. he said he was supposed to make me jealous but things escalated. l don't know what to think. so should l take him back? was it my fault?

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  • He cheated on me.?

    Should l take him back?

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